The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism/Communism Not Mentioned at School

Jüri Lina (born October 13, 1949) is an Estonian writer, music producer and film director. He is interested in existentialist questions and actions of secret societies, such as  Freemasonry  and  Illuminati.

Lina was born in 1949 in Soviet-occupied Estonia. He was banned from journalistic work in 1975 and then worked as a night watchman until he was forced to emigrate in 1979 after repeated confrontations with KGB.  Since then Jüri Lina lives in Sweden. In 1985, according to documents recently made available, political charges were made in Soviet Estonia against Jüri Lina in his absence. He was accused of high treason in connection with the publication of two books – “Sovjet hotar Sverige” (“The Soviet Threat against Sweden”) and “Öised päevad” (“Nightly Days”). The KGB regarded him as one of the most anti-communist writers in Sweden. Jüri Lina is a member of the Swedish Publicists’ Association.

This documentary film titled, “In The Shadow of Hermes”  was produced by Juri Lina, and is based on his excellent book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, which is one of the best overview’s of the Khazarian (not real Jew’s)  takeover of Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution .  This film  shows how the Freemasons, the international bankers, and the communists joined forces in an unholy alliance and through the Bolshevik Revolution of November 1917 established in Russia the most brutal and dehumanizing slave society the world has ever seen. The film is in Swedish but has English subtitles.

Lina does a better job exposing the Jewish hand behind Communism in his book rather than in the film. He tends to focus more on “freemasonry” in the film, and doesn’t specifically point out the Jewishness of all the top conspirators in the Bolshevik Revolution (though he does so in his book).
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