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A copy of the letter sent by Bahar Kimyongur to members of the International Commission of inquiry by the UN on the Syria.

The attention of Mr. Paulo Pinhero, Mrs Carla del Ponte, Ms. Karen Koning Abu Zayd and Mr. Vitit Muntarbhorn, Member of the International Commission of inquiry on the Arab Republic Syrian.

Bahar Kimyongur
Brussels, 13 March 2013

Ladies and gentlemen,

From the first lines of your report of February 5, 2013, you say that the conflict in Syria took a ” sectarian ” twist » :

« The conflict has become increasingly sectarian, with the conduct of the parties becoming significantly more radicalized and militarized. »

In your report of March 12, 2013, you make ‘ massacres apparently committed by the popular committees ‘ State (self-defense groups armed by the Government) that would have taken ” an ethnic twist . ».

Despite the obvious uncertainty of your interpretation of events, it hosted without any criticism by all Western news agencies.

First, let me say that there is no doubt that pro-Government militias are engaged in abuses. On a battlefield, the fear of ‘ the other ‘, the survival instinct and lust for revenge can lead men to the commission of criminal acts unacceptable. The feeling of fear, resentment and fury against ” the enemy ” is necessarily shared by all belligerents.

But, let’s be honest, cannot be put on an equal footing the political motivations of pro-Government multi-faith brigades and those rebel groups religiously homogeneous discourse and practice in most openly sectarian cases or even genocide.

Loyalists and rebels claim to defend their homes, their families, their lives and their future.
That said, while the first ply phraseology glorifying the ” homeland “, the ” President ” and ” army ” as guarantors of unity and the stability of the country, the latter spread mostly an essentially religious message, that of revenge sunnism, conqueror and proselyte which is contrary to Syrian Sunni majority advocating wisdom and compassion.

This observation implies that there is a not insignificant number of rebel fighters, Sunni alone and mostly active in free Syrian army, who reject the political project of their extremist allies and on which it will take if an inter-syrien dialogue was born.

My goal here is not to deny reality and motivation of these desperadoes that the repression of the regime naturally and legitimately led to the maquis, but keep the Church in the middle of the village, if I may say, your allegations of responsibility shared in sectarian violence.

You will agree that the reverse of the rebel groups, the popular committees armed by the Government are hardly homogeneous religious: they are Assyrians in Qamishli, Armenian Kassab and Druze in Jaramana or Kubow. They are Sunni Raqqa, Hama, Daraa or Dayr Az Zawr. They are Alawis, Christians and Sunnis, Tartus and Latakia. They are also mixed in Homs. They are Sunni Palestinians Nairab (Aleppo) and Yarmouk (Damascus). They are Shiites in Sayyida Zeinab in Damascus or in the villages of Al Foua and Kafraya in the North. They are Christians in the ” valleys of Christians ‘…

Find us a single pro-Government militiaman kill a Sunni, just because it is Sunni or well screaming dead A Sunni , ” exterminate the Sunnis ‘, ‘ turn the Sunnis to the chopper . ».

This scenario is unlikely if not impossible because contrary to the ideal political regime that the loyalist defends, contrary to his political education and its own identity (he himself Sunni in most cases).

If adventure, such a case were to happen, the culprit would be immediately denounced by his companions and brought before a court for ” sectarian discrimination “, a crime the consequences very heavy in Syria.

You can therefore accuse free veterans loyalists of sectarian discrimination.
Your judgement to be credible, you must provide concrete and irrefutable evidence indicating that the pro-Government militiaman suggested sectarian grounds for resorting to violence against his victim.
Secondly, mistrust and resentment of militiamen pro-regime towards one or the other dissident and secessionist region should not be confused as you do with any sectarian hate.

Regionalism and sectarianism are different problems.

Now compare the attitude of pro-Government Sunni leaders with those who claim to represent the purest sunnism.

Two days ago, in another attempt to save Syria, the Higher Council of the Iftaa, the highest Sunni authority in the country called the Syrian people for peace and reconciliation.

Conversely, the alleged Sunni leaders of the rebellion, Abed Vinod, Youssef Al Qaradawi, Mohamed Al Arifi, Abdel Salam Harba, launch of fatwas and threats anti-alaouites and anti-chiites. They are joined by political leaders in a two-piece suit:

Neighbourhoods or villages conquered by the rebellion are systematically cleansed of their alawite residents:


Songs calling for the Alawi genocide resound in the cities conquered by the rebels, as Dhurjati (province of Idlib) here:

In a pro-rebel manifestation, a child waves a dagger by singing her dream to exterminate the Alawites and Shiites under the eyes amazed his elders:

I you will spare this times of scenes of torture, humiliation, executions, beheading against Alawis on the grounds that they would be the ” ungodly “, of ” unclean “, ” dogs “, ” bastards “, of enemies of God, the « untermen ». »

Finally, I will summarize my criticism in four points:

This is not because the radical opposition is desperately his denominational stamp to the revolt that the conflict is as much of a denominational nature.

This is not because the jihadist rebellion attempts to mobilize the Sunni population against the Government that the rebellion has provided the monopoly of Sunni Islam.
This is not because a Loyalist ill-treats a rebel of the Sunni faith that one can accuse loyalist to practice a sectarian violence.

And your reports still do not mention the imminent danger of Alawi genocide in Syria despite thousands of murders notoriously denominational character by the jihadi rebels.
Thanks in advance for your kind attention.

Bahar Kimyongur


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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