We wonder whom the Electronic Intifada represents and whom does it serve and in the name of whom does it speak?. What strikes in the Intifada people speech is that they have a tendency to defend Jews to the point that if a Jewish person -or even an Israeli citizen – criticizes the Jewish hegemony and the Jewish dominance over US finances or US foreign policy , they accuse him or her of being Anti Semitic . You talk about being more Royalist than the king because one wonders why these people of the Electronic Intifada are committed to exposing anti Semitism more than they are committed to serving Palestine? Who appointed them to defend Jews and what their anti racial campaign against anti Semitism has to do with the Palestinian cause?

The truth is that these Electronic people are Israel’s spokesmen ; they are seeking to solve the Israeli Problem instead of the Palestinian problem , they are seeking the best solution suitable to Israelis- at the expense of Palestinians -and which will be the least costly for the usurping state. For this they are getting inspired from the south African model and seeking a solution that will copy the south African example according to which the Palestinian problem will be solved- like the Apartheid – by promoting the one state solution – in this instance the state of Israel – that will annex all the Palestinian territories including those of 1967 and will grant equal rights to all races including Palestinians.

This is the great solution the Electronic Intifada came up with to the delight of the Israelis. One state , one people under the banner of Israel.! For this reason, and following the South African Anti Apartheid model, the Electronic Intifada has engaged in this anti racist campaign that has targeted even pro Palestinian people who dared to expose the Jewish role and influence in supporting the illegal state of Israel forgetting that -by doing this- they are depriving the Palestinian cause of the support of the people critical of Israel.

Thus the Electronic Intifada people have appointed themselves a reference in determining who qualifies for supporting Palestine and who doesn’t- forgetting how poorly they themselves qualify for this job . But all this should not be surprising when one knows from where the Electronic Intifada gets funding . Well, it is all NGOs work and the Electronic Intifada is part of the BDS movement (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) which gets its funding from mainly the European Union and the George Soros Institutes which means that , when the European Union will become supportive of Palestine, and when George Soros will stop being a Zionist then the Electronic Intifada can start defending truly the Palestinian cause.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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