Congratulations To President Maduro

Daniel Mabsout,


Even though the page has not been turned yet . It is the classic story that has been repeated over and over again . in Iran and next in Venezuela . The goal is to create havoc and there are confrontations now in some streets of Venezuela . Maduro got 50,6 of the votes and this result was not expected as the polls predicted that he will get around 6o% if not more . The reason is that Capriles brought thousands of Venezuelans from the outside who were shipped on board of planes on a free flight to come and vote for him , tens of planes thus landed in Venezuela yesterday , this is what caused the difference to shrink between the two parties. It is noted that Capriles contacted the chief commander of the Venezuelan army for some unknown reason . The Venezuelan army issued right now a statement saying that it will not allow anyone to violate the constitution . Capriles asks for a recounting of the votes that came from the embassies abroad maybe revealing the fact that he was counting on these votes to alter the results in his favor . Maduro did not object this step and told his supporters to remain calm if the recounting is to take place . By the testimony of the observers , the elections were 100% clean and did not represent any violations . It was all intended to come out with compromising results that will create havoc and will question the victory of Nicolas Maduro .

It is noted that in Lebanon the same means has been used to bring 14th of March people to power which is to send Lebanese from abroad on free flights to come and give their votes in favor of Hariri people along with other violations that 14th of March practices to alter the outcome of the elections . Imperialism must be short of ideas to repeat the pattern again and again and again . This tells definitely from whom Capriles works . We wish the new President the best of luck and hope the Venezuela of Hero Chavez will remain victorious . God bless and preserve the Revolution! The losers are losers on all fronts .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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