Al-Nosra Urges Chinese for Jihad against Assad, Threatens Beijing

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Syria: Al-Nosra Front Chinese militantThe militant rebels operating in Syria posted a video online that showed a mysterious scene of a man looking as a jihadist Chinese.

In the footage, the gunman fired three shots in the air before stating that he “read books of the Muslim Brothers after which he decided to go to Libya and Syria to topple Assad.”

‘Youssef’ spoke Mandarin and the video subtitles recalled his Chinese name which helped determining his origin; he might be from the very conservative tribe of Hun

He called on China to stop supporting Assad otherwise it will incur the wrath of Muslims.
Al-Nosra Front terrorists said the video was” a message dedicated for one-billion people of China,” the state which effectively rejected any military intervention in Syria and urged dialogue incessantly.
In remarks he made in this regard, Bruce Hoffmain, a terrorism expert at the University of Georgetown, said he was surprised by a man of this tribe converting to Islam.

The video ( hasn’t been verified but it seems staging the landscapes of northern Syria.

The Chinese was shown under Al-Qaeda banner.

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01-04-2013 – 19:56 Last updated 01-04-2013 – 19:56

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