The Teacher And The Outstanding Student


We trust President Maduro because we trust the revolution ; no doubt we trust him and have confidence in him. President Maduro is not anymore Mr. Maduro , he is the Revolution . Some voices rising from the media are saying that the new President will not be able to fill the place of late president Chavez . An observation like this cannot be true because they do not know how president Chavez filled the place of President Chavez and moreover -in genuine revolutions- nothing is wasted or lost, on the contrary, all efforts will build up and accumulate .

President Nicolas Maduro – God bless him- is not in want of Charisma or faith or commitment and he will fare as well if not better than late President Chavez–The truth is that true genuine revolutions will keep growing to become more rooted in the ground and more encompassing . This is also the destiny of the Bolivarian Revolution – -started by president Hugo Chavez – who put his whole heart into it and all his life too, as well as his love and warmth.

Something like this that was totally lived and truly invested in cannot become something else , and nature will arrange that this be continued and nurtured and preserved through Maduro or any other qualified leader.

In Lebanon when Lebanese Resistance founder and Leader : Sayyed Abbas al Mussawi fell martyr by Israeli shelling with his wife and his child, everyone thought that the outstanding leader – who founded the outstanding Lebanese Resistance who fought the usurping state of Israel- could not have a par. But there came Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah – God bless him and preserve him- who proved to be another outstanding leader carrying on the banner and keeping the fire burning and achieving the unachievable – by God’s help-

President Nicolas Maduro will not fall short of his goals, and – as his surname Maduro- meaning mature- reflects – the Revolution- started by late President Hugo Chavez and by the Venezuelan people- will reach maturity and stability with him .

We wish the best for the new President who- deservingly – has been elected president of Venezuela, and we remind those who lack faith in revolutions and in people, that each genuine revolution has hundreds and thousands of committed people ready to pay the highest prices for the Revolution to continue until victory is achieved .

Long Live President Chavez . Long Live Nicolas Maduro ! We trust you and have faith in you!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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