Detach from Zionists / Attach To The Cause

By Daniel Mabsout


This confusion BDS is creating is definitely due to its lack of transparency. BDS has not been willing to reveal the sources of its funds and has changed lately the wording of its first amendment without consulting its endorsers. No doubt that Israel should be boycotted but is BDS qualified for this is the question and what are the motives and the goals …of such boycott ? The most dangerous thing about the BDS endeavor is that it is leading right now the Palestinian struggle without the knowledge of the Palestinians themselves and without their approval because Palestinians cannot relate in anyway to the thing called BDS.

BDS – WHICH IS SPEAKING AND ACTING ON BEHALF OF PALESTINIANS- IS ALIEN TO PALESTINIANS THEMSELVES, so how can it achieve anything for the Palestinian Cause? How can the Palestinians living in refugee camps relate to BDS ? They simply cannot , and the Palestinians that are connected to this kind of BDS and engaged in its activities and functions are mostly hired NGO people living mostly in the West Bank and figuring on the payroll of such and such organization and hired by these foreign organizations that work in coordination with Israeli NGOs to promote the Palestinian cause.The Palestinians of the West Bank have thus lost direct touch with their own cause. Now this is very confusing and presents a real threat for the cause itself.
Thus BDS does not qualify to lead the Palestinian struggle in any way , and the two mediocre pseudo intellectuals called Abu Ni’ma and Barghouthi – do not qualify to run anything except maybe some boy scout team in a remote area. Despite all, BDS people boast in their statements about their great achievements regarding the cause ; they mention the success of their policy of boycott counting several activities and companies that they have succeeded in boycotting . Nevertheless there is no mention about how are these achievements affecting the Palestinian struggle- as a whole- or helping the cause or improving the lives of Palestinians themselves .

The truth is that these achievements not only have very little impact on Israel, but have even lesser impact on Palestinians, and there is very little hope that they will achieve anything in this direction or anything significant regarding the cause itself . And this is true not only for BDS but for other solidarity movements as well . The Palestinian condition in Palestinian camps , the condition in Gaza and in the West bank has never been so bad to the point that Palestinians now are enrolling in FSA and other terrorist groups in order to improve their material conditions , they have no other choice in prospect except to become hired killers if they do not qualify to be hired by NGOs..

The living conditions in Gaza have also degenerated despite all the boat movement and all the fuss around and about Gaza. Tunnels are being flooded and Egypt has not opened the Rafah borders, nor Israelis have lifted the siege. .The Palestinian condition is at its worst and -surprisingly – this seemed to be proportional to the proliferation and expansion of so called pro Palestinian NGOs like BDS and its like . All this to say that BDS is not working for Palestinians , nor is promoting the Palestinian cause. It is rather linked to an Israeli agenda that seeks a solution for the Israeli existential problem that has surfaced after Israel has been military defeated at the hands of the armed Resistance and forced to withdraw from Lebanon and from Gaza.

This explains why BDS is shunning the Lebanese armed Resistance and ignoring totally its existence instead of connecting to it, and drawing strength from it , since this Resistance not only has proved itself on the ground and has retrieved fully the Lebanese territories and the Lebanese rights without giving any concessions to Israel, but it has also given unconditional support to the Palestinian cause and to the Palestinian armed struggle .

Not only BDS is shunning this victorious Resistance for sectarian reasons that are in fact Israeli/Zionist reasons, but it has taken a sectarian stand against Syria as well by supporting the thugs of the opposition who are funded and supplied by Wahabi rulers and who act on behalf of Israel and the world order committing the most horrible massacres regarding civilians.
To support Wahabism on behalf of an organization that pretends to stand for peoples’ rights is really scandalous, and to support the armed thugs of the opposition who commit slaughters against Syrians is even more scandalous, and to defend fanatic Saudi sheikhs under the pretext of fighting Islamophobia is the utmost shame .

Not only this but now BDS has taken to track and expose honest pro Palestinian activists, starting by Ken O’Keefe and Gilad Atzmon and not ending with George Galloway . This is how the so called anti racist organization is rewarding those who are standing up for the cause consecrating their lives and dedicating their time for it, but it is not in the interest of Israel that these honest activists be heard because they are considered a threat to the fake ones who are being promoted by the world order to speak in the name of the cause through the multiple NGOs that finally cater to Israel and to the allies of Israel.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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