"Bush Offers Golan for Iran"

“Bush Offers Golan for Iran”

US President George W. Bush suggested to Syrian President Bashar Assad that Israel would withdraw from the occupied Golan Heights in exchange for a complete disbandment of the Syrian-Iranian alliance, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida reported Friday.

According to the report, the offer was made in a secret letter from Bush delivered to Assad by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during his recent visit to Damascus.

The letter included a US proposal to reach “a quick and satisfactory solution” to the Golan issue in return for defined moves and a declaration that the Syria would abandon its alliance with Iran once and for all.

A Palestinian source close to Abbas told the paper that the offer was included “in a secret letter sent personally by President Bush.

“In the letter, Bush suggested finalizing the agreement within several weeks, before the US presidential elections, in order to push the Middle East peace process, an achievement the president will be able to proudly present before leaving the White House in January.”

The same source added that the delegation accompanying Abbas on his visit to Syria “was unaware of the letter or its details, and the US insisted that this be carried out secretly and far away from the official channels.”

The newspaper went on to report that the US ambassador to Damascus was not informed about the issue as well. The source added that the real objective of Abbas’ arrival in Damascus was to deliver the letter to Assad.

During his visit to the Syrian capital, the Palestinian president refrained from meeting with most of the leaders of the Palestinian organizations residing in Damascus. According to the report, he only held a few polite meetings with a number of senior members of the Palestinian groups.

McCain’s ‘crusader’ logic concerns Syria
Hamas-Fatah Talks Tops Agenda in Abbas-Assad Meeting

For Stupid Abbas it’s Golan for Gaza, he and his boss are dreaming, that Assad would sell Iran, Lebanon, and Palestine, for Golan, to let Bush proudly leave the White house.
Loosers are trying to stop loses


The Pressure Mounts on Syria, but Israel May Still Pay the Price

Leslie Susser
Jewish Telegraphic Agency JERUSALEM
October 20, 2005

(…) As international pressure mounts on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, decision-makers in Jerusalem are considering what a Syrian accommodation with the West could mean for Israel.

(…)Assad buckling under, or a new, more American-oriented regime emerging in Damascus. In either case, it could lead to pressure on Israel to negotiate a land-for-peace deal with a supposedly reformed Syria.

(……) Establishing peace with Syria once would have been a top Israeli foreign-policy priority. Today, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and most of the Israeli defense establishment are less enthusiastic. They realize that peace with Syria would mean giving back most of the Golan Heights, which Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War. That’s a price they don’t believe is worth paying in the current circumstances.

[Above quotes confirms that Israel was afraid that Syrian accomodation with west or A new syrian regime could lead to pressure on Israel to negotiate a land-for-peace deal with a supposedly reformed Syria. And because Syria is so week Israel is not ready to pay the Price]

The Question in Israel was: Can the Regime Survive?

(……) “The Syrians feel the noose tightening around their necks,” Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has said. The report into the investigation “is closing in on direct Syrian involvement in Hariri’s murder.” The assessment in Jerusalem is that a scathing report could lead to international sanctions on Syria, which the already-wobbly Assad regime wouldn’t survive.

(…..) There are rumors that some top Syrian officials, including a former vice president and a former military chief of staff, have been in touch with Washington about helping to create a regime change. (….)

October 20, 2005 Washington had made the Assad regime an offer: The United States would stop pressuring Syria if it prevents anti-American insurgents crossing into Iraq, stops meddling in Lebanon, withdraws its support for Palestinian terrorists and stops arming Hezbollah in Lebanon. (…..)

(…..) Ha’aretz political analyst Aluf Benn quotes security officials as saying that the best scenario for Israel would be a weakened Assad succumbing to American pressure: There would be no Syrian presence in Lebanon, no Syrian support for Hezbollah or Palestinian terrorist groups, and no need to negotiate over the Golan. (…..)

(…..) Ironically, the renewed debate over Syria coincides with the anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, in which the Syrian and Egyptian armies caught Israel by surprise and threatened its very existence. That war convinced Israelis of the need for peace with Egypt and Syria. Since then, however, a series of events altered the balance of power to such an extent that Israel no longer feels threatened by its northern neighbor, and sees no urgent need to change the status quo. (…..)

(…..) Syria’s weakness when acting alone was confirmed during the 1982 war in Lebanon……… Despite Syria’s growing military, political and economic weakness, successive Israeli leaders continued to put a premium on peacemaking with Damascus throughout the 1990s. The turning point came with the death of Assad’s father, Hafez, in June of 2000. (…..)

[Syria acted alone (without Egypt) since Camp David, despite the weakness refused to bow, or sell it’s national constants, Syria forced the US to accept its return to Lebanon. Year 2000 was a turning point, not because of the death of Hafez Assad, but because Hezbullah, sponsored by him and Iran, forced Israel to leave south Lebanon without conditions. The Israeli withdrawal was the first nail driven into the the theory of “PEACE” as the only stratigic option. It paved the way to Israeli pullout from Gaza, and 2006, July Victory]

(…..) The younger Assad made a string of blunders that led to Syria’s international isolation. Mainly, the younger Assad failed to understand that after Sept. 11, the American administration would show zero tolerance toward regimes that harbored and supported terrorists, leaving Syria out in the cold. (…..)

[THE YOUNGER BUSH, and Almart failed to understand the limits of their power, at the end the bowed to facts on the ground, in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Gaza and Afghanistan. The Regime of younger Assad resisted the huge international pressure refused to bow servived and emeged after 2006, july war stronger than ever. Loosers are trying to stop loses and Winners, Hizbullah, Hamas, Iran, Syria, Talban are consildating their gains]

However, Stupids and ANAL-ysists shall insist on turning things upside down

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