Partial List Of Endorsers And Financers Of BDS

By Daniel Mabsout,

bds new 2

BEFORE YOU EMBARK ON AN ENDEAVOR SEE WHO SITS IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT The enemy nowadays is coming dressed in many garbs .He has been acquainted with our ways and learned about our tastes . This whole Arab spring was possible because the enemy knew how to cater to our tastes. He knew about our longings and he addressed them .Thus, the whole Arab Spring was a deceit . It turned into a shabby winter,. into instability and chaos and social unrest . In Syria it turned bloody and destructive and is still going on causing more bloodshed and more destruction . The enemy knows how to cater to our tastes and we should not fall an easy prey to its schemes and designs . Look at the international solidarity movement around Palestine and the role of internationally affiliated NGOs . Look at how the cause is being slowly and surely liquidated in a process of total globalization .Look at the attractive labels used by these NGOs of Boycott and Protests and Dismantle of the wall and Freedom for prisoners and Jerusalem and Apartheid and you name it. What is happening in Palestine is NGO work and supporters of the cause are falling for them. The Palestinian Organizations and factions whose emblem is armed struggle have lost their role in favor of NGOs and are losing slowly their say in many matters related to Palestinians . What can NGOs do to the cause? What are NGOs doing? Are they progressing with the cause ? Are they improving the living conditions of Palestinians ? What are their achievements on the ground ? Do they carry exclusively a Palestinian agenda or they carry different ones ? In order to answer this question about NGOs and whether they qualify to lead the Palestinian cause- as they claim- there is but one way and it is to look at how they are financed . Tell me who funds you and I will tell you who are , the money one gets will decide for the orientation of the whole endeavor , I think we all agree on that.. Please find in this partial list the financers of the endorsers of the Boycott movement called BDS which is waging for anti Apartheid policies , see if the financers are real supporters of the cause or whether they support something else -like Israel for example -and decide for yourself whether BDS and other NGOs qualify to lead the cause.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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