Syrian Crisis could Explode across Middle East: UN

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UN Refugee Agency warned on Friday that the Syrian crisis could cause an explosion in the Middle East, urging the world to strive to end the conflict and step up humanitarian aid.

UHCRUN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, said exerting efforts to end the crisis was a “moral obligation” and “essential to preserve global peace and global security”.

“I believe that if the Syrian conflict goes on and on and on, there is a real risk of an explosion in the Middle East, and then there will be no way to cope with the challenge from the humanitarian, political and security perspective,” said Guterres.

Guterres – currently in Lebanon as part of a regional – raised the alarm over the potential security impact the refugee crisis could have on Syria’s neighbors.
“The Syrian crisis is not just another crisis and what we are dealing with now is that the Syrian crisis is a tipping point,” he told reporters.

“Things get much worse before they get better. Not only do they get much worse in Syria, but they can have a very, very big impact on the countries around,” he added, indicating that “it is in the interest of everybody to solve the conflict, to have a political solution to the conflict, but it is also in the interest of everybody to fully address the humanitarian needs.”

Source: AFP
15-03-2013 – 15:11 Last updated 15-03-2013 – 15:11

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