Brahimi Doesn’t Want Any Official Link with Arab League over Syria

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UN diplomats said that the international envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi hopes to revamp his mediation role in the Syrian conflict as a United Nations envoy without any official link to the Arab League.

Reuters news agency quoted diplomats as saying that Brahimi Brahimi has become increasingly frustrated with the league’s moves to recognizLakhdar Brahimie the Syrian opposition, which he feels has undermined his role as a neutral mediator.

“The joint special representative feels that the Arab League approach makes it difficult for him to carry out his mandate,” a diplomat said on Tuesday.

“He feels that it would be best to be associated only with the United Nations at this point to ensure his neutrality.”

Another U.N. diplomat confirmed the remarks. There have been rumors circulating for weeks that Brahimi might resign, though diplomats said his preference was to remain involved in Syrian peace efforts through the United Nations.

Brahimi will present an update to the U.N. Security Council on Friday about the situation in Syria’s two-year-old crisis.

“We expect Brahimi to offer another bleak report,” a diplomat said.

The Arab League has suspended Syria’s membership and last month invited opposition leaders Moaz Alkhatib and Ghassan Hitto to attend a summit in Dhoha in his place.

Source: Reuters
17-04-2013 – 15:03 Last updated 17-04-2013 – 15:03

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