The Taste of Freedom

Daniel Mabsout,


The Nusrat of al Qa’ida has openly claimed responsibility for the shelling of Lebanese border villages of Hermel in Beqa’ that caused the death of three Lebanese civilians and injured many . This unexpected shelling will cause the situation to escalate and might be due to the fact that the al Nusra has lost one of its major leaders yesterday in the region close to the borders with Lebanon in confrontations that opposed it to the Syrian army , not to overlook the fact that the Syrian army has achieved many successes on the ground the most important one is opening the highway from Homs To Aleppo and grant security to the commuters . Al Nusra in a statement said that it targeted locations of Hizbullah in Lebanon .
We are at loss really with the so called Syrian revolution. We thought we were heading to democracy and freedom and there we find ourselves stuck with al Qa’ida . How is something that started as a call for democratic changes and toppling of a so called dictator turned out to be an al Qa’ida endeavor ? We thought that the opposition wanted to bring democratic changes like freedom of expression and free elections and so on, how did this end up in the hands of al Qa’ida ? Did you ask yourself this question and do you have an answer? I would like to hear this answer especially if you are from the opposition . Can the call for democratic changes be handled by al Qa’ida?

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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