“Alternative to Orthodox Law, Single District under Proportional Representation”

Local Editor
The Head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Michel Aoun stresses that the alternative law to the Orthodox Gathering proposal is the law of single district based on proportional representation.
MP Michel Aoun
In an interview with al-Manar TV, MP Aoun called on the Lebanese President, Michel Sleiman, not to utilize from his position, which is refusing the Orthodox law, to press the Constitutional Council.

“The alternative to the Orthodox Gathering Proposal is adopting an electoral law based on single district with the proportional representation,” MP Aoun said during Hadith Sa’aa talk show, conducted by Imad Marmal.

Aoun also noted that the other side was determined to cancel the 2013 election or to delay it.
“If the Orthodox Law was subject to appeal, I would not have adopted it,” the FPM leader said in the interview late Friday.

He said that he was ready to discuss other proposals, but noted that the options were limited.
Asked whatever his movement had celebrated the approval of the law at the Parliament’s joint committees, Aoun said: “I did not celebrate. It is not a victory because victory is to be achieved during elections”.

“They always jump to conclusions and it was a coincidence that we celebrated my birthday the day the Orthodox law was approved,” he clarified.

Talking about threats by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” to Hezbollah, MP Aoun said they were just “void allegations.”

On Ersal incident, Aoun noted that the army unit was ambushed twice, adding that the area there (Ersal) has been witnessing smuggling operations and it must be controlled.
“We should not distant ourselves in Akkar, Tripoli, and Ersal since vacuum leads to chaos and chaos leads to crimes.”

On the Syrian conflict, the FPM leader affirmed that the “regime and the Syrian leadership under the command of President Bashar al-Assad won’t lose the war which has been launched against Syria.”
He said this evaluation was based on “battles on ground and analysis to the internal situation in Syria.”

As he said that the battle ends by making the regime democratic, Aoun condemned the crimes perpetrated by the Takfiris in Syria, noting that these groups have been supported by some Arab and non-Arab countries.

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