The determining factor in Jewish politics which is causing all this turmoil is not internal to Israel . It is external to Israel . Israel is going through a great instability and a great existential crisis and insecurity for the reason that it is being for the first time threatened in its own existence by the Hizbullah of Lebanon who – not only defeated Israel twice- but has put all of the occupied territories within reach of the missiles of the Resistance . One cannot underestimate such thing . Due to this, Israel has become exposed as a vulnerable country , it has become the paper tiger that it really is . Now Israel cannot coexist with this image; for this reason, it has developed many strategies to deal with this fact . It is trying to acquire a “real identity”- that might be in this instance that of Apartheid- and to come up with a new image altogether which required to coordinate with certain Palestinian groups whose interests and motives and goals happened to intersect with Israel’s interests . Sectarianism is very useful and could help isolate the Resistance and protect Israel like nothing could protect it, and prevent the model of the Lebanese Resistance from pervading the whole Arab world . It is against the armed Resistance of Hizbullah and against Iran that both sectarian Arabs and Palestinians and anti Zionist Zionists have found a common ground.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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