Democracy or Conspiracy ?

Daniel Mabsout,


One of the major voters of the Venezuelan presidential elections was definitely the US of A . 120 thousand Venezuelans were flown from Miami, Florida to Venezuela on the day of the elections on special convoys in order to vote in favor of Radonsky Capriles who is not the candidate of the opposition but rather the candidate of USA and Israel..Capriles is the person known to have shared actively in the US arranged military coup that sought to depose Chavez in year 2002, not to mention that the person who organized his electoral campaign is a pro Zionist who organized previously the electoral campaigns of Columbian president Uribe, the US puppet who fought president Chavez during all his rule and used to send death squads to Venezuela in order to destabilize the country and threaten its security. Chavez had taken some precautions during the last elections and had closed the borders with Columbia from where 190 thousand voters were supposed to come .

The percentage of the Venezuelans who voted this time was not as high since it remained within the 70% limits and did not reach the usual 80%. Most of those of Arab origins supported Maduro and voted for him, especially Palestinians who had found in Venezuela the homeland that they could not find in many Arab countries. Great pressures though are expected to be exerted on Maduro in order to change his position regarding Israel but this is not likely to happen. It is worthwhile saying that the Israeli embassy in Venezuela is still closed after the Israeli war on Lebanon and Gaza and after President Chavez said that Israel should be prosecuted as world criminal and tried by the International Court for the genocide of Palestinian people .

Many difficulties are awaiting president Maduro who will not compromise nor sway from the Revolutionary path . Imagine what conspiracies and plots the US of A is preparing for Venezuela helped by the Zionist state , from instability to economic pressures to insecurity and direct threats. There is nothing the US of A will not try in order to put term to the revolutionary process because there is nothing the US fears more than having a country striving for social justice, and seeking unity , solidarity and independence . This is a crime that Uncle Sam cannot forgive and the US relied on the eventual victory of US puppet Capriles to change the course of things and bring Venezuela back to US control and do away with the achievements of the Revolution but Venezuelans chose otherwise and their will is to be respected .

**photo: Capriles climbing the wall of the Cuban Embassy in Caracas during the military coup he supported in 2002.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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