Protecting The Resistance

By Daniel Mabsout,


One has to trust the Resistance, the Resistance has fared well in every instance and has built this trust between the Resistance and the people and has acquired this credibility that is well invested . What is holding Lebanon and the whole Arab world together is the Resistance , it is the hope and the only reality one can invest in otherwise it is total chaos and total …surrender to the enemy and the end of the dream of independence of many people on earth .

This wise committed Resistance has achieved this great success due to its wisdom and commitment and has offered the most precious of sacrifices in terms of young men , young martyrs who offered their lives for the fire to keep burning and the cause to be kept alive and the land to be liberated . Every step has been studied carefully and every move has been weighed to reach this incomparable achievement that led to the defeat of the fifth army in strength world wide at the hands of a handful of committed freedom fighters with moderate weapons but who feared none but God.

Since then all the world has been rallying against the Resistance starting by the killing of Hariri and not ending with the Arab spring and the bloody events of Syria . The plots at bringing the Resistance to a sectarian confrontation have never stopped , because this is when the weapons -instead of being directed to the enemy- will be directed to Muslims and Arabs . Israel has everything to gain from this shift in the struggle whereby we will be busy killing each other instead of building our defenses to face Israel . This Resistance is more precious than the air we breath and shall be protected against any threat by awareness and wisdom it shall be protected and by sacrifice.
To be able to have kept Lebanon safe from the madness taking place in Syria and preventing the sectarian conflict prepared for Lebanon from setting everything afire is to the credit of Syria and Lebanon and is a proof of the victory of Syria over its ailment and of the ability to limit it .And it is as well a proof of the sanity and strength of the cause and it is also for the sake of Palestine because one wrong move and the whole thing can escalate into the unknown .
It is the duty of the Lebanese government to stop the thugs of the opposition from crossing borders according to the agreements that link Lebanon to Syria and Syrian authorities addressed the government and NOT the Resistance . The Resistance CANNOT BE DRAWN INTO A SECTARIAN FIGHT in Lebanon because this is what Israel wants.الخارجية_السورية_ضبط_ال%

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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