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The Islamic Republic of Iran has organized a conference held yesterday in Teheran that groups all countries and organizations concerned about the Syrian matter and willing to find –for Syria- a solution other than bloody civil war or terrorist attacks or foreign invasion.

1492 and again 1492 . This is from where all started , a whole tendency of piracy and a whole mission of theft and burglary organized by state and catered to by religion as represented by the church had started around the world . The new continent was but the beginning , and was therefore the first object of theft and assault and extermination of indigenous and since then this has never stopped and no one knows when or where the end would be .

This vicious endeavor –that of Columbus and his hoards -of sailing with the idea of stealing , sacking ,usurping and killing- under the cover of some religion- is taking place right now in countries like Libya and Syria after Palestine and elsewhere where religion is no more the cover but ideas like freedom and democracy and civil rights. Columbus sailed from Europe, a place definitely with poor spiritual life since the west was never able to explore the spiritual realm or to grow spiritually as nations are expected to. Instead the west focused on materiality bereft of any significant spiritual dimension which caused great distortions in its morality and ethics , and the west- for this reason- is spiritually crippled and morally handicapped. And spirituality and ethics have become a means for material endeavors.
Religion for the western establishment was a mere institution that needed to prosper materially and own wealth and strength , this was the church that ruled over Europe and monopolized the spiritual life and almost annihilated it. All the efforts went to explore the material kingdom at the expense of the spiritual one , and -with the poor morality that afflicted many westerners and their establishment- it led to something really spectacular and also drastic which we are witnessing right now. The west has become pathological and evil

This is a long old story and people have grown used to taking it for a universal rule and a historical principle and that nations who need more wealth should embark on a mission to invade other nations , kill their people after subduing them by whatever means , kill their religion and culture ,sack them and confiscate their resources and wealth and eventually even turn them into slaves or leave them to starve and develop sickness and die and – after that -enjoy with other westerners the riches- thus acquired -in terms of cars and facilities and medical care and fashion and items and tools and utensils and entertainments of all sorts . All this the west thought well deserved due to Darwinism and to a religion bereft of Spirit .

Even though practiced continuously since Columbus this pattern of behavior is not a universal rule and could not and should not become one . This is rather a great anomaly and distortion of the rules and of the principle of brotherhood and human solidarity that is a human condition as well. There are signs that this policy of invasion and occupation of countries , of theft and subjugation and extermination of people , and confiscation of wealth is drawing to its end . There are countries and people who refuse to be drawn into this bloody whirlpool started by Master Columbus and get drowned in it , countries who are no more willing to follow or cater to or accept or even watch silently big nations feasting on poor nations like a shark would feast on small fishes . These nations and people are simply saying :No we are not going for another American Native genocide , or another Palestine, or Vietnam , or Iraq, or Libya, or Syria , and we are not going to sit and watch silently the big shark feasting on weak creatures , we will rather try not to let this happen anymore .

Countries like Cuba and Venezuela and Iran have since long taken this position , countries like India and China have taken it occasionally , countries like Russia have rarely taken it . They are all now gathered as one and checking the appetite of the insatiable monster of Europe and USA and its allies Turkey , Israel and Arab Muslim Zionists in order to save at least what remains of nations unharmed .There is no cure for the Ugly Monster ….Long Live the solidarity among nations !

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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Zionist Attacks on Billboards Degenerate into Smear Tactics, Censorship Calls

In the last 75 years, radio, television, and now the Internet, have radically altered the ways people are able to get their messages out to the public. Ironically, however, in America it seems to be the old fashioned billboard on the side of the road, highway, or railroad track that is most arousing Zionist jitters these days.
Over the past few years, billboard advertising campaigns have been launched in a number of cities calling for an end to US aid to Israel. Reaction from Zionists has varied from city to city. In 2010 Zionists in Seattle waged a successful campaign to halt ads timed to coincide with the second anniversary of Operation Cast Lead and which were contracted to appear on the sides of city busses. The ads bore the words “Israeli war crimes,” but were effectively killed before they even saw the light of day.
However, by spring of this year, things seemed to have changed somewhat. A series of billboards in Denver launched by The Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel was met not with demands for removal, but by a counter campaign from the local chapter of Stand With Us, a pro-Israel organization. One SWU member, Dr. Shaul Gabbay, likened the “dueling billboards” in Denver to a somewhat spirited dinner conversation.
“Both perspectives are legitimate in terms of trying to influence the discourse here in the United States,” he said. “When you have just one voice, we make mistakes. When we have different and sometimes heated positions, then we can make better decisions.”
Fascinating! Israel supporters had progressed, so it appeared—from outright calls for censorship, such as was seen in Seattle, to at least putting on an appearance of being fair-minded and respectful of free speech, as portrayed in Denver.
And indeed, to Coalition members it seemed like a definite change in the wind had arrived, for they had fought long, hard battles with Israel supporters in an effort to get their ads accepted by billboard companies—battles going all the way back to 2009 when the Coalition put up its first billboards in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That campaign—featuring a picture of a young Palestinian girl and the words “Stop Killing Children: No More Military Aid to Israel”—got axed a mere three weeks into what had initially been a two month contract period.
Now, however, SWU seems, once again, to have done an about-face on the issue, and it isn’t only them. Recently the ADL criticized a New York-area billboard campaign showing dispossession of Palestinians from their land through a series of maps, and a New York Assembly member has called for the ads to be taken down. This controversy comes on the heels of the squelching of the Coalition’s recent Los Angeles campaign, a campaign featuring ads identical to the ones in Denver but which, as it turned out, met a far different fate.
The L.A. ads were contracted with CBS Outdoor Advertising, a subsidiary of CBS, and went up June 11 at 23 billboard locations throughout the city. Their removal just a week later was cheered by SWU:
“People and companies should avoid getting entangled with these anti-Israel activists,” said SWU CEO Roz Rothstein. “They distort facts, exploit the good name of organizations and companies, and harass those who disagree with them. We certainly hope that well-meaning people who want peace in the Middle East are not duped by their manipulations.”
What distortion of facts? What manipulations? The ads read simply, “Tell Congress: Spend Our Money at Home, Not on the Israeli Military”—with the American flag as a backdrop. More importantly, in calling for “people and companies” to “avoid getting entangled with these anti-Israel activists,” is Rothstein not issuing what in effect amounts to a call for censorship?
“Yes, Stand With Us appears to be calling for censorship,” said Armen Chakerian and Susan Schuurman, of the Coalition to Stop 30 Billion, who recently discussed the matter in an email exchange with this writer. “Contrast their position with our position, which invites everyone with a fact-based perspective on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and American support for that treatment to debate these issues in the sunshine-filled open, not behind closed doors of members of Congress’s offices.”
They add: “We are confident that a rational debate will educate the American people who are too busy putting food on the table and paying their mortgages to wade through the myths in the AIPAC-scripted rhetoric we hear coming out of too many politicians’ mouths.”
But an open debate in the marketplace of ideas appears to be what Zionists cannot tolerate. At its website, SWU, in rather exultant tones, announced the removal of the ads in two separate articles (here and here ), lambasting the Coalition for “distorting the facts,” and labeling the group “a fringe, extremist movement that seeks to harm the U.S. and one of our most valuable allies, Israel.”
The “before” and “after” graphic you see at the top of this post accompanied one of the SWU articles, appearing underneath the headline “Anti-Israel Billboard Campaign Removed in Los Angeles,” while the other article, headlined “Anti-Israel Billboards Are Taken Down,” featured just the photo of the censored billboard by itself.
SWU got one thing right. The billboards were indeed taken down. But what facts did the Coalition distort? It is here SWU engages in some fact distortion of its own, as it accuses the group of implying “through its literature and fundraising appeals that CBS Outdoor actually supported its anti-Israel cause.”
Did the Coalition really claim that CBS agreed with its call for an end to US military aid to Israel? Well, Stand With Us says they did—and to bolster this allegation they point to a) an online petition the Coalition set up calling on people to thank CBS for accepting the ads; and b) an article that appeared at Mondoweiss under the headline “Billboard campaign to end US aid to Israel hits LA—thanks to CBS.”
Taking these in order: the online petition praises CBS for “posting billboards in Los Angeles that call for an end to American military aid to Israel” and lauds the company for “demonstrating its support for the basic American tradition of free speech.” Nowhere in the four sentences of the petition can there be found any assertion that CBS agrees with the Coalition’s political views on Israel.
The article at Mondoweiss, announcing the “exciting news” that the billboards had appeared in L.A., was posted on June 13—two days after the ads went up. In it, reporter Annie Robbins points out that “this is the largest advertising campaign launched by Stop 30 Billion thus far,” and that “millions of Americans will be exposed to these billboards every day as commuters in the country’s second largest metropolitan area are stuck in traffic on some of the most congested roads in the world.” But as in the case with the petition, nowhere in Robbins’ story is there any assertion that CBS agreed with the message on the billboards.
Nonetheless Rothstein insists that “factual distortions” occurred, and alleges that such distortions “characterize the anti-Israel campaigners.” She also faults the Coalition for failing to “let the public know how much U.S. aid to Israel benefits America and the American economy because 75 percent of it must be spent in this county” and comments additionally, “They also mislead the public about who supports their movement, as they did with CBS Outdoor.”
“People and companies should avoid getting entangled with these anti-Israel activists. They distort facts, exploit the good name of organizations and companies, and harass those who disagree with them. We certainly hope that well-meaning people who want peace in the Middle East are not duped by their manipulations,” she concludes.
“We would never have been so naïve as to assume or claim that CBS shared our point of view regarding U.S. foreign policy,” counter Susan and Armen. “There’s a big difference between supporting free speech and endorsing our specific position. Our petition thanked CBS for giving us the same opportunity to put up our message as any other advertiser without discrimination or censorship.”
They also point to the fact that both articles at the SWU site are filed under the tag “Anti-Semitism,” which in their view “says a lot.”
“Activists working on Palestine solidarity work can only hear that charge so many times before that label becomes nearly meaningless. Many of our members are Jewish and we reject the notion that they are ‘self-hating’ Jews.”
Ads critical of Israel are also under fire in Westchester County, New York, although they apparently have not, at least as of yet, been taken down. Some locals, however, are endeavoring mightily to achieve that. One is New York State Assembly member Robert Castelli, who on July 13 wrote a letter to the president of MTA Metro-North calling for the ads to be expunged. Somewhat like a child trying to have his cake and eat it too, Castelli in his letter presents himself as a supporter of the First Amendment—while at the same time advocating censorship:
I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment right of free speech in the Constitution, and certainly a proponent that the people of Israel and Palestine should live in harmony together.
However, the subliminal message that this particular billboard carries is an anti-Israeli message that I believe has just the opposite effect of creating peace and harmony between the Israeli and Palestinian people. I therefore believe that it would be in the best interest of our communities to remove the billboard, for the sake of peace and harmony in our community.
New York State Assembly member Robert Castelli called for the removal of these billboards in Westchester County, NY.
Appearing mainly in train stations, the ads were placed by the Committee for Peace in Israel/Palestine, or COPIP, and depict a series of four maps that are familiar to most Palestine solidarity activists. There is nothing offensive or “anti-Semitic” about the text or imagery. Nonetheless Castelli seems to feel local Jews are in danger of being traumatized by the message:
I submit to you that by its very nature, it is inflammatory and directs a negative message towards the State of Israel and her people…

Therefore, I respectfully request that you consider, out of respect for the many Jewish members of our community, and people of Israeli origin living in our community, the prudence of removing this, post-haste.

The ads have also come under fire from the ADL, which views COPIP as “virulently anti-Israel,” a label that seems more than a tad bit overblown. If you go to the COPIP blogsite you’ll find an article by Uri Avnery, as well as links to Jewish Voice for Peace, the Middle East Children’s Alliance, and other relatively moderate organizations. The blog roll even includes a link to the liberal Zionist J Street—but none of this seems to be taken into account by ADL.
“These billboards are deliberately misleading and biased and come with an agenda that is fundamentally anti-Israel,” said Ron Meier, ADL’s New York regional director, in a press release on the organization’s website. “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is extremely complex and cannot be summarized in a series of four maps.”
Is the Palestine-Israeli conflict really that “complex”? How hard is it for a layperson to fathom the idea that construction of illegal settlements on unlawfully occupied land might be a hindrance to peace? The ADL press release stops short of calling for the ads to be cancelled, yet it voices no opposition to Castelli’s call for the same.
“This ad campaign completely ignores the facts, including the history of land ownership prior to 1948, Israel’s repeated efforts to exchange land for peace, and the commitment of successive Israeli governments to achieving a two-state solution with the Palestinians,” Meier says.
The issue of the illegal settlements goes unmentioned, both in Meier’s statement and in the ADL press release.
The question arises as to how closely Castelli and the ADL may be working together. In calling for the ads to be cancelled, did Castelli allow the Jewish organization to avoid being sullied by having to issue such a censorship call itself? Perhaps the lawmaker’s letter gives us a clue:
I have forwarded, along with a photograph of the billboard, a background letter from the Anti-Defamation League, which I believe you should read thoroughly when considering what your options are in this case.

You have always been very receptive in the past. I hope this matter can be resolved quickly. Should you wish to discuss the matter with me further, I am, as always, at your disposal.

So far as I know, the contents of the ADL letter mentioned by Castelli have not been made public.
Castelli isn’t the only politician joining the attack against the End Aid To Israel billboard movement. On June 21, California Congressman Howard Berman sent a letter to The Coalition to Stop $30 Billion upbraiding the group for its L.A. billboard campaign.
As a member of the Los Angeles Congressional delegation, and the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, I have heard from many of my constituents in the San Fernando Valley concerned about the numerous billboard advertisements your organization has placed throughout the LA area. As a strong supporter of the Constitution, I do not question your right to publicly air your views — even if I must drive past them every morning. However, as a Member of Congress who represents a community that overwhelmingly values the strong bond between Washington and Jerusalem, I cannot remain silent and allow your anti-Israel message to go unanswered.
As the “Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs,” Berman obviously hopes to convey his firm grasp on how “complex” the Palestine-Israeli conflict truly is, and he goes on to assure Coalition members that “you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the U.S.-Israel relationship.” He also alludes to “threats to wipe Israel off the map,” though surprisingly makes no mention of Iran.
An excerpt from Berman’s letter to the Coalition—publicly released and posted on the congressman’s website—is also quoted at the SWU site…specifically the following passage boasting of America’s presumed leadership of the ubiquitous but undefinable “international community”:
We are the leading voice in the international community, and have the world’s most powerful military, yet your organization would have us abandon our closest ally in the Middle East and allow its deterrent capability to wither on the vine. That is not the way to demonstrate international leadership.
But Armen and Susan say it all kind of depends on how you look at it.
“We may be the leading voice in the international community, but at the UN only three nations in the world regularly agree with the U.S. government on issues involving Israel: the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau, with a combined population smaller than Modesto, California, and all economically dependent on the U.S. Government,” they said.
“With 200 nuclear weapons deliverable by land-based missiles and by submarine-launched cruise missiles, Israel’s deterrent capability is in no danger of withering,” they added. “Israel may be our closest ally in the Middle East, but that doesn’t mean this alliance is in our national interest. Our support has little to do with rational considerations of strategic advantage and much to do with American domestic politics.”
CBS did not return phone calls requesting clarification on why it cancelled the ads. Susan and Armen say they were informed in a curt email that the decision was made because “your organization has used the ‘CBS Outdoor’ name without permission”—apparently in its online petition.
“Our belief is that CBS manufactured an excuse to pull down our billboards because of their controversial nature,” they said. “We’ve been thrilled with the response we’ve gotten to our campaign to call CBS and ask for our billboards to go back up. Whether or not the billboards go back up in this community using this company, we are confident that this message continues to resonate with a growing number of Americans every day. In fact, another major city is already planning its own billboard campaign inspired in part by our continued success.”

Billboard Wars: Do the Same Rules Apply to Both Sides?
The word most in vogue with Zionists these days is “incitement.” Anytime a billboard criticizing Israel pops up, incitement is the charge that seems to get leveled. One becomes guilty either of inciting against Israel, or against the Jewish people as a whole.
The word incitement is used five times in a 2011 press release put out by the pro-Israel American Freedom Defense Initiative attacking this Seattle billboard—an ad that remained up only a few days before being censored:

More recently, following the cancellation of this series of ads in Los Angeles…


two articles—triumphantly announcing the ad campaign’s demise—appeared at the Stand With Us website (see here and here ), both filed under the tag “incitement.”
The word is also featured prominently at numerous pro-Israel web sites ( for example here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here, to name but a few), and even Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who in the past has been accused of chronic submissivenesstoward Israel and the US, now finds himself branded a vicious inciter of hatred against the Jewish state. If Abbas can be so judged, what hope is there for the rest of us?
But it isn’t only the hive-mentality adoption of certain words that we are witnessing in the electro-magnetic hasbara waves sweeping America currently. Consider: politicians have clout with the business community. That’s the way things work. The business of America is business, and when powerful politicians start calling on billboard companies to remove advertisements they dislike, the ad’s chances of remaining up are not especially good.

On July 13, Robert Castelli, a member of the New York State Assembly, wrote a letter to Howard R. Permut, president of the MTA Metro-North Railroad, calling for removal of billboards that had recently begun appearing at train stations in Westchester County, New York. The ads show the loss of Palestinian lands over a 64-year period through a series of four maps. The Metro-North Railroad is a subsidiary of New York’s state Metropolitan Transportation Authority. How long will such ads stay up with that kind of pressure coming down from a state Assembly member?
“While this billboard has been placed by an organization calling itself the ‘Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine’ (COPIP), and there is no offensive language on the message, I submit to you that by its very nature, it is inflammatory and directs a negative message towards the State of Israel and her people,” Castelli states in his letter to Permut.
“You have always been very receptive in the past,” the state assemblyman goes on to remark. “I hope this matter can be resolved quickly. Should you wish to discuss this matter with me further, I am, as always, at your disposal.”
Meanwhile, out on the west coast, California Congressman Howard Berman has joined in a series of attacks upon the billboard campaign of the Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel and their ads featuring an American flag as a backdrop with the words “Tell Congress: Spend Our Money at Home, Not on the Israeli Military.”
In a June 21 letter—sent to the Coalition and also posted on his website—Berman describes Israel as “a small nation surrounded by countries and terrorist groups that are committed to its destruction” and lets it be known he cares little for the signs.
As a member of the Los Angeles Congressional delegation, and the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, I have heard from many of my constituents in the San Fernando Valley concerned about the numerous billboard advertisements your organization has placed throughout the LA area. As a strong supporter of the Constitution, I do not question your right to publicly air your views — even if I must drive past them every morning. However, as a Member of Congress who represents a community that overwhelmingly values the strong bond between Washington and Jerusalem, I cannot remain silent and allow your anti-Israel message to go unanswered.
Rep. Howard Berman would prefer not to have to drive past this billboard every
morning. He doesn’t any more. The ads were canceled by CBS Outdoor.
In a press release accompanying the letter, put out by his congressional staff, Berman additionally remarks:
My constituents sent me to Washington in large part to fight for a stronger U.S.-Israel relationship. This has been, and will continue to be one my (sic) top legislative priorities in Congress. I am not going to stand by and remain silent as some outside group comes into our community with these outrageous billboards calling for an end to our security partnership with Israel. I believe in a strong U.S.-Israel relationship and so do my constituents.
The same press release goes on to quote Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean with the Simon Wiesenthal Center:
The Simon Wiesenthal Center thanks Congressman Berman for his timely, focus (sic) and informed rebuke of the group whose anti-Israel campaign is based on a lie. At a time when thousands of innocent men, women and children are butchered by the regime in Syria, when Christian Copts are targeted for terrorism violence and threats in Egypt, it is telling that this group continues to pursue its extreme anti-Israel propaganda campaign, something that won’t help a single Palestinian.
Berman has been in Congress for 29 years. How closely will billboard companies sit up and take notice when a Congress member with this much seniority voices displeasure at something? The answer to this perhaps remains unclear, although well worth noting is that the ads werecancelled.
Presumably in an effort to offer “balance” to the debate, the pro-Israel side has joined the fight with billboards of its own. The above-mentioned American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), headed by Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugs blog, sought in September of last year to place ads on the sides of New York City busses depicting Israel and its supporters as “civilized” and opponents of the Jewish state conversely as “savages.” Specifically, the content would read: “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” At a cost of approximately $25,000, the ads were to have run on some 318 New York City busses for a total of four weeks.
Judge Paul Engelmayer believes this ad from the AFDI represents “core political speech”
that must be “afforded the highest level of protection under the First Amendment.”
The ads were expressly represented as a response to this ad which had been put up in the same area by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation:
But the AFDI’s ad was rejected by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on the grounds that it violated its policies prohibiting “images or information that demean an individual or group of individuals on account of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation.” Does a public transit authority have the legal right to refuse ads that might promote racism? One would reasonably assume they might.
However, AFDI took the case to court, claiming the MTA had violated its free speech rights, and on July 20, U.S. District Judge Paul A. Engelmayer ruled that the transit agency must allow the ads:
As a threshold matter, the Court notes that the AFDI Ad is not only protected speech—it is core political speech. The Ad expresses AFDI’s pro-Israel perspective on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the Middle East, and implicitly calls for a pro-Israel U.S. foreign policy with regard to that conflict. The AFDI Ad is, further, a form of response to political ads on the same subject that have appeared in the same space. As such, the AFDI Ad is afforded the highest level of protection under the First Amendment.
Other than upholding the “free speech” rights of corporations to purchase elections, it is relatively rare these days to find a US court issuing a ruling validating the first amendment. As the Occupy protests have shown, the right to publicly assemble and engage in free speech has been all but abrogated for many average Americans. Engelmayer’s entire 35-page opinion may be accessed here.
Another question, of course, is would this same judge—or any other judge in America for that matter—have issued a ruling requiring a transit authority or billboard company to accept ads depicting Jews as “savages”? In the climate that exists in the United States today—where people have paid heavy prices for voicing criticism of Israel or Zionism—it is hard to imagine such a ruling being handed down.
The irony of all this is certainly not lost on members of the Coalition to Stop $30 Billion, which made a deliberate decision back in 2009 to soften and tone down its message in order to increase chances of getting its ads accepted by billboard companies. The Coalition’s very first billboard went up in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 8, 2009. It is important to remember—this was three months after Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, which resulted in the deaths of some 1,400 Gazans, approximately 300 of whom were children. The ads read: “Stop Killing Children: No More Military Aid to Israel.”
Immediately howls of protest erupted. Local media covered the controversy, and Sean Hannity led off one of his daily radio shows by blasting the signs. It was apparently all too much for Lamar Outdoor Advertising, which took down the ads three weeks into what had initially been a two-month contract period. Lamar’s local manager in Albuquerque commented that “the advertising was removed due to numerous complaints questioning the facts.”
Coalition members Armen Chakerian and Susan Schuurman say a decision was made at this time to tone down the message—to “Spend Our Money at Home, Not on the Israeli Military”—and it seemed to work. They were able to put up two full-sized billboards at two locations for several months each.
But the road ever since has been filled with ups and downs. Ads identical to the ones that were censored in L.A., were accepted in Denver earlier this year. But that was in April. Now the campaign being waged by the pro-Israel Stand With Us organization is (see story above) is beginning to grow rather virulent.
“People and companies should avoid getting entangled with these anti-Israel activists,” says SWU CEO Roz Rothstein. “They distort facts, exploit the good name of organizations and companies, and harass those who disagree with them. We certainly hope that well-meaning people who want peace in the Middle East are not duped by their manipulations.”
Statements like this could be viewed as a sign of paranoia in Zionist ranks over Israel’s deteriorating public image and its crumbling legitimacy—and indeed that seems to be how Chakerian and Schuurman look at it.
“It’s really beyond the realm of credulity to think we’d be so green to think CBS was explicitly endorsing our position. Then again, maybe we are setting the bar too low. Perhaps we should start expecting large media corporations to see what the rest of the world is beginning more and more to see, namely that the Israeli government has gone too far and that the tired, old clichés about anti-Semitism in response to justified criticism of Israeli policy just aren’t cutting it anymore.”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
 The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Malcolm X on Racism, Zionism, Islam, and the Oneness of Man Under God

Quotes are taken from here and here.
The government has failed us; you can’t deny that. Anytime you live in the twentieth century, 1964, and you walkin’ around here singing “We Shall Overcome,” the government has failed us. This is part of what’s wrong with you — you do too much singing. Today it’s time to stop singing and start swinging. You can’t sing up on freedom, but you can swing up on some freedom.

…to me the earth’s most explosive and pernicious evil is racism, the inability of God’s creatures to live as One, especially in the Western world.

It is a time for martyrs now, and if I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood. That’s the only thing that can save this country.

Did the Zionists have the legal or moral right to invade Arab Palestine, uproot its Arab citizens from their homes and seize all Arab property for themselves just based on the “religious” claim that their forefathers lived there thousands of years ago? Only a thousand years ago the Moors lived in Spain. Would this give the Moors of today the legal and moral right to invade the Iberian Peninsula, drive out its Spanish citizens, and then set up a new Moroccan nation … where Spain used to be, as the European zionists have done to our Arab brothers and sisters in Palestine?…

The modern 20th century weapon of neo-imperialism is “dollarism.” The Zionists have mastered the science of dollarism: the ability to come posing as a friend and benefactor, bearing gifts and all other forms of economic aid and offers of technical assistance. Thus, the power and influence of Zionist Israel in many of the newly “independent” African nations has fast-become even more unshakeable than that of the 18th century European colonialists… and this new kind of Zionist colonialism differs only in form and method, but never in motive or objective.

During the past eleven days here in the Muslim world, I have eaten from the same plate, drunk from the same glass, and slept in the same bed (or on the same rug) — while praying to the same God — with fellow Muslims, whose eyes were the bluest of blue, whose hair was the blondest of blond, and whose skin was the whitest of white. And in the words and in the actions and in the deeds of the “white” Muslims, I felt the same sincerity that I felt among the black African Muslims of Nigeria, Sudan, and Ghana.

We were truly all the same (brothers) — because their belief in one God had removed the “white” from their minds, the ‘white’ from their behavior, and the ‘white’ from their attitude.

I could see from this, that perhaps if white Americans could accept the Oneness of God, then perhaps, too, they could accept in reality the Oneness of Man — and cease to measure, and hinder, and harm others in terms of their “differences” in color.
“Since I learned the truth in Mecca, my dearest friends have come to include all kinds — some Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics, and even atheists! I have friends who are called capitalists, Socialists, and Communists! Some of my friends are moderates, conservatives, extremists — some are even Uncle Toms! My friends today are black, brown, red, yellow, and white!”

The only true world solution today is governments guided by true religion — of the spirit.

I’ve had enough of someone else’s propaganda. I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against. I’m a human being first and foremost, and as such I am for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.

Time is on the side of the oppressed today, it’s against the oppressor. Truth is on the side of the oppressed today, it’s against the oppressor. You don’t need anything else.

I know that societies often have killed the people who have helped to change those societies. And if I can die having brought any light, having exposed any meaningful truth that will help to destroy the racist cancer that is malignant in the body of America — then, all of the credit is due to Allah. Only the mistakes have been mine.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
 The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

The Inmates at Camp Fluffy

By Richard Edmondson

Imagine the following:
A physical space resembling a campus; landscaped yards, and hedges shaped into giant globes; windows, trees, flowers—a place where one may lie out on the grass and tan….
Sounds like a pretty nice place, maybe a resort of some sort. In reality, it’s a description (contained in an article here ) of a federal prison named Butner Correctional Complex. Those who make their homes there include Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard and Wall Street swindler Bernie Madoff. It seems if you’re Jewish or a financial criminal (or both), you get to spend your prison sentence basking in the leisurely environs of Butner. Other sorts of evildoers—thieves, drug dealers, terrorist sympathizers, etc.—are consigned to realms that probably even Dante could not have imagined.
The latest scheme to win a presidential commutation for Pollard is told of in an article at the Revolt of the Plebs blog. It seems the Israeli Council of Progressive (Reform) Rabbis is appealing for their puppet in the White House to exercise the “humanitarian compassion” he is so well known for and free Pollard from the hardships of prison life. While the article does indeed mention Butner—known to federal inmates as “Camp Fluffy”—along with the fact that Pollard is “living the sweet life” there—its main focus is on the espionage conducted, damage that was done to US security, and the fact that the convicted spy is now regarded as a hero in Israel. Overall an interesting article, and I very much encourage people to check it out in its entirety. Yet I thought it might also be of interest to expand upon its theme a bit and delve into the subject of Camp Fluffy itself.
Located in Butner, North Carolina not far north of the Raleigh-Durham area, the complex consists of a low-security prison, two medium-security facilities, and a prison medical center. Both Pollard and Madoff are housed at the same medium-security institute—known as FCI Butner Medium I—and apparently they are now acquaintances.
Pollard, a cutup, kidded Madoff about how much time they got. Pollard was loose and comical—“always happy,” one con tells me—and liked to work blue. Hay recalls, “They brought a young boy in for evaluation. He was small. I said to him, ‘Hey, boy, you got to be 18 to drink coffee.’ ” Pollard chimed in, “ ‘Yeah, but you’re old enough to suck all the dick you want.’ Pollard is a good-hearted guy.
The above, including Pollard’s not-so-nuanced vulgarity, is from a New York Magazine article about Madoff’s arrival at Camp Fluffy in July of 2009 and his subsequent adaptation to life there. The article describes Medium I as the “softer of Butner’s two medium-security facilities”—replete with gym, library, pool tables, chapel, volleyball court, and even an Indian sweat lodge. The reporter who wrote the piece also employs the word “soft” to describe the type of prisoners there—specifically “those who might not survive other institutions, including pedophiles and cooperators (‘rats’).” In addition to Pollard and Madoff, other notorious inmates at Camp Fluffy include Jon Burge, a former Chicago police commander accused of having tortured hundreds of people, mainly young black men; John Connolly, a former FBI agent convicted of racketeering and obstruction of justice, and Omar Abdel-Rahman, the so-called “blind sheikh,” convicted of involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (Abdel-Rahman is housed in the medical center).
Also perhaps of interest is the prison commissary, where as it so happens yarmulkes are sold for just $2.60—and as the New York Magazine piece notes, Pollard, “heavier and balder than when he was sentenced in 1987,” goes about the prison grounds wearing his yarmulke pretty much constantly. You can also click here for a full list of additional items sold at the commissary. The list includes pony tail ties, watches, clothing, and a variety of junk foods and personal hygiene items—all priced reasonably.
In addition to the more-than-adequate shopping opportunities, living quarters seem to be quite pleasant. There are no bars, only windows. Madoff’s unit includes an adjacent terrace and a picnic bench where he can relax on sunny days, and the convicted fraudster has even managed to hire another inmate to do his laundry for just $8 a week.
A Modest Proposal
At this point I’d like to put forth a proposal, one which I think very well may offer a key to fixing the seemingly intractable Middle East conflict. Very simply, the solution is this: give Palestine back to its rightful owners—the Palestinians—and establish a new Jewish national homeland at Camp Fluffy. No doubt Palestinians would find this an extremely acceptable arrangement, but the proposal also offers some very significant benefits to Jews as well. First off, there would be no need to construct an apartheid wall since there’s already one there ready-made. Think of all the money this would save! And as one of its first acts, the Camp Fluffy Knesset could pass a Law of Return giving Jews anywhere in the world the right to immigrate to the new state and become automatic citizens.
Also a Jewish homeland at Camp Fluffy would alleviate ever-prevalent concerns about a demographic ticking time bomb. Burge, Abdel-Rahman, and any other non-Jews lurking about could simply be transferred to other prison facilities. While technically speaking this may amount to ethnic cleansing, my guess is few people would think of it that way. Thus the leaders of Camp Fluffy could be confident their state would remain both Jewish and democratic!
Another benefit, and one which would be realized immediately, is members of Congress would have not nearly as far to travel in making their annual junkets to Israel. This once again would represent considerable savings. A Jewish state at Camp Fluffy would also be welcomed by President Obama as it would relieve him of having to make the difficult decision of whether to commute Pollard’s sentence (and thereby risk potential backlash from the highest levels of the CIA and military establishments), while Pollard, for his own part, would require no movement, not so much as a single millimeter, thus being absolved of any further exertion: he’d already be home! Thus a presidential pardon becomes a moot point!
Pollard might find other reasons to rejoice as well. With the founding of the new Jewish homeland, the smart entrepreneurs at the Camp Fluffy commissary would doubtless want to expand their selection of yarmulkes. The convicted spy could suddenly find himself with a much wider variety to choose from. But it doesn’t have to end there. If Pollard is politically astute enough, he could easily ride his hero status among Jews into politics. And who knows? Given his longstanding historical ties to Camp Fluffy, he might even have a shot at getting elected prime minister!
But perhaps more than anyone else, US taxpayers would stand to gain. The annual dole to Israel—of billions upon billions of dollars—could be reduced to no more than it takes to run a prison! With these significant savings we could build new schools, new roads, provide some medical care to indigent people, disaster relief for tornado victims, and maybe even tackle the longstanding problem of cleaning up hazardous waste sites. Thus it’s a win-win situation all the way around! Or perhaps we should say almost all the way around, for as with most any proposal, there are both pros and cons to be considered. So it is with our new Jewish homeland.
On the downside, AIPAC would be forced to change its acronym—to ACFPAC (America Camp Fluffy Public Affairs Committee)—but I have no doubt the expense of printing up new letterhead stationary could be managed successfully by the world’s most powerful lobbying organization. Perhaps a more serious issue, however, might be that of cultural theft. Given the fate of humus, we can probably anticipate the Jews of Camp Fluffy fully appropriating a number of regional delicacies—grits, turnip greens, southern fried chicken, and the like—and marketing them to the world exclusively as their own. This would likely rile Carolina southerners, but here again I think the problem, should it in fact arise, is one which could be resolved more or less peacefully.
All in all, the above points make for some compelling arguments in favor of a Jewish state at Camp Fluffy, but I believe I have truly saved the best one for last! If you go here it will take you to the official website of the town of Butner, North Carolina, which offers us quite a bit of useful information. The town itself is a recent creation; it was only incorporated as a town less than five years ago. But this notwithstanding, the region has quite a rich past, as we learn from visiting the site’s history page. Originally the area was an agricultural community, it seems, but during World War II it became an important military training camp after the federal government purchased approximately 40,300 acres of local land. This became known as the “Camp Butner Reservation.” A couple of years after the war, the reservation’s military aspects were phased out, gradually replaced with other government-funded projects and endeavors. At this time, the state of North Carolina began to take over from the federal government the job of administering certain sectors of the region, and a new emphasis came to be upon the task of providing treatment for the mentally ill:
The abandoned army hospital became the site for John Umstead Hospital. The hospital serves the 16 counties of the North Central Region. Its primary function is to provide an inpatient facility to diagnose and treat individuals (6 years and older) with psychiatric disorders, restore them to an optimal level of functioning, and return them to the community…

1947 was also the year that the State Legislature designated the State Board of Mental Health as the governing body of the Town of Butner. The Board was given the power to prepare, adopt and enforce ordinances and regulations for the development of both the State and privately owned property in the area. In 1973, following State government reorganization, the Department of Human Resources (currently the Department of Health and Human Services) was given this responsibility. Also during 1973, the Butner Municipal Committee was appointed to advise the Secretary of Human Resources in governing the Town. The responsibility of managing the Town was assigned to the business manager of John Umstead Hospital.

In other words, we’re talking about primo psychiatric care! The best! Now consider that Zionists and Jewish supremacists are some of the most mentally disturbed people on the planet, and you begin to see what a tremendous resource this would be for the new Jewish state at Camp Fluffy! Why, the benefits are literally incalculable!
Pedophiles and Organ Traffickers

Recall the above comment about “soft” prisoners, i.e. those who would probably not survive long at other correctional facilities. With that in mind, we might propose the following as possible excellent candidates for immigration to Camp Fluffy:
Or consider this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, or this.
In October of last year, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, the man caught in the New Jersey sting, pled guilty to brokering three illegal kidney transplants in exchange for payments of $120,000 or more.
His lawyers, Ronald Kleinberg and Richard Finkel, said in a statement that their client had performed a lifesaving service for desperately ill people who had been languishing on official transplant-waiting lists.

“The transplants were successful, and the donors and recipients are now leading full and healthy lives,” the statement said. “In fact, because of the transplants and for the first time in many years, the recipients are no longer burdened by the medical and substantial health dangers associated with dialysis and kidney failure.”

Since Rosenbaum’s lawyers don’t feel he did anything wrong by creating a black market in human organs and exploiting those who were desperately poor, perhaps they, too, would find Camp Fluffy a “promised land” of sorts. At any rate, all these people, don’t cha know, are in earnest need of a homeland they can call their own, a sovereign, independent state where they can simply be themselves and live life to their full potential. Freedom, in other words. All human beings deserve no less!
Considering all of the above, establishing a Jewish homeland in North Carolina simply makes a monstrous amount of sense! Time to hoist the star of David over Camp Fluffy!

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Venezuela: ‘The enemy is Zionism’

This post has nothing to do with British journalist, author and blogger, Alan Hart’s book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. It’s about the Radio National Venezuela (RNV) which has claimed that Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski, has Jewish family roots.
As we all know that it’s customary for the Zionist crowd in the US, Canada and Europe to link every Muslim politician, businessman and charity in the West with Al-Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood or call him Islamist even if he dine-and-wines with his girlfriends in clubs. However, the Zionist crowd is very sensitive about some politicians being exposed as having Jewish family roots, like Nicolas Sarkozy and his opponent Francois Hollande, Karl Marx, Lenin, former president Eisenhower, Pope John Paul II, John Kerry, David Cameron, Stalin, Hitler, to name a few.

Simon Wiesenthal Center, Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee and several other Jewish lobby groups have issued statements urging Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to personally intervene against the RVN article, entitled “The enemy is Zionism: a loser as a promise“. In the disputed article, its author Adal Hernández has claimed that Capriles Radonski as “a descendent from a Sephardic family in Curaçao, on his father’s side, and from a Polish-Russian Ashkenazi family from his mother’s“.

Interestingly, none of the Jewish groups has questioned Capriles Radonski’s Jewish roots – but are all claim that his Jewish ancestry should not be reported as he practices Catholism. However, according to Jewish law, being born to both Jewish parents, Capriles is 101% Jewish.

“We urge President Chávez to put an end to this campaign that will surely become more threatening as the elections date approaches. Chávez carries the ultimate responsibility for his own media outlets and can personally stop their hatemongering, in this case, by publically condemning and disciplining Venezuelan National Radio and ordering its Director to issue a public apology to Capriles Radonski and the Jewish people for its antisemitic remarks,” stated Dr. Shimon Samuels, director for International Relations of the Wiesenthal Center.

Capriles’ so-called “Feb. 12 primary victory” is being accused as fraud created by anti-Socialist foreign agents.
The people of Venezuela should forcefully reject the tactics of the Chávez regime to recycle classical anti-Semitic canards branding Jews as disloyal, as a menace to the values of the country, as capitalists responsible for the misery of others, and as being part of an international Zionist Lobby,” self-denial Abraham Foxman, national director ADL whined.

The Jewish groups’ problem with Hugo Chavez is that he maintains very close relations with Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad and had expelled Israeli ambassador from Venezuela. Chavez was also a close ally of Libyan leader Qaddafi. Chavez has praised both Hamas and Hizbullah for their tireless resistance to Jewish occupation of their lands. Chavez is also credited with making several ‘politically wrong’. statements. For example, in an interview with pro-Zionist Aran network, Al-Jazeera TV, in July 2006, Hugo Chavez had said: “The greatest menace to the future of humanity is the United States, and one of its instruments of aggression in your part of the world is the state of Israel. The Secretary of State has said that the US will change the map of the Middle East. This plan was made in advance and in great detail in the Pentagon, except that Israel is the executor. They want to transform the map of the Middle East in order to guarantee the dominance and control of the largest reserves of oil and energy in the world“.

The Jewish population in Venezuela is 1% of country’s total population of 29 million. There are close to 100,000 Muslims in Venezuela. Venezuela is very attractive to the US for its largest oil reserves, over 100 billion barrels.

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Israel, the failed state!

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The American Conservative

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From left: Ahmed Ramadan, Bassma Kodmani, Abdulbaset Seida and Imad Aldeen Rashid speak as a group of Syrian opposition members announce a Syrian National Council in Istanbul, Sep 15, 2011
From left: Ahmed Ramadan, Bassma Kodmani, Abdulbaset Seida
and Imad Aldeen Rashid speak as a group of Syrian opposition
members announce a Syrian National Council in Istanbul,
Turkey, September 15, 2011.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


US Applauds Founding of Syrian Opposition Coalition



Syria’s 2’nd Transitional Council and Mahdi Nazemroaya (Libya)  

The United States has welcomed the formation on Thursday of an umbrella group of Syrian opposition figures, the self-proclaimed Syrian National Council. Ahmed Ramadan, Bassma Kodmani, Abdulbaset Seida speak as a group of Syrian opposition members announce a Syrian National Council in Istanbul, Turkey, September 15, 2011.


Bassma Kodmani is based in France (writing books in French and oh look connected to the Ford Foundation) Bassma Kodmani is Executive Director of the Arab Reform Initiative . She is also senior adviser on international cooperation to the French national research council (CNRS). From 1999 to 2005 she headed the Governance and International Cooperation Program at the ””””’Ford Foundation office for the Middle East and North Africa”””””. Here she had special responsibility for initiating and supporting joint Israeli-Palestinian projects,  Special Advisor, ”””Oxford Research Group ””””’ Advisory Council, ””””Carnegie Middle East Center”””” [2

Mohamad Abu Ramadan – Aspen Institute / Middle East Strategy Group …The Aspen Institute Middle East Strategy Group (MESG) “supports pragmatic economic and policy initiatives that tangibly advance prospects for peace in the Middle East. The group’s membership includes prominent American, Palestinian and Israeli business leaders and policy makers. MESG is chaired by former Secretaries of State ”””””Henry Kissinger”””” and ”””””Madeleine Albright””””’, Senators ””’Dianne Feinstein””” and ”””’Chuck Hagel”””””’, and Palestinian and Israeli businessmen Samer Khoury and Idan Ofer.  Group Members Mohamad Abu Ramadan



SEE….Syria: Challenges and Opportunities for the New Administration Thursday, March 26, 2009..
Abdulbaset Sieda, Ph.D., is an educator and author of numerous books, including Forgotten Seasons of Continual Sufferings: The Kurdish Question in Syria. (and close friend of dr radwan ziadeh a leading spokesperson for syria opposition who comes from chattam house(riia)and iiss an imperial brittish military think tank)







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