US deal with Saudi, we keep quiet on Human rights if you supply arms to Syria terrorists

made deal with Arabia to be silent on human rights in kingdom if Saudis deliver weapons to terrorists in

“Thanks to me, Democracy shall prevail in Syria!”

[WaPo] “… The Obama administration wants Saudi Arabia to keep supplying arms to Syrian rebels to force the ouster of Bashar al-Assad and to continue pumping oil at levels that keep gasoline prices low. In return, the United States says little or nothing publicly about human rights abuses in the kingdom, apart from its annual State Department human rights report.  Similarly, U.S. officials avoid discussing Saudi Arabia’s role in helping neighboring Bahrain crush dissent…. Saudi Arabia’s human rights record has always been appalling. The chaotic outcome of the Arab revolutions has, regrettably, made the United States and other Western powers even more reluctant to pressure Saudi leaders to promote democratic reforms.…”


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