Maariv: Netanyahu Rejected Kerry’s Request to Release Palestinian Prisoners

Local Editor
An Israeli newspaper reported on Wednesday that US Secretary of State John Kerry had failed in achieving any noticeable agreement in his contacts with Palestinian and Israeli leaderships, and that he only gor an approval on some economic projects that would supposedly enhance Palestinian economy.
Palestinian prisonersMaariv estimated that these “infrastructure” projects in areas under “Israeli” control, which PM Benjamin Netanyahu approved, will not convince Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to return to negotiations.

Regarding the Palestinian demand that “Israel” releases 123 prisoners who have been under Israeli custody since before Oslo Agreement, Maariv said Kerry exerted a lot of pressure on Netanyahu to release a part of them, at least before the Palestinian Prisoners Day.

From here, the Zionist paper pointed out that Israeli intelligence had recommended Netanyahu to free some dozens of prisoners, most of who are old and sick, and the Shabak did not believe they threaten “Israel’s” security.

In this context, rumors have indicated that Netanyahu had approved the deal. However, his office denied that, indicating that the Zionist PM would consider a gradual release process but only after the resumption of negotiations with the Palestinians.

Source: Agencies
10-04-2013 – 17:23 Last updated 10-04-2013 – 17:23

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