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Recep Erdogan is still conducting his show and running his circus except for the fact that now he has become more exposed than ever . The staged reconciliation between him and Netenyahu monitored by Obama caused the relations that were never severed to resume . From the beginning Erdogan has been performing his show of being a foe to Israel which cannot be …since Turkey’s relations with Israel go back to the foundation of Israel itself and were supposed to make up for the absence of Arab/ Israeli relations . The economical exchange between the two countries has reached its peak under Erdogan and involved all kinds of trade. The Mavi Marmara was but an accident arranged probably by Turkish Intelligence to boost the Turkish image as a supporter of the Arabs ready to sacrifice for Palestine and acquire thus a credibility regarding the Palestinian cause that will give it a say in the matter.

Now coordination is required between the two allies regarding the war launched by the west against Syria . The visit of Obama to Israel comes to lift up the morals of the usurping state whose territories have become fully accessible to the missiles of Hizbullah and to change the balance of forces in favor of Israel. This change can only happen if Syria – the major ally of the Lebanese Resistance – surrenders . The staged reconciliation between Netenyahu and Erdogan is just for gullible people and what happened is that Netenyahu – summoned by Obama – apologized by telephone to his long time friend and ally for the death of nine Turkish peace activists killed by the Israeli army according to a previous understanding over the matter between Turkish and Israeli Intelligences as has been leaked . The apology will be followed by indemnities paid by Israel to the Turkish families to make up for their loss provided Turkey drops all legal charges against the Israeli government . This is how the victims of the Mavi Marmara- on whom Erdogan built his glory- have been sold cheap by him . We hope the Turks will wake up one day to the circus run by Erdogan and by Uglu that uses sectarian Islam for the benefit of NATO and Israel and at the expense of the Arab Cause.

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