Coexistence with Israeli enemy impossible

The events in `Akka are just incredible. Imagine if this was in a Muslim country: imagine if a Muslim community was offended because a Christian driver drove through the neighborhood. Under such a scenario the Security Council would have met, and the US congress would have cried out. The US media are largely ignoring the clashes: or dismissing them as “sectarian clashes” as the New York Times has done. Sometimes you feel that Zionists would really like for the entire Arabs of the Middle East to relocate away from the region so as to not offend the religious sensibilities of the state. And that lousy Arab driver: how he appeared trembling as if he were a slave before an Israeli official committee offering the Israeli investigators to whip him if they so decide. A what unto the nations?
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Coexistence with Israeli enemy impossible

[ 12/10/2008 – 06:43 PM ]

Israeli rioters chant racist slogans like “death to Arabs”


Hamas lawmaker MP Mushir Al-Masri said on Saturday that the entire Palestinian people were sympathizing with their brethren in Akka city against the extremist Israeli groups, stressing that the “hour of victory was looming”.

“The moment of triumph was looming, and the day when Hamas’s soldiers and the Qassam Brigades liberate Akka was getting closer”, said Masri as he addressed thousands of Palestinian citizens participating in a pro-Akka rally organized by Hamas in Jabalya city, in the northern Gaza Strip.

He underlined that the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip were standing with their brothers in Akka in souls and in hearts, describing the extremist Zionist attacks on Akka as continuation for the series of the brutal crimes that were committed at the hands of the IOF troops against the Palestinian people wherever they live.

“The Israeli enemy wants to humiliate every Palestinian citizen living in Palestine, but we tell Akka that our men, youth, and children came today to tell her: your blood is our blood and your soul is our soul”, Masri emphasized.

Moreover, the Hamas legislator underscored that regardless of the Israeli aggression on Akka, the city will not bow to the occupation, and the determination and steadfastness of the people of Akka won’t be broken because history of Akka was written with blood and with the sacrifices of its men.

The [Israeli] enemy will be defeated at the walls of Akka as former invaders had been defeated in the past; and neither normalization nor [peace] negotiations would make us forget our usurped land in every inch in occupied Palestine”, the Hamas official stressed.

He also called on the Israelis to read the history of Akka very well in order to know for themselves that the city’s history confirms that Akka doesn’t bow to foreigners regardless of the pain they might inflict on her.

He also quoted the statement of the out-going Israeli premier Ehud Olmert who acknowledged that the dream of “greater Israel” had vanished and gone forever, urging the Palestinian negotiators to return back to the Palestinian mainstream, and to realize that co-existence with the Israeli enemy was impossible.

For his part, Dr. Ahmad Bahar, the acting PLC speaker, condemned the Israeli aggressions on Akka city that, he said, prove beyond doubt the “big lie” of the Israeli democracy, urging the Palestinian people in the 1948-occupied lands to unite in confronting the Israeli schemes against their existence.

Haneyya calls for international protection for Palestinians in Akka

[ 12/10/2008 – 08:46 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian prime minister Ismael Haneyya has urged Sunday the international community to provide an international protection for the Palestinian people in Akka city and to bridle the programmed Israeli aggressions on them.

“They (Palestinians in Akka) were experiencing repressive policies on all levels”, Haneyya stressed in a press conference he held in Gaza city, confirming that his government was anxiously monitoring the vicious attacks of the Israeli settlers and the Israeli occupation police against the city’s indigenous people.

He described those attacks as “programmed” policy to push the Palestinians to abandon their homes. More
aneyya calls for international protection for Palestinians in Akka

Syria: Riots Proof of Israel’s Racist Policy


The Syrian government reacted to the Akko Riots that began on Yom Kippur by dubbing the occurrences “an expression of a methodical policy of racism” seeking to eliminate Arab presence in the occupied Palestinian territories by frightening the sect into leaving the country.

An article published by the state-run Tishrin Daily said, “The Akko incidents testify not only to the spreading of racism throughout Israeli society, whose roots date back to the establishment of the Zionist entity on Palestinian land, but also to the cancelation of all claims that Israel is an island of democracy.”

“Its hate and terror crimes have been known and documented for 60 years. These crimes derive from pure Zionist intentions, rabbinical orders, and conventions of the Zionist movement dealing with the banishment of the other, original land-owners.”

The article went on to say that “what occurred in Akko is an expression of a methodical and consistent policy of racism attempting to fight the presence of Arabs in Israel by frightening them into leaving, similarly to methods adopted by the ‘Haganah’ gangs and other Zionist terrorist gangs.”

The article added, “The settlers who were brought from Safed and Tiberias set fire to Arab homes… with the direct support of Israeli military units in order to thwart any attempt at objection by the residents of those homes and succeed in their mission to Judaize Akko and Arab property,” it said.

The article also said that “despite all of the terrorism directed against Akko’s Arabs, the Zionists did not succeed in achieving their mission.”

The piece concludes by criticizing the US government and its consistent support of Israel. “After all of this, is it not shameful that the US has conspired to revoke the UN Resolution determining that Zionism is a form of racism and discrimination? Is this not the US’ green light to Israel, to complete its plans to transfer the Arabs?”

Meanwhile MK Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al) voiced his objections over the arrest of the Arab whose Yom Kippur drive through an Israeli neighborhood, calling the move an unbelievable and unlawful decision made by Israel Police.”

Tibi added that “the arrest proves that police have yielded to Jewish hooligans, and I wonder if from now on they will start arresting Jews who eat and drink during the Ramadan.”

Hezbollah Condemns Aggressions against Acre, Al-Aqsa


Hezbollah firmly condemned the Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian citizen of occupied Acre and al-Aqsa Mosque, noting that the Zionist gangs and Israeli occupation forces are launching nowadays a series of organized attacks against the noble people of Acre in order to displace them from their land.

In a statement it released on Tuesday, Hezbollah declared solidarity with the Palestinians in their heroic confrontations against the Zionists, calling on them to keep up the resistant work and performance to safeguard the land and dignity.

The statement also stressed that the Israeli breaches wouldn’t have taken place without an international conspiracy against the Palestinian cause and without an Arabic slackness regarding the Palestinian people rights.

Hezbollah noted that the mentioned breaches constitute a continuation to the racial displacement plot executed by the Israeli occupation forces. The Resistance party noted that among the flagrant images of this racism was the profanation of the sacredness of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the alteration of an oratory inside it to a Jewish synagogue. “This is a big crime with respect to this lofty and supercilious nation,” the statement emphasized.

Hezbollah also condemned the Arab and international silence over the whole case, describing it as absolute and suspicious. The party called on the Arab and Islamic nations to stand effectively at the side of the people of the occupied Palestine to help them defend their land. “It should be known that the Palestinian right is a Holy right,” the statement asserted, adding that “all attacks and assaults would not be able to prevent its return to this Resistant and fighter nation.”

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