Galloway Versus Falsification Of The Cause

By Daniel Mabsout,


 The BDS strikes again and as usual it sides with Israelis and Zionists against pro Arabs and pro Palestinians . Now this is not something new for BDS since previously they had accused Gilad Atzmon of being anti semitic . Imagine a bunch of Arab intellectuals, on the payroll of dubious organizations- like Soros institutes – and coordinating with Israelis, boycotting West bank dates while enrolling in Tel Aviv Universities, accusing Gilad Atzmon of being anti semite instead of defending him and promoting his ideas and his experience of an Israeli soldier who rejects the usurping state of Israel and calls for the restitution of Palestinian rights .

  BDS stood against Atzmon pretending that his ideas about Jewish culture endanger the Arab cause, as if they knew what Jewish culture is, not to speak of the Arab cause of course . A bunch of rascals that is what they are ! No doubt that the BDS has lost direction totally and are embracing the Jewish cause – that is not their cause by the way – and joining the anti semitic chorus that has been singing the same tune since post WWII..

Lately, in the encounter that opposed PM George Galloway to some dubious Israeli student boasting about the right of Israel to occupy the West Bank, whereby Brother Galloway left the debate , BDS took another shameful position of defending the Israeli student versus the long time friend of all Arab Causes, the committed friend of Arabs- including those of BDS – ie PM George Galloway .

Of course someone like George Galloway who spent half his life defending Arabs – whether Iraqis , Palestinians or- lately- Syrians and Bahrainis – does not need to be endorsed by BDS people . But it makes one get out of his senses hearing them- with their uptight Zionist attitude saying – in defense of the dubious Zionist Student – that they do not boycott Israeli individuals which is a big lie in itself since they have been exposing Gilad Atzmon for his views on Jewish culture to which they have no clue of course .

No doubt that the BDS works for the western establishment and not for Palestine, and the Western Establishment has got nothing to do with Palestinian rights; and no doubt that they need to show their masters of EU and Soros and company , that they are well behaved and not transgressing the limits prescribed by their Zionist masters while pretending to have become universal !

You should hear BDS joining anti Semitism to Islamophobia ! You should hear one of their brains called Abunima defend the Wahabi Sheikh al Oraifi and his fatwa related to raping Syrian girls !!How wonderful and impartial on behalf of the New Zionists who have hijacked the Palestinian cause to turn it into a commodity that serves Israel and gives Israel the legality it always lacked .

Thank you BDS for turning the Palestinians cause into a fruitful business and a promotion for the barren intellectuals that you are , thank you for giving legality and legitimacy to the usurping state of Israel, thank you for never mentioning the armed struggle and never paying tribute to the armed Resistance of Hizbullah who liberated Lebanon. Thank you for being sectarian and anti Syrian.

Thank you BDS for projecting on the Palestinians – who are rotting in camps for 6 decades now- the satus of disadvantaged Israeli citizens that are segregated against. . Thank you also for boycotting dates while never trying to stop normalization and recognition. Thank you for talking about return and never working for it , and thank you BDS for turning the Palestinian plight into a masquerade of fruitless functions and door to door activities undertaken by NGOs in occupied land in coordination with Israelis.

Thank you BDS finally for siding with Israel and showing us your true self and thank you for not supporting George Galloway for George Galloway has everything to gain from this!!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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