one funeral too much…..

Is Ahmedinejad an Anti-Semite ???
Is Livni a Semites ???

I watched yesterday CNN and BBC-World

as usual and what has struck me is that both
so prominent Media outlets have found time

for a 30 or 40 seconds segment
in their prime-time-news
to speak about and to show the funeral of one Israeli
who died yesterday and they even showed us his family weeping
at his funerals…. ….

Of course you all would agree with me, that more Palestinians
have died on that same day and much more were wounded….. .

and yet CNN and BBC ,and probably one hundred others,
have found 30 seconds to show us this Israeli-funeral.

I must admit that each human is equal to the other human
thus each funeral is equal the other funeral
but at least this Israeli has had the chance to get a funeral
while the Palestinians of Gaza get a ” whole-sale-funeral”

Wait !! I did not finish yet…..

Nobody !! ,

not CNN , nor BBC did tell us what from
did that Israeli die yesterday… .
they just showed us his wife crying and his family mourning……
no cause of death was mentioned !

As for the Gaza civilians dying ,
we all all know what has killed them .
Never mind my sarcasm ,
soon Israeli buses shall be operating normally
and many civilians shall ride on them….
and then we shall know “what” killed them ….

My brother El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
asked us to demonstrate all over the world.

And a Friend of mine , an American-Jew in Berlin
went down today in the German-Capital to demonstrate
wearing the Sign:


Raja Chemayel

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