Syria Between Obama And Ben Laden

Daniel Mabsout,


The prospects are good ; the Syrian army is progressing on the ground . It is no more on the defensive , it is progressing in a significant manner trying to retrieve the roads and highways linking major cities together , and to protect the capital Damascus and also to proceed to the borders with Iraq , Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to dislodge the opposition and try to stop the flow of weapons and thugs crossing to the country and control the frontiers with neighboring countries .

Everything shows that Assad will not capitulate . The thugs withdrew today from the Tal an- Nabi Mandu which overlooks the Lebanese borders in a way that the Syrian army is now in control of a good portion of the borders with Lebanon . Also the thugs have withdrawn from Darayya as life is slowly coming back to Homs from where the thugs have also withdrawn but after causing great destruction and damage . Everything shows that the thugs of the opposition are suffering significant losses and are evacuating strategic place or are being dislodged .

This incapacity to remain in occupied places has caused the FSA to try and unite with the Nurat al Qa’ida after being in direct confrontation with it, whereby the chief commander of the FSA -Riyad al As’ad- was targeted by a car explosion that took his leg. You only had to listen two days ago to Fahed al Masri from the FSA Information Committee denying that al Qa’ida is operating in Syria , there is only revolution and opposition facing the regime who is responsible of all violations as he said trying to hide the coming together of the FSA with al Qa’ida. For this reason , the FSA – together with the head of the Dawha Coalition, Ma’az al Khatib , refused that al Qa’ida be labeled as terrorist seeking unity with it for fear that their sponsors will let them down after having failed in their endeavor. Thus the Revolution has revealed its true identity of being an intrinsic part of al Qa’ida and all are uniting now under its banner and the US can no more hide its true role in this masquerade of toppling a so called dictator to bring in the terrorists which it has been sponsoring all the way ..

Because of this development of the opposition of al Qa’ida, countries- like Turkey – has started arresting the mediators responsible for hiring thugs and sending them to Syria. This campaign by the Turkish police will last 6 months from today . This to say that Belgium has already started arresting mediators responsible for recruiting Muslims to fight in Syria in a measure that is considered preventive considering the fact that these thugs will head to their countries sooner or later. Also – for all practical reasons- the UN – in the person of al Akhdar al Ibrahimi- is already retracting and accusing the Arab League of escalating the situation by giving the chair of Syria to the opposition and al Ibrahimi is to submit his resignation soon.

Still, the opposition cannot lose this war , nor the NATO or Israel or their Arab allies of the Gulf can afford such a loss . If they lose they will be greatly exposed and their rule will be threatened .For this reason they will try to prolong the war in order to exhaust their enemy – as they think .But how much can the thugs still endure and how long will they last ? Maybe due to this, the Saudi minister of Foreign affairs said that the opposition will still receive all kinds of supplies . Everything though will be decided on the battle ground and the thugs and their allies and sponsors are far from being victorious!.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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