Daniel Mabsout,


Watch the two delinquent liars spilling their lies over us shamelessly . The two delinquent thugs stand on tribunes and speak as if nothing mattered , They are really twin brothers and it was never as clear as today , that they are both heading two rogue states , both founded on blood and genocide whether the USA of America that killed the original people of the continent that was …called Turtle Island exterminating 18 millions of them or the Israeli rogue state that has become the joke of the century since its whole story and history could be summarized in one word that is : Murder. These are criminals that should be under lock waiting for capital punishment instead of giving press conferences and being summoned by journalists who wait eagerly to write down and reproduce each lie to publish it and broadcast it and spread it to the four quarters. No one should miss on the gems vomited by Netenyahu and Obama of course especially the ones related to the chemical weapons that killed Syrian soldiers and Syrian civilians yesterday in Aleppo .
Obama thinks that the Syrian regime should be held responsible for the chemical weapons that were handed to the thugs of the opposition by Turkey and by order issued by the US administration . How wonderful on behalf of Mister change to give us directly the chance to hear him and see him where he really belongs next to the Zionist gangster, the killer who does not hide his crimes . What has happened to the world that people of this kind can walk around and speak and rule as if nothing happened . To those who bet on liars and criminals to give them their rights or to do them justice we say you must be totally deluded or drugged , go prepare yourself for the next battle if you don’t want to end up gassed by the chemical weapons of Obama or have your children killed by his drones or afflicted with the depleted uranium he generously pours on people as service rendered to democracy ! Learn the language that these thugs speak and learn the language they understand , keep your weapon within reach before they slaughter you and your family! These are the cowboys of yesteryear and the Zionist Haganas and the fanatic sectarian thugs acting in Syria!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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