Qaradawi: The Grand Killer: Al-Bouti was my friend, the regime killed him

Qaradawi incite the killing of Sheikh Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Bouti

شيخ الفتنه والقتل القرضاوي هو من اصدر الفتوى بقتل العلامة البوطي “فيديو ” قبل أيام صرح شيخ الفتنه والقتل القرضاوي لعنه الله ليوم الدين بفتوى قتل المسلمين المؤمنيين كافة من مدنيين وعسكريين وعلماء وذكر بالاسم الشهيد المغفور له بإذن الله العلامة الكبير الاستاذ محمد سعيد رمضان البوطي رحمه الله ورحم الشهداء جميعاً ومنهم من قضى اليوم بالتفجير الارهابي الانتحاري الجبان في جامع الايمان أثناء قيام العلامة بواجبه الديني .. شيخ الفتنه والقتل وتحليل سفك الدم قالها من بداية الأزمة واعاد تأكيدها قبل أيام ليتم تنفيذ العمل الجبان اليوم
بالفيديو..القرضاوي حرض علی قتل العلامة البوطي قبل استشهاده


+18 Terrorist explosion in Al-Iman Mosque in Damascus 21/3/2013

Suicide bombing at al-Iman mosque in Damascus


Posted on March 21, 2013 by
Scholar al-Bouti, 42 Prayers Martyred in a Terrorist Explosion in al-Iman Mosque in Damascus

Mar 21, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Great Scholar, Dr. Mohammad Said Ramadan a-Bouti was martyred on Thursday after a suicide terrorist blew himself up at al-Iman Mosque in Damascus while the late martyr was giving a religious lesson.

The terrorist act claimed the lives of scores of prayers, while tens others were injured.
An official source told SANA that the suicide terrorist intended to blow himself up among the students who were listening to a religious lesson, leading to the martyrdom and injuries of scores of people and causing big material losses.

A source at the Health Ministry stated that the death toll of the terrorist act rose to 42, while 84 others were injured.

The wounded prayers were admitted to a number of Damascus hospitals.
SANA learned that among the martyrs was the grandson of the late Scholar.


Martyr scholar al-Bouti was born in 1929. He accomplished his Sharia Baccalaureate certificate at the Islamic Tawjih Institute in Damascus.

In 1953, he joined al-Sharea Academy at al-Azhar University and acquired the global certificate in 1955, then he got a diploma in education in the same year.

He was appointed as a teacher in Al-Sharea Academy at Damascus university in 1960, then he was delegated to al-Azhar university to get the doctorate in the Islamic Sharea Originals and got it in 1965.

In 1965, he was nominated as a professor in al-Sharea Academy at Damascus University in 1965, then a dean and chairman of the religions sector at the University.

In 2012 he was nominated as President of the Levant Scholars’ Union.

Member of the Higher Council of Oxford Academy.

He wrote more than 40 books in the sciences of Sharea, literature, philosophy, society and civilization. 

Ministry of Awkaf announces the death of Scholar al-Bouti

Ministry of Awkaf ( Religious Endowments ), Syria scholars, intellectuals, teachers and the Levant Scholars’ Union announced the death of scholar al-Bouti who was martyred while giving a religious lesson in al-Iman mosque.
“The malicious hands of traitors killed the great Scholar because he was the voice of Syria, the right of Syria and the image of Syria.. they targeted his body, but they didn’t target his mentality or spirit,” Minister of Awkaf Mohammad Abdul-Satar al-Sayyed said in a statement.

Syrian government.. The coward act would not pass without punishment

The Syrian government said that the coward and malicious act which targeted Scholar al-Bouti will not pass without punishment, adding “those who perpetrated the act are sinners until the day of Resurrection.. the teachings of Late scholar, his sciences and morals will remain as a torch for the honest souls which rejected humiliation.” 

Al-Baath Party Condemns the heinous Crime
Regional leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party condemned the brutal crime in al-Iman mosque in Damascus which claimed the lives of the great scholar and the prayers.

“This massacre adds to the crimes perpetrated by the mercenary terrorists against the Syrians.. they target everything including the mosques and houses of worship,” the leadership said in statement.

Archbishop al-Khouri.. al-Bouti remain the word of right

Archbishop Luka al-Khouri, the general vicar of the patriarchate of Antioch and all the East said that the late scholar al-Bouti will remain the word of right that we have learned from.. his teachings will remain remembered in the brains of all Syrians.
“We all pray for the rest of our martyr whom we respect..,” Archbishop Khouri said in a speech to the Syrian TV.

















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