Sayyed Nasrallah: Time for Palestinian third Intifadah

Mohamad Shmaysani

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Nasrallah call on Lebanese President Michel Sleiman as a consensus president to spare no effort to push for holding the Arab summit because some sides are already trying to frustrate it.

Sayyed Nasrallah urged the Palestinians everywhere to unite and cooperate. The war is not waged against Hamas as an Islamist party. If Khaled Meshal calls any of the mediators and says that he is ready for negotiations with Israel, the bombardment of Gaza would, the bombardment of Gaza would stop in no time and Hamas would govern Gaza and the West Bank as well. Arab country as long as the ruler yield to Washington and Tel Aviv’s political and economic terms, and abandon his rights and the rights of his people.

It is in fact waged against all the Palestinians and their will, right and determination. The war is waged today on the program of the resistance.

(…..)The problem of Israel and the US with Hezbollah is not based on the party’s religious nature. If one Hezbollah leader calls Washington, and they really wish we’d do this, and told the American that we are ready to discuss our weapons, our resistance and our sovereignty, the American will help us govern Lebanon. Their real problem is with our political program that refuses to abandon prisoners, land and sovereignty. (….)

(…..)The target in Gaza was the remainder of the resistance and the will of the Palestinians. (…)

(…..)Nasrallah called for a third Intifada in Palestine and similar uprisings in the Arab and Islamic worlds. We call on all Palestinian factions to unite and work on stopping this aggression without allowing the Israelis to achieve their goals. We also call on Arabs and Muslims to continue action because the aggression continues. (……)

(……)People have begun taking to the streets of Arab capitals and this is a good sign that we did not witness during the 2006 war. This also means a real improvement in the position of the peoples. (…..)

(…..) Sayyed Nasrallah said he had expected he would be assailed after his Sunday speech, yet he firmly said that defending Gaza is worth offering blood and being blasphemed or insulted in much less that offering blood. “We are all engaged in the battle of the nation and the battle to awaken awareness against delusive campaigns. Yesterday I hears one of the Arab blasphemers and liars saying that Hezbollah has bombarded the Egyptian embassy in Beirut. What kind of lies are these. We avoided going to the Egyptian embassy because of the sensitivity of the situation. All we are doing is peacefully asking the Egyptians to change their position. (…..)

(….)The people of Gaza are the purest and most honorable people, and those who abandon them are participating in the crime, killings and treason. We have been calling to open the Rafah crossing; today if you hear all speeches you will see that the calls for Egypt to open the Rafah crossing are unanimous. We are talking about steadfastness in Gaza and the first condition to consolidate steadfastness there is to open the gates for it.” (…..)

(…..) What is happening in Gaza today is similar to what had happened in Lebanon in 2006. Settlers living 40km from Gaza will stay either in shelters or outside their settlements. The war in Gaza is a matter of time, and the Israelis can’t endure a long war. (…..)

(……)Questions about the feasibility of the war will emerge soon. In Lebanon, Israel’s strategic stockpile of missiles was depleted and the Israeli air force failed to achieve its goals although there were many martyrs, many injured and many destroyed houses, however we did not lay down arms and our will was not taken from us. Israel is involved in a psychological war campaign against the Palestinians through news about masses of soldiers and tanks preparing to storm into Gaza. But when they begin their ground offensive, they will begin to lose as they will be faced by brave resistance fighters.” (……)

(……) The leader of the resistance addressed Egypt and renewed his call to open the Rafah crossing. “We are asking Egypt and the Arab leaders to secure the requirements of steadfastness for the Gazan population if they were not able to stop the aggression.”His eminence concluded his speech by urging Arabs and Muslims to keep working on all levels to back the Palestinians in Gaza, More

Abul Gheit Assails Sayyed Nasrallah Over Protest Calls

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Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit assailed Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah for calling on the Egyptian people to stand with their brothers being slaughtered in Gaza.

Thousands Rally in Cairo against Israel’s Gaza Op.

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29/12/2008 Thousands of protesters rallied in the Egyptian capital on Monday against Israel’s three-day-old onslaught against the neighboring Gaza Strip. Riot police were out in force to monitor the demonstration outside the journalists’ union in the city centre.

Among the demonstrators was Mohammed Mehdi Akef, supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood which remains outlawed but is partially tolerated by the authorities.

“Off to Gaza we go, martyrs by the million,” “We all belong to Hamas,” and “Where’s the Egyptian army?” were among the slogans chanted by the crowd.

Some demonstrators demanded that the Israeli ambassador be expelled or even that the embassy be burned down. With Jordan, Egypt is one of only two Arab states to have signed a peace treaty with Israel and exchanged ambassadors.

Some protesters vented their anger against President Hosni Mubarak, chanting: “Down with Mubarak.”

The Egyptian leader held talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni last week just two days before the launch of the air blitz against the Gaza Strip which has now killed well over 300 people.

Their talks drew charges from the opposition that Mubarak was complicit in the Israeli decision to launch the offensive on Saturday.The Egyptian embassies in Amman and Beirut have also been the focus of protests.

Egypt has participated in the Israeli siege for the last months, after it closed Rafah crossing, the only path that links Gaza with the outside world, refusing to listen to the calls demanding its opening.

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