Daniel Mabsout,


Who can measure the extent of interference of the western establishment in an Arab country ? And how is this interference to be measured ? One can say that it is close to one hundred percent . Lebanon is greatly suffering from such interference and from almost total subjugation that takes many forms .

Lebanon is a country that is not allowed to live or breath except throu…gh the equipment provided by the Western Establishment .Of course Lebanon has defeated Israel and can defeat all inimical forces but the enemy has infiltrated every where . The foreign embassies order everyone around and the Gulf countries rule through official people . Our president has been chosen at Dawha and was at Dawha lately to attend the coronation of Ma’az al Khatib as legitimate member of the Zionist Arab League .

The US embassy now wants to control the ministry of interior fully after it has controlled the Lebanese Police Department according to a secret protocol that allows the US embassy free entry to the department and accessibility to all documents. This protocol was disclosed lately at the great surprise of the Lebanese. Not only this but after having obtained all data concerning all Lebanese university students in Lebanon, under the pretext of investigating Hariri’s assassination , now the embassy wants all the data of telecommunications which is something against the law. But US interference knows no law . It follows its own laws of constant interference and violations .

What the Lebanese ministry of Interior is planning next is changing the car matriculations of all citizens by a private company that will replace all existing matriculations and driving licenses and car registrations documents at the cost of 2 billion dollars . This high cost the Lebanese people cannot afford , the pretext is that these matriculations will help control theft, but the truth is that these matriculations will be coded and directly linked to space satellites . How is this going to bring security to Lebanese , we don’t know. The whole country will be under the mercy of spying satellites . This is what 14 of March people want the country to look like: a US reservation .
Already US officials have never stopped their visits to Lebanon , they imposed on the country to adopt economic sanctions against Syria and Iran . Imagine Lebanon forced to adopt these sanctions against Iran without whom Lebanon would have never chased out the Israelis ,or Syria without which Lebanon cannot survive .

The goal of US officials is to break the magic formula which is holding Lebanon together with its three constituents : The People, the Army and the Resistance . This formula is very annoying to the US masters who are seeking to break it by all means by dividing the society and exposing the army and isolating the Resistance .

Lately Lebanon has been put under Saudi Custody . The Saudis rushed to fill in the place in the race between KSA, Qatar and Turkey to get control of Lebanon .All Arab countries are in this situation . The enemy wants to control the whole country either directly or through some trustworthy mediator- preferably a Gulf state . .Whoever tries to break loose will be punished- like Syria.- by mercenary thugs or –even better –directly- by Israeli assault .

The infiltration of the society itself is secured through several NGOs, while the infiltration of ministries and official departments is obtained by UN programs and UN representatives who work for certain projects and have the final say in major issues without being accountable. .

Now you can understand why it is important for Lebanon that Syria wins this war and why it is important for all Arab countries and for Palestinians that Syria wins this war over the dark forces of submission and subjugation .There is no hope but this one, and no way but this way out of US /UN control and Gulf custody.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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