Activists In Bab Al Shams / And Now You Can Dance

48 hours in Bab AlShams

The US is shelling Syria with chemical weapons and Obama is being received in Israel with great ceremony and the security of Israel is on top of the list and with it the so called Iranian threat and the weapons of Hizbullah and the nuclear or chemical weapons that Syria possesses . As for the Palestinian issue it would have to wait for unity between factions . All this while Palestinian activists are dancing in Bab al Shams . Palestinians have resumed their activity thinking that by dancing in Bab al Shams with Mustapha al Barghouthi they will protect themselves from nuclear and chemical weapons and retrieve Palestinian rights and liberate Jerusalem . For these reasons, the popular Resistance -as they are called- have prepared themselves to receive president Obama by raising few tents again in Bab al Shams and gathering few activists dressed in Palestinian garbs to the place whose name was inspired from Damascus itself since it the name of one of the several doors that leads to it . Great achievement to face the great challenges plaguing the Arab Nation and the hundreds of nuclear weapons that Israel has been hording while speaking eloquently about peace.
There, in Bab al Shams , the activists will cook and eat and sing while Netenyahu and Peres decide- together with Obama -for the next step to take and the next massacre to be committed and decide for the next measure after the Arab Spring , the sectarian war and the assault on Syria liable to liquidate the Palestinian Cause. The thing is that activists of the so called Popular Palestinian Resistance have also been given their share in liquidating the cause and are faring pretty well in this . In these unfortunate days when Palestinians are not going for a ride in Apartheid land and when they are not dancing to the Israeli tunes in Bab al Shams or Bab al Rahma and when they are not siding with Qatar and Turkey for sectarian reasons then they are fighting with the sectarian thugs of the opposition in Syria . These are not the best days Palestine is going through.
We call upon the Palestinians to wake up from this sectarian dream we call on them to join their brothers the Syrian and Lebanese freedom fighters and their Iranian brothers in the battle to free Palestine. We call upon them to join the fighters to ward off their common enemy . Any sectarian position taken by the Palestinians means the forsaking of Palestine and joining of the adverse camp . Have we reached the point where we need to free Palestine from Palestinians?

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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