It is simply heart breaking and simply revolting to hear that a Palestinian prisoner sick with cancer has not been treated and when he was sent for treatment , the Israelis will keep his hands cuffed and he died with his hands cuffed .Do you want to hear more ? The prisoner -who is the father of four – asked his inmates during his last days never to call the guards to take him to the hospital because this meant that he will be dumped in a car trunk and taken with his cuffs on for an 18 hours drive until he reaches the hospital exhausted.
Of course the Israelis are masters in these kinds of things , they have mastered every art of killing and torturing and all the protests and NGO functions and the demonstrations and campaigns and all this fuss made about prisoners on the internet or elsewhere proves incapable to save or help one single prisoner. It is the prisoners and their families who are paying the full price from their health and their lives and their capacity of endurance .
The Palestinian Authority has forsaken the prisoners’ cause and the HAMAS movement is trading the path of the Palestinian Authority and rushing into normalization and recognition . The multiple NGOs -that have endorsed the cause- make more damage than good and are totally crippled and it is better if they do nothing, they think Israel to be a shy lady who fears for her reputation and hope that Israel will give in to the smear campaigns they carry on everywhere , they are either stupid or infiltrated by Israelis or both !Meanwhile prisoners are dying and starving themselves to death .
May the martyr rest in peace ! Maysara abu Hamdiyya born in 1949 in Hebron , father of four sons , worked with Fateh was arrested in year 2005 and could never be seen by his sons since. Sentenced for 25 years and then for life in year 2007 . Fell martyr while sick and hand cuffed at the 2nd of April 2013. The West Bank witnessed protests that will not turn into an Intifada but will remain controlled . The only thing that can release the prisoners is armed Resistance which the various Palestinian factions have relinquished .
These heroes who paid their lives will not accept less then the full victory over the usurper that they fully deserve despite dubious NGOS and corrupt Palestinian Authority and conspiring HAMAS!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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