BDS, For Whose Sake ?

By Daniel Mabsout,


Our concerns with organizations like BDS is not mainly because of what they say or what they do or the kind of affiliations they have . Our concern is that BDS and EI and other organizations- as well- are speaking in the name of the cause and acting on behalf of Palestinians to the point of preventing others from having a say in the matter. In other words, BDS wants to solve the Palestinian problem in its own way and has embraced -for this reason- anti Apartheid policies – under the attractive label of Boycott , Divest and Sanction, trying to suggest that these policies- that were presumably successful regarding the Apartheid state of South Africa – could also reap the same success on the Palestinian front. . We will not discuss the success of these policies in South Africa and whether the goals of the revolution were attained, but we will shed a light on the implications of such endeavor- on behalf of BDS – on the Palestinian Cause itself in terms of internationalization and globalization of the cause something that Arabs and Palestinians always feared . This is due to the involvement of such NGOs like BDS and its like in global policies and world Order agendas due to the financing they get from European governments and other institutes, which make them serve the World Order at the expense of Palestinians.

Our conclusion is that- because of its financial affiliations – BDS does not qualify to solve the Palestinian problem because one cannot serve the World Order and Palestine at the same time . This, not to speak of the fact that Israel is not an Apartheid and Palestinians do not suffer from segregation alone . Palestinians need to go back to their homes and retrieve their land , they need to get in possession of what is theirs and whoever thinks that this thing can be achieved by economic pressures and anti racist policies alone must be an ignorant or a fool .
This is Israel my friend , this is not Apartheid and there is nothing like it .This is not some elephant that has gone mad , this is madness itself . This is the usurping state of Israel, the most advanced military base of the criminal World Order , this is all predator countries joined together from Europe to the New continent , this is a state that orders the United Nations and many other Nations as well , the country that kills and slaughters and never fears sanctions, that commits genocides without hesitation , that wants to kill each and every Palestinian and each and every Arab who will not normalize or recognize .This is Ariel Sharon and Golda Meir and Tsipi Livni , this is not Apartheid. This has no other label in all seasons and instances other than that of criminal. This is the criminal state of Israel and is supported by the whole world order and will out wit and outsmart Barghouthi and Abunima and all NGOs joined together.

Let us assume that BDS is working earnestly for Palestinians and conducting these activities for the sake of the cause- at the exclusion of others – and in order to solve the Palestinian issue as it pretends , what has it achieved on the ground for Palestinians since its foundation in 2005 ? Has it stopped the expansion of Israel in any way ?, Has it stopped the colonization and the proliferation of settlements ? Has it stopped the eviction of Palestinians and demolition of their houses ? Has it freed the prisoners from their prisons ? Has it relieved Gaza from its siege ? Has it done away with the wall of segregation ? Has it stopped the flow of weapons and money destined to Israel? Has it worked against normalization ? Has it retrieved any of Palestinian rights? Has it protected Jerusalem? Has it improved in any way the lives of Palestinians ? The answer to all this is NO . BDS has not achieved anything of this and has not harmed- in the least- Israel’s economy or welfare. This is speaks for BDS .

If one wants to rejoice over the boycott of such and such company or of such singer and dancer, or over boycotting West Bank dates, one can do that and one can boycott if one wants and this does not need BDS , this needs personal commitment on one’s behalf . Boycott is good but Boycott cannot retrieve Palestine, nor defeat Israel, nor bring back the people to their land and to pretend otherwise is to cheat people . BDS should be exposed for what it is : A World Order Organization financed by the World Order and working under the banner of Palestine pretending to be in charge of the cause while achieving nothing for Palestinians .The merit of such organization -and other NGOs as well- in the eyes of the World Order- lies in giving up the armed Resistance as a choice and a means for liberation and in alienating the Arab masses and people from the victories achieved by this Resistance. This attitude of shunning the victorious Resistance that defeated Israel benefits Israel in the first place and sheds a light on whom BDS really serves . Meanwhile Israel is given enough time to recover from its two consecutive defeats and to figure out and plan its next scheme of occupation expansion and extermination. THANK YOU BDS!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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