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Government: Syria Rejects AL Resolutions, Warns against “Playing with Fire”

Mar 27, 2013
 “ملايين السوريين” يحتشدون اليوم الأحد في الساحات العامة “تنديدا ورفضا لقرار جامعة الدول العربية حول تعليق عضوية سوريا فيها”.

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- The Syrian government dismissed the resolution taken by the Arab League (AL) on March 26, 2013 as it will have serious repercussions on the League’s future as well as on the joint Arab action and Arab national security.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the government considered the AL resolution as “unprecedented” in the League’s history “for it blatantly violates the AL Charter and its statutes and the rules of the joint Arab action.”

The statement slammed the resolution for targeting “Syria’s role, position and approach of resistance,” lashing out at the AL resolutions “which have contributed to increasing the bloodshed in Syria, encouraging terrorism and terrorists and hindering the latest real efforts exerted by the countries and parties which care for Syria to find a political solution.”

The statement decried the AL for having gone too far to “give Syria’s seat at the (Arab) summit to an illegitimate party and raise a flag other than the Syrian national flag in a flagrant violation of the AL Charter and its statutes towards a founding member.”

The government reiterated that the AL resolution is “a dangerous precedent that’s destructive to the League making it lose the credibility it has left and taking it off its track.”

It warned that the AL resolution constitutes “a threat to the Arab regime” as other countries will be targeted tomorrow in the same way Syria is being targeted now.

The government’s statement said the most dangerous about the AL approach is that “it consolidated subordination and submission to the carrot-and-stick policy followed by some countries, particularly Qatar.”

“With its resolution, the Doha Summit has encouraged the approach of violence, extremism and terrorism that poses a threaten not only to Syria but also to all of the Arab nation and the world as a whole,” said the government.

It stressed that the AL resolution “provides a false cover to some countries which have publically announced their support to terrorism in Syria and offering of money and arms to the terrorist groups, including those with links to al-Qaeda.”

“This leads to putting an end to any role the Arab League could play in solving the crisis in Syria by political means and makes (the Arab League) part of the crisis and not part of the solution,” said the statement.

The government reiterated its warning that “those countries which play with fire through arming, funding, training and harboring terrorists won’t be safe when this fire stretches to them.”

It stressed that Syria will continue work to establish security and stability, protect the homeland and Syrian citizens and combat terrorism in preservation of its independence, sovereignty and unity.

The government concluded its statement by stressing that “Syria completely rejects the Doha summit resolutions on Syria and all dangerous repercussions that could result from them, and keeps its right to take whatever measures it sees suitable in defense of its sovereignty and the interests of its people.”

H. Said

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