Hebron settlers desecrate mosque

Hebron settlers desecrate mosque

Jewish settlers protesting against an official Israeli eviction order have desecrated Muslim buildings in the flashpoint West Bank town of Hebron.

They sprayed “Death to Arabs” and an insult to the Prophet Muhammad on a mosque wall and vandalised a cemetery.
Israeli troops were seen painting over the graffiti. A soldier was injured in scuffles with settlers, the army said

The high court has ordered dozens of hardline settlers to leave a house in the overwhelmingly Palestinian town.
The dispute over the strategically located building has raised tensions even higher than usual between settlers and Palestinians in Hebron.
Settlers say they bought the building legally from its Palestinian owner, although he denies the claim.
The Israeli Supreme Court has ordered they must leave the building and set a deadline of Wednesday 19 November for them to go or face a forced eviction


My heart fell to read this. Especially since the headline is “Israeli settlers in south Hebron Hills kill donkey.” Apparently it is so common for Palestinians in this area to be beaten by settlers that it takes a dead donkey to make the news.

From the PNN:

Ten settlers living in settlements built atop southern Mount Hebron assaulted a number of Palestinians on Saturday.
Farmers were near the southern West Bank town of Yatta this afternoon working on their land. Several activists from the Israeli left were accompanying the Palestinians as the settlers who imposed outposts nearby have a history of extreme violence.

Sources on the scene said that settlers from the Maon Settlement threw stones at the farmers and their supporters while screaming provocative phrases. The settlers referred to the Israeli activists as traitors and spies.

The Israeli settlers also stole a donkey from the farmers and shot him. His lifeless body was found nearby by Israeli soldiers to whom the leftists had filed a complaint against the settlers.

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