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Laura Stuart: Board of Deputies of British Jews versus freedom of expression

DateSunday, December 18, 2011 at 10:46PM AuthorGilad Atzmon

Laura Stuart considers the use of defamation and disinformation by the Board of Deputies of British Jews – Britain’s leading Israel lobby group – as tools in its rear-guard defence of Zionism and the apartheid state of Israel.

An article in the Jewish Chronicle last week trumpets a great victory by the Board of Deputies of British Jews over the envoy of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in the UK, Manuel Hassassian. The Board of Deputies boasts of the pressure they brought on Hassassian which caused him to remove links to an article written by Gilad Atzmon on Israelis who were caught organ trafficking.

Defamation in the service of Zionism

The article in question is hardly an unsubstantiated or new story about Israeli involvement in organ trafficking. In fact, Atzmon provided a link in his article to the Israeli news website Ynet, which also reported the story. Anyone who wishes to investigate further the involvement of Israelis in organ trafficking need only search the words “Israelis” and “organ trafficking” on a search engine to find a wealth of reports about various cases in the Middle East and America.

“Here we are again, a perfect example of the “anti-Semite” label being used against someone who some Jews hate rather than someone who hates Jews.”

So, why the outrage by the Board of Deputies of British Jews for what is an established fact? Well, the Jewish Chronicle article provides us with the views of the Board’s senior vice-president, Jonathon Arkush, on Gilad Atzmon, defaming him as an “anti-Semite” and a “deeply controversial and distasteful figure”.

Here we are again, a perfect example of the “anti-Semite” label being used against someone who some Jews hate rather than someone who hates Jews. As is well known, Atzmon, who is a renowned International jazz musician, has Jewish members in his jazz band. Furthermore, I hardly think that Gilad Atzmon’s recent book The Wandering Who? a study of Jewish identity politics, would have been endorsed by leading academics and humanists if there was any “anti-Semitism” in it.

Disinformation in the service of Zionism

Who are the Board of Deputies of British Jews? I thought to take a look at their website and there I found on the front pages two articles where the Board of Deputies have brought enough pressure to extract apologies from variously Sir Robert Atkins MEP and Paul Flynn MP.

On the second page there was a very misleading story about the website of the PNA which apparently seeks to confuse the reader with the headline “ASA [Advertising Standards Authority] rules against Palestinian mission website” then writing underneath it about Gilad Atzmon, in a heavy handed effort to imply that the ASA ruled against Atzmon’s articles which of course they didn’t. The ruling of the ASA was against the use of a map of pre-1948 Palestine which the PNA’s mission had used on its website and which showed historic Palestine on to which the state of Israel was imposed. The issue being that the website was apparently using that map in relation to promoting tourism – the fact that what is now the state of Israel is built on the land of the Palestinian people is not one that even the Board of Deputies of British Jews could dispute.

“The question here really is this: should the Board of Deputies of British Jews be controlling jazz concerts, the website of the Palestinian mission in the UK, the opinions of British MEPs and MPs, in a country which is proud of its freedom of expression?”

The Board of Deputies of British Jews would appear to be trying to control the discourse on the Israel/Palestine issue and beyond. In fact, a few weeks ago they went really overboard and tried to prevent Atzmon from playing jazz music in Bradford. In the event, they failed to convince the festival organizers, Raise your Banners, that Atzmon is an “anti-Semite” and the packed concert went ahead.
The failure of the Board of Deputies of British Jews to stop the Bradford concert appears to have infuriated them to such a degree that they are now engaged in a full blown tantrum against Atzmon. They even contacted the Foreign Office to demand (demand is a word you see used often on their website) that they instruct the PNA’s London mission to remove the links to Gilad Atzmon’s articles, but the Foreign Office replied that they were unable to do so as the articles contained nothing which breaks UK law.

The question here really is this: should the Board of Deputies of British Jews be controlling jazz concerts, the website of the Palestinian mission in the UK, the opinions of British MEPs and MPs, in a country which is proud of its freedom of expression?

The Wandering Who-A Study of Pre Traumatic Stress Dissorder or

Laura Stuart is a British human rights activist. She visited the Gaza Strip twice in 2009 as part of the Viva Palestina humanitarian missions, was on board the Turkish aid ship Mavi Marmara that was attacked by Israeli state terrorists in May 2010 and joined the humanitarian land convoy to the Strip in October 2010.

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Israel and religious freedom (tolerance)

Thousands of Palestinian Muslims and Christians are denied the entry to their holiest sites in Jerusalem

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Whenever the presence of a gentile (non-Jew) threatens the life of Israel, it is permitted to kill the gentile even if he is righteous person and should not be blamed for the situation,” King’s Torah, written by Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elizur, members of Benji Netanyahu’s radical Likud party.

On December 12, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman hailed Benji Netanyahu’s plan to ban Adhan (Muslim call for prayers) in the Palestinian territories occupied by Jewish army in 1967.
Recently, a school in Afula was declared ‘un-kosher’ by Jewish parents for letting their kids listen to Muslim wedding songs. The parents demanded rabbis to enter the school to “purify” the school building before their children would return.

The Cingranelli-Richards Human Rights in its 2011 report on ‘Freedom of Religion’ has put Israel among the worst 52 out of 195 countries surveyed for the fifth consecutive year. This year it shares the honor with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India and China. Interestingly, Lebanon along with Sweden, Belgium and Poland ranked as the most religiously tolerant nations.

In January 2011, Pope Benedict XVI declared that Christians are the most persecuted minorities in the world. He shied away to mention Israel where priests are regularly spit on and thousands copies of Christian Bible (New Testament) have been burned by religious Jews because NT contains four books of the Jewish Bible (Old Testament) or how powerful Iraqi Christian minority was under Saddam Hussein regime (six cabinet ministers plus vice-president Tariq Aziz).

In 2008, Rev. Gary Cass, of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission summed up the plight of Christian minority in Israel.”Will McCain and Obama turn a blind eye to the suffering of Christians in Israel? Both Obama and McCain say they want change, but do either of them have the courage to challenge the powerful Jewish lobby in America? Will either of them demand true religious liberty for Christians and all faiths in Israel as a condition of American support of Israel, including the right of Christians to share their faith with Jews?” Watch a video below.

In June 2010 – over 100,000 religious Jews staged a demonstration aginst Supreme Court ruling forcing integration of a religious girl school. Interestingly, it was not Jewish girl studying in the classroom with Muslims or Christian girls. The protesters told Benjamin Netanyahu and its Orthodox parties in the government that parents of European (Ashkenazi) don’t want their ‘White daughters’ to study with Arab (Sephardim) ‘brown girls’ at the girls’ school in the West Bank’s Jewish settlement of Emanuel (perhaps named after Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff).

Avi Maspin, spokesperson for Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews (IAEJ) has admitted: “Israeli society is profoundly infected by racism and unfortunately there is no suitable punishment for racism in Israel“, reported Israel daily YNet, December 7, 2007.

On August 6, 2009 – Jonathan Cook wrote in The National that there are 350,000 Jews in Israel who are classified by the rabbinate as having “no religion”, and are therefore unable to marry in Israel. Why? Because based on Jewish law – For a man, the rabbis demand that he prove he is circumcised and produce a birth certificate stating that his mother was Jewish by birth, a proof many immigrants from the former Soviet Union have difficulty providing.

While Zionist propagandists boast Israel being a heaven for the gays and lesbian – the Queers website calls this claim a big lie. “Israel does nothing to support the struggles of Palestinian queers or queers elsewhere in the Mideast. It only uses their experience to promote hatred of all Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims, including queer Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims“.

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If Jesus Was a Rebel, Who Was He Rebelling Against?

…and that no matter how many police state laws our AIPAC-vetted congress may enact, no matter how many of us they may round up and put into FEMA camps or some other detention facility, no matter how many wars they may start, no matter how many innocents they slaughter—no matter all of this, as long as there remain on this earth those who exalt this rebel, who follow his teachings, and who celebrate his birth each year, their control over humanity will never—never—be complete or total. And this they know.

If Jesus Was a Rebel, Who was He Rebelling Against?

By Richard Edmondson

You could perhaps consider this a primer for Christian Zionists, although others, possibly even atheists, might find it interesting as well. Here is the question: If Jesus was a rebel, then who was he rebelling against? Jackson Browne, although his song is quite nice, doesn’t really give us an answer. Let us then examine the matter ourselves and see if we can reach a conclusion.

Was Jesus in revolt against Rome? This is something Jews often try and argue. Jesus, they tell us, was nothing more than a Jewish nationalist, who, like many other Jewish nationalists of the day, sought an end to the Roman occupation of Palestine (or the “land of Israel” as they now like to claim it). Some of these Jewish intellects have even gone so far as to hypothesize that Jesus practiced Pharisaic Judaism himself! But of course the preponderance of evidence does not support these claims.

And Jesus, answering, said unto them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.
The above quotation, from Mark 12:17, is one of the few statements from Jesus regarding Roman rule over Palestine that can be found in the canonized gospels, and it would suggest he had no strong grievances or objections to it. Of course, that’s only the canonized material. What of other early texts? What, say, of the Gnostic sources? Or the vast body of apocryphal writings? Is there anything in any of this material to support the notion that Jesus’ mission in life was setting up a Jewish state? The answer is little to none. Certainly there were a great many Jews who did have this ambition. One was Judas of Gamala, who often today is often referred to as Judas the Galilean. In 6 A.D., when Jesus was a child, Judas led a revolt against Rome. The Jewish historian Josephus, who wrote in the late first century, tells us a little bit about this revolt. He says Judas was joined by a Pharisee priest named Zadok, and that both of them exhorted the nation to rise up in response to Roman taxation and a census that was to be taken. Rising up against taxation sounds reasonable, right? No one, after all, wants to pay taxes, least of all to a foreign occupier. But Josephus goes on, in Book XVIII of his work Antiquities of the Jews, to tell us that Judas “was the author of the fourth branch of Jewish philosophy.” In the first century there were four main Jewish sects: The Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Essenes, and the Zealots. Judas was the founder of the Zealots. Josephus goes on:

All sorts of misfortunes also sprang from these men, and the nation was infected with this doctrine to an incredible degree; one violent war came upon us after another, and we lost our friends which used to alleviate our pains; there were also very great robberies and murder of our principal men. This was done in pretense indeed for the public welfare, but in reality for the hopes of gain to themselves; whence arose seditions, and from them murders of men, which sometimes fell on those of their own people, (by the madness of these men towards one another, while their desire was that none of the adverse party might be left,) and sometimes on their enemies…
These men agree in all other things with the Pharisaic notions; but they have an inviolable attachment to liberty, and say that God is to be their only Ruler and Lord. They also do not value dying any kinds of death, nor indeed do they heed the deaths of their relations and friends, nor can any such fear make them call any man lord.
What Josephus is telling us here is that the Zealots believed they should follow no laws other than what they perceived to be the laws of God. Moreover, they had no qualms about killing people. And after all, why should they? They were doing God’s work—or at any rate what they believed to be God’s work. In other words, the Zealots firmly held that the Jewish people were “chosen,” and it was their goal, as members of the fourth sect of Judaism, to convince the rest of the nation that Jews should recognize no law imposed by Rome…or any other earthly entity for that matter.

A Jewish state that recognizes no international laws. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

So did Jesus have anything in common with these people? In Matthew 10:4 we are told that one of his 12 disciples was a man named Simon, who was known as “the Zealot” (see also, Luke 6:15), and Jewish scholars today point to this as evidence of Jesus’ putative Jewish nationalism. Are they justified in doing so? We can probably conjecture that Simon did indeed at some point have some affiliation with the Zealot Party, but does this mean the teachings of Jesus and those of the Zealots were mutually compatible? Or is it possible Simon was a Zealot before he met Jesus? Was he perhaps in the audience that day Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, and could he have been so inspired by what he heard, either then or on some other occasion, that he decided to leave the Zealots and become a follower of Jesus instead? We don’t know, and this is all speculative of course, but if Simon had been a Zealot for a long time, it is most likely he still would have been called by that name regardless. How many people today still retain titles for positions they no longer hold? I’ll bet Bill Clinton still gets called “Mr. President” at times.

The important question is not whether one of the disciples was or wasn’t a Zealot; the important question we must ask ourselves is this: was it Jesus’ goal to set up in Palestine a Jewish state, a that would adhere to no earthly code of law, that would savagely attack other states and peoples at will? Does any shred of evidence exist that would prove such a claim? Again the answer is no. Nothing. Nothing can be found, not in a single ancient text, either canonized or non-canonized, either Gnostic or Orthodox, that would suggest he longed for such a thing, or even, as we have seen, that he had any particular beef with Rome as the ruling power at all. So something else was driving this rebel, and indeed Jackson Browne has that part right—Jesus was indeed a rebel. But who or what was he rebelling against?

Could it have been the rich? We are perhaps getting closer here, for certainly we have statements on record, such as Luke 18:25, in which Jesus clearly seems to take a dim view of great wealth and those who devote themselves to amassing it:

How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God! Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
So yes, we have this and other similar statements, but at the same time, we should also remember that one of Jesus’ especially devoted followers was Joseph of Arimathea, a rich man who is mentioned in all four canonized gospels and who most likely was even a member of the Jerusalem Sanhedrin. It was in a prepared tomb belonging to Joseph that Jesus’ body was laid after the crucifixion. Mark 15:43 describes Joseph as an “honorable counselor” who “waited for the kingdom of God”—from which we can probably conclude that Jesus’ statements on the rich were never intended as blanket condemnations of all rich people per se. So once again it seems we must look elsewhere.

To try and answer our question once and for all, let us revisit the subject of the Zealots. In his book Revolution in Judea, the Jewish author Hyam Maccoby tells us the Zealots took their name from Phinehas, who in the Old Testament book of Numbers is described as having been “zealous” for his God. If we look at the story of Phinehas we find not only that he was a Jewish nationalist, but also a Jewish supremacist who was opposed—violently so—to interracial marriage and dating. The following comes from Numbers 25, beginning with verse 1:

While Israel was staying in Shittim, the men began to engage in sexual immorality with Moabite women, who invited them to the sacrifices to their gods. The people ate and bowed down before these gods. So Israel joined in worshipping the Baal of Peor. And the Lord’s anger burned against them.
The Lord said to Moses, “Take all the leaders of these people, kill them, and expose them in broad daylight before the Lord, so that the Lord’s fierce anger may turn away from Israel.”
So Moses said to Israel’s judges, “Each of you must put to death those of your men who have joined in worshipping the Baal of Peor.”
Then an Israelite man brought to his family a Midianite woman right before the eyes of Moses and the whole assembly of Israel while they were weeping at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. When Phinehas son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron, the priest, saw this, he left the assembly, took a spear in his hand and followed the Israelite into the tent. He drove the spear through both of them—through the Israelite and into the woman’s body. Then the plague against the Israelites was stopped; but those who died in the plague numbered 24,000.
Bloody as it is, we have here an interesting story—and a revealing one as well, for at this point, the Old Testament writer tells us how pleased God was with Phinehas’ double murder:

The Lord said to Moses, “Phinehas son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron, the priest, has turned my anger away from the Israelites; for he was as zealous as I am for my honor among them, so that in my zeal I did not put an end to them. Therefore tell him I am making my covenant of peace with him. He and his descendants will have a covenant of lasting priesthood, because he was zealous for the honor of his God and made atonement for the Israelites.
The story of Phinehas seems to have been a case of Jewish racism run wild. And this is the man after whom the Zealots modeled themselves? How would Jesus have viewed such people? Consider his words to a group of Jews in the Temple, as recorded in John 8:43-44:

Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
Jews have long pointed to this passage from John and blamed it for a host of their troubles down through the centuries. Many people today are under the mistaken belief that Christianity’s narrative of the Jews killing Christ caused the rise of anti-Semitism, but as I wrote in a previous post, anti-Semitism predated Christianity by at least 400 years. Moreover, since most if not all of his own followers were Jews, it is obvious that in John 8:44 Jesus is not speaking of all Jews. So which Jews was he referring to? When he said, “You belong to your father, the devil,” who did he mean? Perhaps if we put the quote in its proper context it will become clear.

Eleven verses prior to this, in John 8:33, we have the same group of Jews boasting to Jesus that they are children of Abraham. And then in verse 39 they again reiterate, “Abraham is our father.” It is obvious that for these Jews, being children of Abraham makes them, in their own eyes, divinely “chosen.” We should also keep in mind that the temple, where the entire exchange is taking place, had an official policy of exclusion of Gentiles. Those ascending the steps of the temple came initially to an outer court where Gentiles were allowed, and which was in fact called the Court of the Gentiles, but beyond this, Gentiles were forbidden from entering, under penalty of death. It would be worth remembering, too, that there were strict Jewish laws governing purity and which attempted to discourage contact with Gentiles. Under these laws, Gentiles were often regarded as unclean. So what does all this tell us? Could it possibly mean that Jesus was a rebel against Jewish supremacy?

It is beginning to appear that way.

If we jump to Matthew chapter 23, we again find Jesus in heated discussion with a group of Jews, who, this time, are clearly identified as Pharisees. Keep in mind what Josephus told us about the Pharisees and the Zealots being closely aligned with one another. Much of Matthew 23 is filled with Jesus venting his anger at the Pharisees. I won’t quote the whole thing, but here is an interesting excerpt:

Woe to you teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.
Woe to you, blind guides! You say, “If anyone swears by the temple, it means nothing; but if anyone swears by the gold of the temple, he is bound by his oath. You blind fools! Which is greater: the gold or the temple that makes the gold sacred? You also say, “If anyone swears by the alter, it means nothing; but if anyone swears by the gift on it, he is bound by his oath. You blind men! Which is greater: the gift, or the alter that makes the gift sacred?
Notice what Jesus is saying here about the tendency of the Pharisees to twist and turn oaths, or, as it were, legal regulations, to their own advantage. The Pharisees were proponents of a vast body of decrees which were then known as the “oral law”—rabbinical pronouncements that later, starting in the third century, were meticulously compiled and written down. Today we now know that body of writing as—the Talmud.

The Talmud tells us, among other things, that “when a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.” It is a voluminous body of writing that regards non-Jews as subhuman, and much of it seems particularly intended to incite hatred for Gentiles among Jews. Is it possible that Jesus—2,000 years ago—recognized the danger such an ideology poses to humanity? I would submit that the answer to our question, then, is that Jesus was rebelling against his own people, or, more specifically, against that predominant strain among them that causes large numbers of them to view themselves as chosen and therefore superior to others. Many Jews today, including Jewish scholars, would say no, you’ve got it all wrong. Jesus was a Jewish nationalist. But they should take their cue from the writers of the Talmud, who were under no illusion about the matter. In the Talmud, Jesus is depicted as boiling in excrement in hell for his “idolatry.” Christianity, under rabbinical teaching, is considered an idolatrous religion, and its founder’s execution is regarded as justified. Here is what Israel Shahak says on the matter in his book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion:

According to the Talmud, Jesus was executed by a proper rabbinical court for idolatry, inciting other Jews to idolatry, and contempt of rabbinical authority. All classical Jewish sources which mention his execution are quite happy to take responsibility for it; in the talmudic account the Romans are not even mentioned.
So where does this all of this leave us today? Last year, a group of Israelis held a protest against interracial dating, or specifically against Jewish girls dating Arab men. The protest took place in the city of Bat Yam and was organized by a group calling itself Jews for a Jewish Bat Yam. Sounds a lot like Phinehas, doesn’t it? I’ll bet if he were alive today he would have attended the protest. We also have in Israel an organization called Lehava, whose main purpose is opposing marriages between Jewish women and non-Jewish men. Recently the group circulated a letter, signed onto by the wives of 27 prominent rabbis, calling on Jewish women not to date Arabs, not to work in places where Arabs are employed, or to volunteer for national service with them.

If Jews were an insignificant fringe minority, and if Israel did not have nuclear weapons, all of this would perhaps be of no great import. But Jews today stand at the pinnacle of world power. This is apparent to all but the most purposefully blind. Their pro-Israel lobbies, in one Western country after another, have gained control over decision-making to an astonishing degree. Consider the fact that in Psalm 110 we can read of God promising to make the Gentile nations into “footstools” for the Jews. Today we see that the U.S., Canada, France, Britain, Germany, and a great many other nations besides, have in fact become just that—footstools for the leaders of Israel.

A lot of people today are fond of comparing America with ancient Rome. The power that America holds over other countries is indeed somewhat comparable to that exerted by the Romans over the many lands and peoples they conquered and occupied two millennia ago. But there is one very major difference between these two empires: in ancient Rome, Jews did not hold power anywhere near commensurate to that which they presently exert over America. Nowhere near it. As I say, Jews have reached a sort of pinnacle or apex on the global stage. The level of influence they have accrued is unprecedented. Hardly any wonder, then, that so many individual Jews have adopted the supremacist beliefs of the Chabad Lubavitch organization, coming to view themselves in the process, either consciously or subconsciously, as members of a superior, more intelligent species of life. The extent of Jewish dominion in the world today would almost defy any other explanation. The question the rest of us need to consider is just what is the explanation. How did such a tiny group of people come to have such ascendancy over a huge and apparently growing swath of humanity? What accounts for the phenomenon?

The rebel Jesus maybe knew the answer to that, and we can perhaps read his words for hints, some more explicit than others. Whatever the answer may be, it is ancient. It did not begin in 1948 with the establishment of the state of Israel, or in 1897 with the first Zionist congress. The explanation, I have a feeling, is much older. How does Christianity figure into all this? It’s perhaps an interesting, nay even crucial, question. Jewish attacks on Christianity in the modern era have obviously taken a very different form from their attacks against Islam—but they have, in their own way, been just as persistent and ongoing. We see Christians and their faith ridiculed and demeaned in Hollywood movies, TV shows, and music videos. In fact, about the only Christians who don’t get mocked and caricatured in US mainstream media are those of the Middle East, who are of course routinely portrayed as victims of Muslim persecution.

The hows and the whys of all this are perhaps many and varied, but what it says to me, and what I believe in my heart to be true, is that Jesus, though he lived 2,000 years ago, remains a major thorn, obstacle and stumbling block for a great many modern-day Jews. And that no matter how many police state laws our AIPAC-vetted congress may enact, no matter how many of us they may round up and put into FEMA camps or some other detention facility, no matter how many wars they may start, no matter how many innocents they slaughter—no matter all of this, as long as there remain on this earth those who exalt this rebel, who follow his teachings, and who celebrate his birth each year, their control over humanity will never—never—be complete or total. And this they know.


Posted by Richard Edmondson at 12/16/2011 2:59 PM

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

The Glory of Zionism


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Zionist Massacres .. Never to Forget, Never to Forgive

Eslam al-Rihani
Over the history, the old aging Arab – Israeli conflict is not only considered the longest for exceeding sixty continuous years, but it is also featured by touching the strategic, political, military, economic and cultural aspects of the countries involved.

Starting from the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1897, treachery and conspiracy were sparked to the peaceful people and the nation that were not have picked a breather after the first episodes of Sykes – Picot, which divided the Arab world and confiscated the decision of our people and the wealth of our nation.

Then came the British promise to create a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, the most serious and impudent promise at all in the political history of mankind, followed by facilitating migration of young Jews, along with armed and trained elements across the sea to Palestine, providing them with power and weapons, while chasing the Palestinian revolts should they fought in defense of themselves…

“Massacre” in the Zionist Ideology

Writing history of massacres differs from that of any other event, not only because the researcher at every stage discovers certain facts or faces specific obstacles, but because massacres have their known starts and unknown endings; Those who have lived or stayed alive do not live as others live, their life is always affected, evolved, changed, not as they want, but as the painful memories take them back toward that tragic experience.
Talking about the Israeli occupation massacres is usually linked to specific massacres such as Deir Yassin, or Sabra and Shatila, or historical periods or figures, or sometimes certain Israeli groups which had the greater role in those bloody events. However, a glance at recent history is enough to recognize that the massacres are continuous and not limited to a specific period of time, but they were perpetrated by different Israeli terrorist organizations.

Killing Palestinians is not a crime in Israeli eyes, it is rather an essential part of a society’s culture based on the principle of Occupation; Accepting the possibility of committing a massacre is not out of question as well, due to the military culture of the Israeli society, since the leaders of Zionist terrorism became elected prime ministers just like the Supreme Commander of the terrorist Arjun gang Menachem Begin, leader of the Stern Gang Yitzhak Shamir, Moshe Dayan and others who sought to maintain the “purity of Israeli arms.” The term that had been soon admitted to be false by Zionist think-tankers after al-Nakba Archive been unfolded and official reports of Zionist gangs’ wars been declassified, the gangs which formed the core of the Israeli army later on.

1948 and Before

Although most of the Zionist massacres documented in modern history before the creation of the occupying entity were committed during the years 1947 and 1948, some had been documented before that era, and perhaps the first was the market bomb blast in the city of Haifa on 6/3/1937.

Most probably that other massacres had been committed before that date, but the difficulty of documentation and the lack of accurate figures and statistics resulted in our lack of information. However, the estimated number of massacres committed by Zionist gangs in the period of 1937-1948 exceeds 75 carnages which claimed the lives of more than five thousand Palestinians and wounded thousands others.

The period of 1947-1948 was the peak of those massacres, which the Arabs call as “Nakba”, and the Israelis as “the war of independence”. Historical reviews for the events of those two bloody years have shown that what happened was more like an ethnic cleansing or genocide.

The Palestinian Return Center documented the destruction of 531 Palestinian villages and the expulsion of its inhabitants, including 270 village abandoned by its residents because of direct military attack, and 122 village inhabitants were expelled by the occupying forces. The source also documented more than 200 war crimes and 34 massacres committed against civilians or prisoners during the years 1947-1948, 17 massacres of which were committed during the British mandate and 17 others after the British evacuation.

1949 – 1967

After the foundation of the occupying entity, the Zionist authority claimed that the massacres which occurred during the previous two years were carried out by a dissident military division. Yet, the massacres witnessed during the fifties inside and outside the Green Line, confirmed that – beyond any doubt – the arab world was facing the establishment of a State of terrorists, which does not differ from military bands.

Despite that the carnages witnessed at that time were less than those in the previous period, they were not less barbarous and most of them were mainly based on the element of surprise. Nineteen massacres are estimated, while all committed in the areas of West Bank and Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of more than 1500 Palestinians.

Modern Era of Killing

The year 1967, formed a watershed between two phases; the first where unlimited massacres were committed to expel most Arabs as possible to establish an occupying Jewish state. And the second where the occupation practices become accessible to the media, and a threat to the “image” of the entity before the global public opinion.
Moreover, this did not prevent the Occupation from continuing aggressive attacks. Between 1967 and 2000, a large number of carnages were committed, targeting mostly Palestinian refugees outside the occupied Palestinian territories, and then inside the Palestinian borders with the start of the first intifada in 1987.
Those massacres had martyred large number of Arabs especially with the use of more advanced weapons. With the massacre of Sabra and Shatila (1982), Al-Aqsa Massacre (1990) and the Ibrahimi Mosque (1994), the widespread media material became an element of pressure on the occupation authorities, which caused the formation of inquiry commissions in this regard.
Till the year 2000, the Zionist killing machine had claimed the lives of more than 2110 Arab citizens, who were martyred by the Israeli bombings and shelling in Palestine, Lebanon and Tunisia, while targeting Palestinian refugees across the Arab world. Not to forget the July war 2006 on Lebanon which martyred 1,400 Lebanese, and the wars on the Gaza Strip in 2006, 2008 (Hot Winter) and 2009 (Cast Lead).

The criminal doctrine upon which the occupying entity is based, does not respect the right of others of life and does not hesitate to do anything to satisfy its barbarism, it is the entity which commits massacres individually and collectively, which does not differ today from that which committed the massacres of 1948, while its leaders are warmly welcomed in major world capitals, and some of them has got the Nobel Peace Prize.

The victims of the Zionist occupation massacres are not killed only once, they are killed at the moment of martyrdom, and killed another in a time where free voices cannot speak out for truth to convict killers. It is time for the international community to carry responsibility toward its obligations, resolutions and the Bill of Rights. It should stop its double-standard principle of solving issues, and not to be biased for the executioner against the victim.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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The Illustrated Protocols of Zion

Everyone should read the protocols and decide for his or herself whether they describe to a “T” what is occurring. Read them here.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Rabbi Weiss: Israel Is Rebellion against God

Sara Taha Moughnieh
As media plays the major role in our world today, the Zionist entity, that has major control over it, succeeded in deceiving the world for centuries, and fabricated a new “Jewish” religion that opposes every Torah order.
Don’t steal; it stole an entire land. Don’t kill; it waged deadly wars. Don’t oppress; it expelled, humiliated, displaced, and tyrannized every individual that stood in face of its scheme.
That is Israel in the eyes of every person who wants to see the truth, but this is also Israel in the eyes of Jews. Jews who follow and respect the Torah, and recognize that as God is compassionate He did not give orders to oppress His creation.
In an exclusive interview with Al-Manar Website, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss explains the true Jewish point of view regarding Israel, and assures that the end of Israel is definite.

How do you read the current Palestinian/Israeli situation?

The conflict between the Palestinian issue and the so-called state of Israel, which is the Zionist state, is totally wrongly understood, meaning that people think that this is a religious conflict between Jews and Arabs/ Jews and Muslims.

“Zionism is a transformation from the Jewish religion into nationalism or materialism”

The ideology of Israel is Zionism and Zionism is a transformation from the Jewish religion into nationalism or materialism. Judaism is religious observance to the Almighty, accepting his role, and following the teachings of Torah… so it comes out that Zionism is a rebellion against the Almighty and what he commanded the Jewish people; it is blasphemy, it tells the Jews to do something entirely different from what they are required to do.

Since the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem thousands of years ago, the Jewish people were put under oath that we are not to go up in masses to try to return the holy land; secondly, we are not to rebel against any nation, so we are required to be loyal citizens in every country we are residing, Jews in the United States, Jews in Lebanon, Jews in the Islamic Republic of Iran, etc… of course not in the so called state of Israel, because it is a forbidden entity and an illegitimate state, but under the Palestinian people, we have to be loyal citizens; thirdly, do not make any attempt in exile. So therefore, for thousands of years the Jewish people have accepted this order from the Almighty, and never tried to establish their own entity, and Zionism came around a hundred years ago with its transformation into materialism to make a state that rebels against what we stated. This is forbidden for us even if it (the state) was not in an inhabited land, in other words, it is forbidden for the Jews to have one inch of their own sovereignty even if it was given to them or bought by them.

The establishment of a state in a land against the will of its people by subjugating and oppressing, like they have done in Palestine, from banishing and expelling people-and actually Jews oppose this of course – by establishing such a state against the will of the people, it just gets compounded, rebellious against God; it is a crime, because in the Torah which is our basis, we are not allowed to kill, steal, or oppress. Just like God is compassionate we have to be compassionate.

“They have taken all the Jewish identifications to give ore and legitimacy to their state”

So, Zionists in order to gain legitimacy for their state, they have hijacked and kidnapped the “Star of David” and the name “Israel”, because in the Torah, Jacob, the father of the Jewish people, his name was Israel. They have taken all the Jewish symbols and identifications in order to give ore and legitimacy to their state, when according to the Jews it is illegitimate and a total crime.

How do Israel and the Zionist Rabbis hide, or ignore this Torah truth and permit the killing and oppression of other people?

First of all, we have to always express that the truth defied logic on how they (Zionists) were able to gain legitimacy both in the international arena and among Jews in order to be able to establish the state. This subject was studied well, and many documents about this could be found on

Chief Rabbi in Palestine Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky

One of the documents was given by the chief rabbi of Palestine – when we say the chief rabbi of Palestine we don’t mean the Israeli rabbinate because that is all farce and these rabbis don’t have legitimacy – the truth is that there was rabbinical courts and a chief rabbi in Palestine, and this rabbinate called “Eidah Chareidis” still exists until today and does not recognize the right of existence of the State of Israel, and in July 16, 1947, the chief rabbi at that time Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky handed a document to the United Nations and it said: “… We furthermore wish to express our definite opposition to a Jewish state in any part of Palestine…”

What happened is that Zionists who are trickery and as I said have hijacked the identity of Judaism have presented themselves to the world as if they represent Judaism. However, the more the religious, the more anti-Zionist, and we feel the sufferings of the Palestinian people… we have been demonstrating daily in the streets of Jerusalem and around the world against the existence of the state and all the crimes that emanate from it, and we have been arrested, thrown into jails, and sometimes killed because of that. In fact, probably the first martyr was a Jewish fellow, his name was Dr. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan and he was murdered because he was a diplomat and was going to present to the English government the view of rabbis when the Zionists were comingup at the beginning of the20th century.

Dr. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan

 In 1924 he visited Palestine and said “I am going back to Europe to reveal to the world the false representation of Jews,” and so the Zionists shot and assassinated him. Since then, many leaders of the Jewish people who spoke out got murdered, assassinated, and this is until today, we just had one of the great leaders, his name was Rabbi Moshe Hirsch who passed away a year ago after acid was thrown on his face.

Still unfortunately you would find Jews, who support Israel, and these are fooled… The Zionists have counted on the ignorance of the masses, because the vast majority of the Jews do not follow the Torah because they were sent into exile.

Yet there were Jews who did not fall into this trap, and so they (the Zionists) started using this concept “Jews are being murdered by the anti-Semites,” and here we are not talking about anti-Semitism that was created by Zionism, but the anti-Semitism that was present in Russia and Europe against Jews who were simply practicing Judaism and were good people. And so, when Hitler came and it became a terrible massacre and destruction hit the Jewish community, they started using it.

Many Jews were manipulated by the Zionists that gave Jews the right to go to Palestine and told them “see these Arabs and the Palestinians, they want to kill you, they hate you, they are a continuation of the Nazis,” and till today they talk to the religious Jews and say “we know you are not allowed to have a state, we are not telling you to accept us because we are Zionists, but to have your entity, but if you don’t stand with us on this state, the Arabs will murder you,” and they repeat this constantly.

They use these different frauds to be able to have control and backing even by the religious Jews. While the Torah says that we have to be thankful and that we are required to express our gratitude for good treatment.

It is the press, which is manipulated by Zionists, run by Zionists, and owned by Zionists that only portray the Zionist side of things and totally ignore the view or voice of the truly religious that is out there in the world.

How do you read the Israeli Situation today? Do you see any close end to the occupying State of Israel?

We believe in God and follow the Torah, and so we truly believe that the Almighty rules the world and nothing could be done without his will.

“Israel is a rebellion against God, we know it definitely will end, it cannot have a future”

In the Torah God says to the world “why are you defying the words of God? You will not be successful.” Therefore, as the state of Israel is clearly a rebellion against God, we know that it definitely will end, it cannot have a future.

We pray to God that this happens easily, because we don’t know how much more suffering it will bring to all human beings.

“If this is God’s miracle how come people are dying?”

I would like to point out that since its (the state of Israel) existence people have looked at it as a miracle or as God’s will because of its power, but the Chief Rabbi of Palestine Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum who moved to New York after the occupation, where he created a tremendous community and spoke against the state of Israel and about these “miracles” said “what miracles” and showed how false these are while assuring that God does not in any way support this state as its power is from Satan because it is a forbidden entity, and asked “if this is God’s miracle how come people are dying?”.

Moreover, we see that not 10 years have passed since its existence without having a major war, and this is not the will of God.

Do you think that all the actions and movements you are making are affective and will bring the end of the State of Israel closer?

We believe that we are required to take action, and whether we can accomplish or not accomplish is not for us. We are required to speak out to the world against this terrible crime against the Almighty and His creation, and accomplishment is in the hands of God. Now what we can do is to let the world know and be aware about the Zionist propaganda and people are starting to recognize the real victims that are the Palestinians and the people of Gaza.

Do you think that the Jewish community around the world is responding to your efforts and that its support to the Zionist entity is decreasing?

The Zionists want to create enemies to have an excuse for their existence

There are Jews who were brainwashed by the Zionist propaganda with its control over the media, but now there is the alternative media such as the internet and different news outlets, which are educating people, so we are able to reach tens of thousands of Jews.

We have received many mails about Jews who changed their views, and the same thing goes for the Arab and Muslim worlds. The Zionists want to create enemies to have an excuse for their existence. However, the Arab and Muslim worlds, thank God, now get to see the truth.

Did Israeli citizens ever regret this identity after being influenced by the true Jewish teachings?

“People are frustrated, embarrassed and humiliated because of the crimes done by Israel”

Yes, we have this constantly. We receive emails where people tell us they are frustrated, and that they are embarrassed and humiliated because they see the crimes done by Israel. They tell us that they thought this was right and then they became aware that this was not right, and they have changed. This is an ongoing happening. And as I have said there are people in the Arab and Muslim worlds who call us and tell us that they apologize because they had this hate for Jews for years since they thought that they supported the oppression of the Palestinian people. We had this constantly, yet we hope to see it in greater numbers.

Regarding the US policies in the Middle East and its complete bias to Israel, do u stand against these US policies?

Of course we oppose, and have opposed and stood up against them at the United Nations. You can see that on Since the existence of the so called State of Israel we have been demonstrating, since I was a child I used to go with tens of thousands of Jews and protest against this in the United Nations, outside it, and near the white house. We’ve demonstrated against this terrible tragedy that America supports Israel.

We, as American citizens, respect our presidents but we try to send them a message and tell them that they are being fooled by Zionists, and that the Arab and Muslim peoples have constantly been our friends and have hosted us.

AIPAC pressures political leaders: if you speak out you are committing political suicide

We tell them that what they are doing is not helping or protecting the Jews, it is actually creating more hate and more bloodshed. Supporting the Israeli occupation is not the way for helping the Jewish people. We tell the Jewish people the same thing; that what you are doing in terms of oppressing the Palestinians will bring excessive hate.

We do our best, but they (the American Administration) cannot meet with us or respond to us because they are under so much pressure from the Zionist program. The Zionists have tremendous power in the US as well as in Europe, they also have the AIPAC which puts tremendous pressure on every political leader, and points to them that if they speak out and show that they understand the view of the religious Jews that oppose Zionism, or show too much sympathy with the Palestinian people then they are committing political suicide; while on the contrary if they speak out they have to show support and respect to Israel.

But we know that with what we are doing behind the scenes, they see us. When they do the AIPAC meeting we have a group of people that stand up and do demonstrations, and show them that there is another side to the point and that true Judaism oppose the existence of the Israeli occupation.

Source: Al-Manar Website

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Palestinian graves ‘vandalized’ in Jaffa

JAFFA, Israel (Ma’an) — Christian and Muslim graves in Jaffa were vandalized overnight Friday, by assailants suspected to be Jewish extremists, local media reports and a religious official said.

The Islamic cemetery al-Kazakhana and nearby Christian Orthodox cemetery in the town were broken into at night, locals told reporters. A website called Yaffa48 posted photos of what it identified as the graves.

“Death to Arabs” and other racist slogans were daubed on graves, they said, and gravestones were smashed.

The president of the Islamic Movement in Jaffa, Sheikh Ahmad Abu Ajwa, slammed the attack which he called an attempt to blackmail Palestinian residents of Jaffa.

Arab Knesset member Ibrahim Sarsour accused Israeli authorities of failing to stop extremist attacks, the official Palestinian Authority news agency WAFA reported.

“The Israeli government was not making any effort to stop these racist attacks against Palestinians, rather it provides extremists protection,” he told the site.

Abu Awja called for local officials to hold an emergency meeting to discuss recent attacks on Palestinians in Israel.

Police and Jewish Israeli officials were not available for comment during the Yom Kippur fast day.

On Sunday, a mosque in Bedouin village Tuba Zangaria in northern Israel was torched by a group of assailants, and Israeli police detained an 18-year-old in connection with the attack.

Police said they had set up a special task force to deal with the “price taggers,” Reuters reported, a reference to attacks on Palestinians by Israelis, usually settlers in the West Bank, in revenge for policies they oppose.

In 2005 a Jewish couple was charged for throwing a pig’s head into a Tel Aviv mosque in an attempt to derail Israel’s then pullout from the Gaza Strip which went ahead in August of that year.

In January this year, the Al-Aqsa Foundation said 20 graves in the historic Mamilla cemetery in West Jerusalem were damaged by Jewish extremists.

Around 20 percent, or 1.3 million people, of Israel’s population are of Palestinian origin.

They are largely the descendants of Palestinians that managed to remain during the 1948 war, when an estimated 700,000 were expelled from or fled their homes during fighting that would see the establishment of the state of Israel.

Rights groups say that Israelis of Palestinian origin face discrimination in employment, education and public funding within Israel.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

PSYWAR: The Fake Fall Of Tripoli And The Zionist Dragon’s Butchery Across Palestine II

The Zionist Dragon:
From Libya to Egypt,
Palestine and beyond,
the cruel creature wants
the world to burn under
its dominion.

by Jonathan Azaziah

Editor’s Note: WARNING – Photos in the second section of this essay are of extremely graphic nature. They have been included in this piece due to their unequivocal importance to the overall view of what the illegitimate Israeli regime has done to Gaza.

Prelude: In the first part of this series, the malignant Zionist propaganda surrounding the fall of Tripoli was picked apart, piece by piece, exposing the destructive, genocidal, brute force of NATO and its crimes against humanity on Libyan soil. This part, the series finale, will deal with the latest horror inflicted upon the occupied Gaza Strip, holy Al-Quds and occupied Al-Khalil as a result of Zionist intelligence shenanigans in the Egyptian Sinai. It will conclude on the world scale, where an Orwellian “utopia” is hoped to be erected on the ruins of Zionism’s greatest enemies…

Zionism’s ultimate
goal: Greater Israel,
from the Nile to the Tigris
and Euphrates rivers.

Palestine I: Israeli False Flag Sets Up Reoccupation Of The Sinai

The year is 1982. It was a tumultuous year for the Zionist dragon. It had invaded South Lebanon again, nine years after staring the Lebanese Civil War with its cruel assassination of three Palestinian Resistance leaders including beloved poet Kamal Nasir; the death squad was led by future Israeli Prime Minister and war criminal, Ehud Barak (56). And, in a decision coated in the deepest bitterness, it had to dismantle Yamit, an illegal extremist settlement in the occupied, resource-rich peninsula known as Sinai, effectively ending its 15-year occupation of the Egyptian territory. However, from the very moment that the Zionist dragon made this choice, it immediately set forth a plan to reclaim Sinai, for within the twisted framework of Zionist thought, this piece of Egyptian soil was part of ‘Greater Israel,’ the Zionist plan from the get-go; a Talmudic empire that would stretch across parts of Egypt, specifically those resting upon the Nile, all of Jordan, a large piece of Saudi Arabia, all of Kuwait, all of Lebanon, all of Syria, a massive part of Turkey up to Lake Van, all of Cyprus, and large chunks of Iraq (57).

The name of this plan was (is) ‘A Strategy For Israel In The 1980s,’ a nightmarish, frightening foreign policy study written by Oded Yinon, a former advisor to the Israeli foreign ministry with high-level contacts inside the Zionist military-intelligence establishment. The study appeared in a World Zionist Organization journal called Kivunim and its essential basis was that the usurping Israeli regime must systematically break down the greater majority of the Arab world into smaller, subservient-to-Zionism satellites through subversive, military and diplomatic means, so it will be much less arduous to annex these states into the Zionist empire when the time called for such action. At the zenith of the hitlist was Egypt and Yinon’s text clearly displays that the Camp David Accords which secured the Sinai in exchange for ‘peace’ with the unrecognizable, criminal Zionist entity, were simply a mechanism to regroup and prepare for the permanent reoccupation of Sinai. In fact, Yinon stresses that the Zionist regime will be forced to retake Sinai before balkanizing Egypt because the Egyptian military posed no significant threat to Zionism and would therefore be an easy victory if conflict became reality (58).

And since that fateful year of 1982 when Oded Yinon’s regional-domination plan was brought into being, the Zionist dragon has strenuously attempted to bring Egypt into conflict to conquer Sinai once more. It has used overt and brutal means, by gunning down more than 23 Egyptians in the era of now-toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak alone; each one of these victims were murdered by the criminal Tel Aviv regime in Sinai, illegally besieged Gaza or one of the border villages (59). It has also used covert means, operating at least 15 spy networks within Egypt since 1978 while using false flag terror to provoke communal war between Muslims and Christians in accordance with Yinon’s vision (60).

Israeli Terrorism:
a global brand. Its latest
stop is Egypt’s Sinai

But no attempt has been as brazen and beneficial to Israeli hegemony as the attack on an IOF military bus in Umm Rashrash (Eilat) on August 18th which left several Israeli soldiers and Egyptian security personnel dead. Tel Aviv blamed the assault on the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) in illegally besieged Gaza, but the PRC vehemently denied any involvement. The murderous Netanyahu government offered no proof of its claim against the Strip and it was so dubious to begin with, that even Israeli media rejected it as a “major deception (61).” In reality, the Sinai attack had all of the bearings of a Zionist false flag attack, like hundreds of other incidents perpetrated by Mossad, Shin Bet and Aman over the course of the Zionist entity’s existence, both large and small, regional and transnational (62). The ‘masked gunmen’ routine in Sinai strikingly resembles the modus operandi of Israeli military intel’s Mistaravim units, specifically the Duvdevan, Zionist terrorists who dress up like Arabs in order to terrorize Palestinians. These slippery killers were responsible for the murder of Palestinian-Jewish activist and director Juliano Mer-Khamis as well as other high-profile assassinations in the occupied West Bank (63).

The hasbara has swirled so far out of control since the August 18th attacks that Zionist military-intelligence circles and their journalistic conduits are now engaged in an active, vociferous cover-up to flush out their initial beacons of disinformation (64). Using the savagery being unleashed on Libya by NATO and its proxy army of Israeli-advised ‘rebels’ as a further deterrent, the Zionist dragon quietly moved into position on two fronts, military and diplomatic, to reclaim its lost ‘Greater Israel’ gem. Former head of the Israeli National Security Council, Uzi Dayan, stated outright that, “it is time for the Israeli army to take control inside Sinai (65).” IOF’s Edom Division has been upgraded with more enhanced surveillance equipment and armored units that will be ‘strung across the Egyptian border’ to fight ‘terrorist threats.’ Zionist war criminal and IOF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has re-labeled the Israeli-Egyptian border as ‘revised (66),’ dangerous Orwellian language that surely indicates greater Zionist plans for the territory.

Murdering innocents,
stealing Arab land,
disregarding all law,
the foundational
principles of the Zionist

Since the ouster of Egyptian dictator and Zionist puppet Hosni Mubarak, multiple false flag attacks on the Sinai pipeline, which criminally delivers Egyptian natural gas to the Zionist entity, have forced Egyptian police to abandon their posts, leaving Sinai wide open for the most ominous infiltration (read: Mossad and Aman). To secure its natural gas needs and to ‘protect its {undeclared, fabricated, forever-expanding} borders,’ the Zionist dragon has been heightening its rhetoric against Egypt and its ability to control the Sinai since the fall of Mubarak (67), perfectly setting the stage for the August 18th event. Just to remind the new Egyptian military junta who really controls Egypt’s sovereignty, Zionist war criminal and current Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak ‘approved’ the deployment of thousands of Egyptian soldiers into Sinai for ‘security reasons (68).’

Coupled with the strengthening of IOF’s Edom Division, the Egyptian military escalation in Sinai represents abrasive Zionist efforts to establish ‘facts on the ground.’ Over time, the Camp David Accords will be ‘revised’ as IOF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz so deceptively described the current state of the Israeli-Egyptian border. Under this revised treaty, there will be ‘integration’ between IOF and Egyptian forces. This integration will become amalgamation and then amalgamation, will become occupation. Occupation will then become colonization and Sinai will once again be part of the Zionist project. All the while, the Egyptian military junta will continue to appease the usurping Israeli regime at all costs to maintain its newfound power, which is immersed in fragility and based on how far its subservience to Zionist hegemony can stretch.

The Zionist media of course, made no mention of these developments or the increasingly likely possibility of an Israeli takeover in Sinai. Instead, it continued peddling its hasbara on Libya and throwing a ‘mask of Zion’ on the ungodly crimes of NATO and its proxy rebel army. With Libya in chaos and its clandestine Sinai agenda buried, the Zionist entity turned its attention to its favorite target nowadays, Hamas, ludicrously blaming the Gaza-based Resistance government for the Sinai false flag (69). And just like that, the bombing of the starving Gaza Strip where 91.4% of the children suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder thanks to Zionist monstrousness (70), began anew. Ehud Barak, who as aforementioned played a major role in pushing the Sinai agenda, barbarically stated that Gaza will be ‘decapitated (71).’ Bloodlust; the sickness that has kept the cruel Zionist dragon on life support since al-Nakba.

An infant victim
of the Zionist
dragon’s latest
Gaza onslaught.

Palestine II: Hell For The Indigenous… Again

Before the ink of the filthy hasbara had even dried on the usurping Israeli regime’s propagandistic papers and before the blood of sacrificial lambs in Sinai was absorbed by the blistering desert sand, Zionist warplanes and drones screamed over illegally besieged and occupied Gaza and bombed the world’s largest open air prison for something like the billionth time. Over the course of 5 days beginning on August 18th, under the cover of the fake fall of Libyan Tripoli and the fake terror attack in Umm Rashrash, the violent and criminal Zionist entity carried out 30 airstrikes against the helpless population of Gaza, murdering at least 14 Palestinians and wounding more than 41 others. Residential structures, government buildings, over 7 local NGOs, supermarkets and smaller family-owned grocery stores, a mosque, a fuel station, a school and a sewage pump station were badly damaged or destroyed. The sewage pump station, which was annihilated, serviced more than 130,000 Palestinian refugees in the Nusairat and al-Bureij camps (72).

As more bodies were pulled from the rubble after the unconscionable Israeli brutality, the casualty count rose to at least 15 Palestinians murdered and 60 wounded. Among the dead were two 2-year old children and a 13-year old child. Among the wounded were more than 9 children (73) The ‘bravery, morality and heroism’ of Zionist occupation forces on full display: ‘stopping terror’ one innocent Palestinian child at a time. Gaza is normally used by the marauding Israeli occupiers as a testing ground for its newest murder weapons and this time around was no different. Every Palestinian body that hit the hospital was torn apart and charred, in an almost unbelievable display of savagery, invoking memory of the genocidal slaughter of Operation Cast Lead (74). Dr. Ayman as-Sahbani, al-Shifa Hospital’s emergency ward chief, confirmed that bodies were burned beyond recognition and described the weapons as ‘new and more brutal than ever before.’ He also relayed that the Zionist entity deliberately targeted women, children and the elderly (75). Zionism as usual.

Illegally besieged
Gaza is where the
criminal Zionist
occupation forces test
out their new weapons.

Atrociously, and laughably, when the Gaza Resistance fired back at the criminal entity for its ritualistic and deranged massacre of Palestinians, in defense of the Strip, the criminal entity actually accused the Resistance of firing white phosphorus at Israel. And it did so by pathetically tampering with a rocket fired at Kerem Shalom, a Zionist colony (kibbutz) built in 1966 just before al-Naksa (76). This represented yet another psychological warfare operation to distribute throughout the Zionist media and enlarge the smokescreen that already surrounded global consciousness due to the fraudulent descent of Tripoli. Despite the Resistance factions in the Strip laying down their arms and agreeing to a ceasefire, the Zionist dragon had no such intention and the butchery deepened with the air raid murder of 65-year old elderly Palestinian Isma’il Amom. His body was dismally disfigured from the shrapnel released by Israeli bombs. A Resistance fighter from Islamic Jihad’s military wing, Al-Quds Brigades, was also assassinated when the Zionist regime targeted a civilian car in Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost point (77).

Another Palestinian
innocent ‘ripped
to shreds’ by the Zionist

Over the next 24 hours, the Zionist entity’s carnage hit a fever pitch as at least 11 Palestinians were massacred, bringing the death toll to over 30 in less than a week. The Toffah and al-Zaytun neighborhoods of Gaza City were heavily bombarded by Israeli F-16s and drones in the early morning hours, when many Palestinians are waking up for Fajr, Islam’s pre-dawn prayer (78). It is classic Zionist cowardice. The occupation forces are not only conducting the most heinous crimes against humanity but they are doing so when most of the population is barely awake, barely cognizant to fight back or save their families from the imminent death-from-above. A tense, apprehensive calm is present in occupied Gaza as August comes to a close, but not without another tragedy. 14-year old Beit Lahiya resident Haitham Ma’rouf succumbed to his Israeli-occupation-inflicted wounds on August 30th, after hanging on for 10 days in the Intensive Care Unit of Al-Shifa Hospital. Well over 100 Palestinians were terribly wounded in the latest Zionist onslaught against the besieged coastal enclave (79), and because of the malicious weaponry used by Israel, the death toll is expected to rise.

This young Palestinian
lost both of his hands
after the Zionist entity’s
carnage in the Strip.

The Zionist entity is committed to employing the ‘Dahiya Doctrine,’ the oppressive strategy utilized during the July 2006 war against Lebanon which murdered over 1,300 Lebanese, whenever it strikes Gaza for it genuinely believes that with each successive massacre, it will literally bend international law to its liking, changing the language so Zionist aggression is protected from a judicial perspective (80). In defiance of this supremacist barbarism, and the ridiculous Zionist media which is pouring out sensationalist stories of social ills in the Strip attributable to Hamas to direct Western eyes away from the criminal 5-year siege and Zionist crimes against humanity (81), the people of Gaza, remain inspiringly bright. As Israeli bombs penetrated civilian areas in Gaza, sheikhs tell those bravely attending the masjid (mosque) to donate to those suffering inexplicably in occupied Somalia (82). Others courageously console their younger siblings and children afflicted with lifelong injuries thanks to Zionism’s Operation Cast Lead (83). Gaza’s lifeguards attempt to provide a safe escape from the occupation by defending Palestinians on the beach from common, oceanic threats like riptide and deep water (84), a nice albeit brief change from white phosphorus and depleted uranium. This defiance is what keeps the gleaming spirit of Gaza alive.

Not content with its bloodbath in besieged Gaza, the Zionist regime opened up another military front in the occupied West Bank. The terror kicked off at the Al-Khalil home of Hassan Ali Darwish al-Qawasmi, where 8 armed Israeli military vehicles and around 40 IOF soldiers sealed off all entry points. IOF immediately began taking prisoners, including one man who was blindfolded and brutally beaten. Totally uncaring of the fact that women and babies were present in the home, IOF left behind an explosive device to demolish it. The blast was so massive that it damaged part of a neighbor’s home. IOF then fired tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters who were demonstrating against the demolition, leaving at least 1 dead and more than 30 wounded (85). Mask of Zion’s social networking sources have confirmed via Arabic news reports that at least 7 Palestinians were murdered in the demolition. Sadly, the Qawasmi family is no stranger to tragedy. Earlier this year, 65-year old Haj Omar al-Qawasmi was sadistically murdered by IOF in his Al-Khalil home. He was shot 13 times in the head and heart, as he slept (86). ‘Most moral army in the world,’ at its most barbarous.

Al-Khalil Brutalized:
home demolitions,
mass arrests, tear gas
and terror. This is
Zionism’s ‘democracy.’

Following the demolition, the terror spread throughout other corners of Al-Khalil as IOF launched its largest detention campaign in the city since 2003. Israeli militiamen invaded the villages of Dura, Surif, Beit Ula, Nuba, Yatta and As-Samu and arrested anyone who the vile, collaborationist Palestinian ‘Authority’ dubbed a ‘Hamas supporter.’ Over 100 Zionist military vehicles stormed the multiple villages from three directions and by the time the operation was over, at least 120 Palestinians had been illegally detained and carted off to Israeli dungeons. In Dura Village, Palestinian youth resisted the operation and occupation soldiers responded with rubber bullets, leaving at least one child wounded (87). Gaza was in ruins, again, and the occupied West Bank was rattling from the terror, but still, the Zionist dragon wasn’t satisfied. It opened up a third front: in occupied Al-Quds.

In the final week of Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month, the Zionist entity unleashed violence on worshipers inside the sacred Al-Aqsa Masjid, taking advantage of its ongoing slaying spree in illegally besieged Gaza and the brutality across the occupied West Bank. On August 23rd, in one of the worst attacks in recent memory, Israeli occupation forces invaded the holy mosque and brutalized those inside. Tear gas, stun grenades and the infamous ‘skunk’ water were fired upon thousands of Palestinian worshipers as Zionist brigades mounted on horses whipped those trying to escape the violence, leaving more than 7 beaten, humiliated and wounded. Dozens were hospitalized with breathing difficulty after the tear gas assault. At least four Palestinians were arrested for simply demanding their universal human right of freedom to worship (88).

This is by no means an isolated incident. Every year, thousands of Palestinians are denied entry into Al-Quds and for those who do manage to enter, they are denigrated for hours on end at criminal, inhumane checkpoints (89). Men under the age of 45 and women under 35 are not permitted by the Israeli occupation tyranny to enter Al-Aqsa (90). How there are still voices who would dare speak of the Zionist entity in glowing terms, as if it was a ‘democracy,’ is astonishing beyond words.

the ‘Arab island’
of hasbara; a
shadowy breeding
ground for Zionist propaganda.

And where was Qatar’s Al Jazeera, ‘shimmering beacon of journalistic integrity,’ throughout the three-front butchery and abuse waged by the Zionist dragon in occupied Palestine? It was covering the events for sure, but from the Israeli perspective, giving a platform to the biased hasbaraniks of the Zionist occupation military as per the GCC agenda of furthering Israeli regional objectives while ignoring the Palestinian perspective entirely (91). Al Jazeera disgustingly blamed Hamas for ‘breaking the ceasefire’ despite days of maddening Israeli bombardments and civilian deaths in besieged Gaza (92). Despicable? Absolutely. Shocking? Not even close. It cannot be said enough that Al Jazeera is nothing more than the Arab wing of the Zionist media, created and run by personalities with pro-Israel leanings who have buried hundreds of stories exposing Zionist crimes since 2004 alone (93). What about Human Rights Watch (HRW), an organization prominent in its attacks on Libya and Syria? Al Jazeera was vocal with a Likudnik twist, but HRW was completely silent on atrocities in the Strip and the ruthless suppression in occupied Al-Khalil and Al-Quds, most likely to please its many Zionist donors (94).

Three cities in occupied Palestine, all of which are ghetto-prisons already experiencing daily hardship under the tyrannical occupation, terrorized by the usurping Israeli entity and their pain was drowned out in silence. Sinai, manipulated through Zionist false flags, stands on the brink of reoccupation. All of this for ‘Greater Israel,’ all of this disguised by the fake fall of Tripoli. All of this… is just the beginning.

Greater Israel is only Phase I
for the Zionist criminal
network. The entire
globe is Phase II.

Conclusion: Goodbye Regional War, Hello WW3

Now for elephantine question number one: ‘where are we now?’ The people of besieged Gaza are not only reeling from the newest dreadful batch of Zionist crimes against humanity, but are also still psychologically recovering from the blackout forced upon them in the beginning of August by Israeli military bulldozers. For 18 hours, Palestinians in the Strip were cut off from the outside world, leaving them horrified of an impending Zionist attack. While the damage was reportedly fixed, Israeli domination of the Gaza telecom sector remains and the occupation still has the power to turn the Strip on and off like a light-switch (95); also, the network was ruined again in the airstrikes of the Zionist entity’s week-long ‘Ramadan massacre.’ In a piece of relatively good news, the first ever African humanitarian aid convoy, the Africa 1, has reached occupied Gaza with desperately-needed supplies (96). Due to the Zionist siege however, a glum health crisis still remains, with close to 400 medicines totally out of stock or depleted and many Palestinian medical patients on the brink of death (97).

The Zionist entity has deployed two more warships into the Red Sea, right on the Egyptian-Israeli line, in a blatant military provocation. IOF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has also authorized even further upgrade measures for Zionist ground forces on the entire territorial border between Israeli-governed occupied Palestine and Sinai (98). It is this coastal, resource-heavy peninsula that will be aeons away from the Zionist mainstream media’s cameras over the coming months. Reports from Israeli intelligence sources and alternative media stalwarts will trickle in as they have a knack for doing but the bigger picture will remain swept under the rug like crumbs from dinner. This sort of ignorant atmosphere is what the Zionist dragon thrives on; for when nobody is watching, it moves across the board with swiftness and deadliness, initiating checkmate.

Libya is being
mutilated by the
forces of the US and
EU, all for the benefit
of the Zionist entity.

Libya, considered to be the ‘Switzerland of Africa’ with free schools, free health care and an excellent women’s rights record second to none in MENA prior to the demonic NATO bombing (99), is now in the throes of uncompromising bloodletting and war. The Israeli-advised proxy rebels of NATO are on a racist rampage in Tripoli, leaving behind dozens of dead black Libyans, gagging them and mutilating them before dropping them on the side of the road. A Gaza-like medical crisis is unfolding with each passing millisecond as NATO bombed a government-funded oxygen production plant, leaving hospitals shattered and helpless during a time of war (100). Nothing compares to this deliberate act of state terrorism excluding the criminal NATO bombing of the Great Manmade River. The continuous NATO bombing has turned Tripoli topsy-turvy; the Libyan capital city is facing drastic shortages in electricity and water, medicine and gasoline (101).

The CIA has recruited over 1,500 fighters from occupied Afghanistan’s fourth largest city, Mazar-e-Sharif, to fight alongside the NATO proxy rebels in the growing war of attrition with the Libyan Resistance. The agency is also extending its already-present policy of funding the rebels and arming them (102). In putrid accordance with ‘western values,’ Britain’s SAS is patrolling the streets in death squad fashion, hunting down Muammar Qaddafi in coordination with MI6. SAS agents are dressed and armed like rebels to maintain the farcical (and now massively absurd) ‘no boots on the ground’ narrative (103). Parading around as Arabs is a prominent tactic of the previously discussed Mistaravim units of IOF, a tactic that SAS must have learned from the close, brotherly cooperation that has manifested exponentially between Israeli and British intelligence since the 1970s through Zionist spymaster and international war criminal Raphael Eitan (104). The flagrance and lawlessness of NATO and Zionism has once again ‘exceeded expectations.’

Does this look
like “freedom” to you?
Have these four Zionist
stooges “liberated” Libya?

Waging war against Libya was the first operation of AFRICOM, the Zionist-occupied United States government’s military command for Africa, where several operations in the Sahel-Sahara region are planned and the training of troops has already commenced (105). Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi refused to join AFRICOM and boldly attempted to undermine it from an intelligence angle by financing an all-Africa telecom-satellite project that would end the NATO allies’ domination of the continent (106). Qaddafi’s brave rejectionist stance regarding AFRICOM is why NATO has been just as unrelentingly brutal in its siege of Libya as it is in occupied Afghanistan. The body count in Tripoli is rising by the day and thousands upon thousands are already dead from NATO’s aggression (107), in an eerie echo of the opening years of the massacre-laden invasion of Iraq. In Sirte, Muammar Qaddafi’s hometown, an utterly devastating situation has unfolded. NATO has crushed the city to rubble and committed yet another massacre. Women and children are trapped inside by British, Qatari, French and UAE special operatives and men who attempt to fight back are shot on sight. NATO warplanes and drones remain in the air, bombing nonstop (108).

In what is a sign of things to come, the illegal rebel leadership has invited Raphael Luzon, the leader of the staunchly Zionist Libyan-Jewish community in Britain, back to Libya so he could run for public office. Luzon’s primary goals would be to bring Israeli Libyans, who now live on ethnically cleansed and illegally occupied Palestinian land, back to Libya, restoring Jewish assets and partaking in the reconstruction of Libya after NATO is finished ripping it shreds (109). As it was discussed in the first part of this series, based on a policy study from the powerful Chatham House think tank, the privatization and neoliberalization of Libya were high on the list for the Zionist globe holders and it is now clear that Raphael Luzon will be the usurping Israeli regime’s agent in bringing this economic storm of hellfire to the Libyan people. And despite the refreshing fact that every myth about the rancorous blitz against Libya has now been scholarly and mercilessly debunked, those portraying themselves as ‘anti-imperialist’ and ‘anti-war’ continue buying into every word spat out by the Zionist media (110). This is most unfortunate, because the real heroes of this conflict, the magnificently valorous Libyan soldiers who are fighting the Zionist-designed Western aggression with all of their heart, have been cast out as villains when the real malevolence lies with the treasonous, Benghazi-based rebels (111).

The Zionist
New World Order;
no independent
nation-state is safe.

And now, for elephantine question number two: ‘where do we go from here?’ Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and Five Star US General Wesley Clark has the jaw-dropping answer. In an infamous 2007 interview, Clark tells of an incident shortly after 9/11 in which he was given a memo from the office of the Secretary of Defense, an institution that at the time was purely dominated by subversive, fanatical Zionists with deep ties to the Zionist lobby and the Likudnik Israeli government and who were hellbent on demolishing the Middle East to foment the creation of ‘Greater Israel (112),’ and in this memo, 7 Muslim countries were named to be invaded and overthrown. The 7 countries listed were Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally, the Islamic Republic of Iran (113). It must also be noted that without the Mossad false flag attack on September 11th, 2001, such a memo never would have been drawn up. Mossad’s criminal action on that day turned the Middle East into the Zionist entity’s personal playground of destruction, allowing it to wage the Orwellian and genocidal ‘war on terror (114).’

This 7-country plan, undoubtedly a product of the Wolfowitz-Feith-Shulsky axis, has astonishingly come quite close to fruition. Libya, as documented in this series, has been brutalized and will never be the same again, even if the Libyan Resistance is victorious over the Israeli-NATO-backed rebels. The African nation of Sudan, rich in oil in its southern region, has been cracked in half, its unity split and destroyed. The Zionist dragon’s military-intelligence apparatuses designed this balkanization, instigated it, funded the players and from Uganda to Ethiopia, it still maintains agents and assets to uphold the new fragmented Sudanese status quo (115).

Like flies flocking to feces, Israel has already entered the new, fabricated nation-state of ‘South Sudan.’ The deceptive and dangerous IsraAID, backed by Zionist lobby organizations like the American Jewish Committee and United Jewish Appeal, is on the ground (116). The newly-created Zionist puppet state has opened its doors to Israeli companies to do business in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure, security and medicine, business worth hundreds of millions of dollars. South Sudan views this gesture as gratitude for the Zionist dragon’s committed military and intelligence support to its ‘rebellion (117).’ And now, to make the relationship between South Sudan and Zionism legitimate and known worldwide, full diplomatic relations have been established between the two entities so Tel Aviv can officially take control of South Sudan’s oil-rich economy (118). Sudan as the Arab-Muslim world once knew it, is not only gone, it is dead.

Iraq has been
demolished by
the Zionist criminal
network through
Mossad and
its sayanim that
run Western foreign

Iraq? Annihilated. 2.5 million dead according to official Iraqi government figures (119), 5 million refugees (internal and external), 5 million children orphaned, thousands of tons of depleted uranium from bombings and Mossad false flags stuck in the holy soil, inflicting it with contamination, 80% with no access to sanitation, 43% live in abject poverty, 70% unemployed (120); the list could go on and on, stretching across the solar system. Iraq, once first world and the jewel of Arabia, is now just shattered glass and a shell of its former beauty.

And Somalia? Locked in a round of insanity and chaos as US-backed AU-UN occupation forces wage NATO-style warfare on the Somali Resistance, killing droves of innocent Somalis in the process. The peace that emerged in 2006 was stolen by this unlawful occupation under ‘humanitarian’ pretext and the famine and drought that have emerged as a result of this criminality are being used as weapons against the Somali people. The CIA has unequivocally penetrated Somali society and drone bombings are a frequent occurrence. With Zionist-dominated Western banks and oil kleptocorps chomping at the bit to get a piece of Somalia as they have been doing for decades, Somalia is on the brink of being invaded yet again under the banner of Zionist war criminal Barack Obama’s ‘Atrocities Prevention Board (121).’ Neutralized is the intelligence buzz word that would apply to the horror brought upon Somalia.

Syria is also on the radar of the Atrocities Prevention Board and the Arab nation of Resistance has been on the world stage in recent months, fighting an international conspiracy to drive Bashar al-Assad to the gallows and the Syrian government into the arms of Zionist hands. The Zionist entity, its US-EU gallery of puppets and its partner in crime, the House of Saud, have pushed Syria to the very brink with a destabilization operation known as the ‘Syrian Revolution,’ due to the fact that this criminal network’s overt means of provocation have failed over the last decade (122). Nicolas Sarkozy, chief asset of the Zionist entity’s subversion operations in Europe, has stated that France and its partners will do “everything possible” to end the reign of President Bashar al-Assad and he further added that, “the powers in Damascus would be wrong to think they are protected by the people (123).” This is Orwellian for ‘no matter what your people may think, we, the West, the overlords, will remove you when we see fit.’ An Israeli-NATO plan is in place, a replica of the ‘Libya Model,’ to trigger regime change in Syria (124).

Zionism wants
Syria and Lebanon
out of the way to
set the stage for
a showdown with Iran.

Lebanon is the only nation of the Zionist 7-country plan that has relatively escaped, despite some desperate attempts from the usurping Israeli regime to inaugurate its destruction. It is only because of the unity of the people and the dignity of the righteous Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, Hezbollah, that the Lebanese nation remains standing in its own sovereignty and not another extremist colony of ‘Greater Israel.’ Hence, why the Zionist dragon and its allies have attempted to take down Syria first before redirecting their attention to Lebanon. The hasbara of the Zionist think tanks is in full effect as the new strategy is to generate a three-way wedge between Syria, Iran and Hezbollah (125). The Zionist media is also working romantically with the House of Saud’s media empire to coordinate hasbara against Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran and therefore, coordinate division (126).

Iran itself is fighting subversion, espionage, assassinations, economic warfare, assassinations, cyber terror, an all-out Mossad infiltration of its borders and Zionist-funded paramilitary groups like the MEK, a cruel Marxist cult that has murdered thousands of Iranian innocents (127). The path of the Zionist 7-country plan ends in Persia and it has long been the desire of the puppetmasters in Tel Aviv and Herzliya to conquer the Islamic Republic of Iran by any means available, even if it is more prolonged because time is taken to remove Iran’s allies, Syria and Hezbollah (128). As grand as this bloodthirsty, imperial scheme may be, this is not where the Zionist dragon wants to stop. The Zionist dragon will not be not happy until the entire world is its grasp.

The Zionist
criminal network
wants to rule the
world, with ‘Israel’ as
the capital.

The 7-country plan is part of an even larger agenda; the ultimate agenda; the Zionist New World Order. And the core of this agenda is pitting Islam against Christianity, destroying both in an ensuing, global bloodbath, with the Zionist criminal network and its Talmudic elders picking up the ashes and rebuilding it into what Rabbi Michael Higger, a rabid, racist Zionist from Texas, calls the “Jewish Utopia.” A paradisaical empire where goyim (non-Jews) are absolutely ruled by a rabbinical elite, who will be the judge, jury and executioner of the ‘Universal State (129).’ For this to be achieved, the evil geopolitical masterpiece of globalist kingpin Zbigniew Brzezinski known as ‘The Grand Chessboard,’ a doctrine that prominently features the mission of crumbling Russia and China, must be slightly modified. The foundational basis of the doctrine is there, but the specifications of destructive reasoning are not. Russia and China must be reduced to shards because both nations represent the next generation of anti-Western, Islamic-Christian prospering.

Vladimir Putin has called Russia “the most reliable partner of the Islamic world and the most faithful defender of its interests (130).” China has always had strong, historical ties to Islam; more than 1,200 years worth. Islam is so deeply embedded in China that a Chinese-Islamic subculture has formed and Chinese Muslims, Chinese Muslim women in particular, are playing a greater leadership role in their local communities. The Chinese government supports this growth and there are many Islamic colleges that are government-run (131). China’s Muslim population is growing by the day and by 2030, it is expected to be the 19th-largest in the world (132). The Zionist entity seeks to curb this growth and has been heavily engaged in diplomatic courtship with China over the last several years, expanding military, security and political ties. Surveillance, drone tech, intelligence gathering are all part of this courtship, along with Israeli armaments and homeland security systems. The Zionist entity now has China using the same biometric identification tech that it uses to repress Palestinians in the occupied West Bank (133). In other words, the Zionist entity has access to China’s population records, i.e. Chinese Muslims and Chinese anti-Zionist activists.

Boris Berezovsky:
the Zionist oligarch
that wants Vladimir
Putin and his children

It is no secret that Vladimir Putin has been engaged in a quiet war with the Russian-Jewish oligarchy that controls Russia’s media and energy. This Zionist oligarchy has openly financed Putin’s opposition and openly discussed his overthrow. Putin has fought back, exiling and imprisoning them (134). Putin stripped the oligarchy of as much wealth as he could find but it wasn’t enough and exile hasn’t stopped their activities against the Russian leader which are now being coordinated from the Zionist entity. Boris Berezovsky, quite possibly the most prominent Russian-Jewish oligarch, has held clandestine meetings with the Mossad, CIA and Jewish representatives of the oligarchy and discussed regime change in Russia via destabilization or the assassination of Putin. Berezovsky has even suggested murdering Putin’s daughters as a warning and he worked in unison with the CIA to destabilize the Ukraine in 2005 as a preliminary attack on Russia. These plans have full blessing from Tel Aviv (135). As expected, the Zionist media and neoconservative think tanks have painted Putin as ‘anti-Semitic’ for warring with these corrupt elements (136).

When the oligarchy’s plots failed and Putin emerged triumphant, the Zionist-globalist power nexus invoked the military option. The Brzezinski ambition came close to reality in 2008 during the South Ossetia conflict, in which the NATO-CIA puppet regime of Georgia, run by Mikhail Saakashvili, whose rise to power was financed and guided by internationalist Zionist war criminal George Soros, invaded South Ossetia and massacred thousands of innocents inside the tiny territory, including Russian peacekeepers, provoking a war with Russia that violently teetered on the brink of World War III (137). Georgia is an ardent ally of the Zionist entity, which has provided military training and arms to the Caucasus state and has invested more than $1.5 billion in Georgian projects, including a pipeline that would extend to occupied Palestine to provide Israel with energy (138).

To achieve a
“Jewish Utopia,”
the Zionist dragon
must divide Muslims
and Christians, triggering
oblivion in the aftermath.

The South Ossetia fiasco did not achieve the desired result however and when it didn’t, the Zionist criminal network reverted to the shadows and a Mossad-Saudi-CIA operations team was formed to conduct false flags inside Russia, with the primary target being Moscow. Chechen Muslims were to be used as patsies, as per the Zionist regime’s successful Dragon Policy in Pakistan (139), igniting a wave of Islamophobia in Russia (140), turning the Russian people against Iran and their government for being so staunchly supportive of Islamic causes and fomenting the final stage of an Islamic-Christian clash that would only strengthen the cause for a “Jewish Utopia.” Is the pattern illuminated now? Is the blood that drips in innocence from the walls of sovereign nations shattered… illuminated… now?

Yesterday’s victims were occupied Iraq, Sudan and occupied Afghanistan. Today’s victims are occupied Libya and occupied Palestine. Tomorrow’s victims will be Lebanon, Iran, Russia and China. And in the crossfire already are Syria, occupied Somalia, occupied Kashmir, Pakistan and Yemen. The Zionist dragon’s 2011 stratagem was not only meant to advance its militaristic and geopolitical goals, it was not only meant for conquest. It was meant to break those who seek the truth, fight for the oppressed, demand justice and speak for the voiceless into countless fragments, dividing the ranks so badly that the real enemy can no longer be seen in the fog. The psychological warfare is so dense that the dream state now seems insurmountable. If only the dream could be recognized for the fallacious nightmare that it is. If only those fighters could awaken. It is sorrowful that by the time that their sleep is indeed broken by their sense of smell, the scent will not be of cliched coffee, but of multiple nations, Muslim and Christian, burning and rotting from the Zionist dragon’s flames.

~ End Of Part II, End Of Series ~

PSYWAR: The Fake Fall Of Tripoli And The Zionist Dragon’s Butchery Across Palestine I

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Part 1

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

The Split

From the Book

RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War
Contributed By William T. Hathaway
Published by Trine Day

Stan and Hannah Cooper are friends of mine from college days. Both are Jewish, but they have diametrically opposed views about Israel, and their differences have become so bitter that they’ve decided to divorce. As the three of us talked about this, it became clear that their dispute is a microcosm of the conflict that is tearing the Jewish community apart and also destroying lives in an increasingly large part of the world.

William:Your differences must have become quite serious if you’ve decided to end your marriage after all these years.

Stan:Well, these are very serious issues. If you take the Holocaust seriously, you have to support Israel. And Hannah doesn’t. If she has her way, if the people she supports come to power in Israel and the USA, they’ll stop resisting the terrorists and become holier than thou pacifists while the Arabs push the Jews into the sea and blow up half the USA. Then the pacifists will cry about what a tragedy it all is.

Well, I’m not going through another tragedy. I’m not going to see America and Israel destroyed because we didn’t have the courage to stand up to fanatics. I’m not going to have our generation go through something like our grandparent’s went through. Once is enough, once was way too many, and now we finally have to defend ourselves.

Hannah:No way am I in favor of pushing the Jews into the sea. Whenever we talk about this, you exaggerate my position. You get very thin skinned and go into your attack mode.

Stan:Yeah, I admit, I and lots of other Jews are thin skinned about this issue. But when you think about how many Jewish skins got stretched over lampshades not so long ago, it’s understandable that we might feel a tad oversensitive. My grandmother’s brother, my great uncle, got gassed in Auschwitz. And her cousin got shot in the neck in Sachsenhausen.

Hannah:You know I lost family too. They didn’t even make it to the concentration camps. They were murdered in the Kiev ghetto by the German SS. I’m not playing this down. I’ve got relatives in Israel just like you do, and I don’t want them killed. But the Zionists have tunnel vision about this issue. They focus just on one part of it —preventing another Holocaust, no matter what. But I’m convinced that what the Zionists are doing now is making another Shoah more likely. Their moral compass has got thrown off by the trauma they went through. It’s making them do things that violate the basic principles of Jewish ethics. The moral sensitivity, the qualities that make me most proud to be a Jew are getting destroyed by these Israeli militarists.

Stan:Self defense isn’t unethical. The Torah never said lie down and let people kill you. We have to survive. If we’re attacked, we have to fight back. Hannah pooh-poohs anti-Semitism, says it’s not so bad anymore, don’t be paranoid. But the fact is it’s getting much stronger, and that’s world-wide.

I’ll give you an example of something that happened to me just last year. I walked into my high school classroom one morning, and someone had written “Jews are dog shit” on the board. Some students were already in the room, and they all said it was there when they got there. I erased it, but next day it was there again, “Jews are dog shit.” Nobody saw who did it, or so they claimed. It kept happening, couple of times a week. The students still played dumb. I thought they really knew who was doing it, but I couldn’t prove it. I’d get there early, trying to catch them at it, but never could. I asked the janitors to check the room, but I don’t think they actually did. They didn’t really care.

One night about ten o’clock the doorbell rang at home. I opened the door, and a fire was burning on the front porch, a brown paper bag going up in flames. The porch is wood. I was afraid the whole house would catch fire. When I stomped out the blaze, I found out the bag was filled with dog shit, got it all over my shoes.

Next morning I go into the classroom, and on the board is “Jews house burn like dog shit.” Students just sitting there. And of course whoever did it didn’t even make it grammatical, and it was an English class.

I asked the police to watch the house, but they said they didn’t have the manpower for that. All I could do was get new smoke alarms, install motion detectors, leave lights burning all night in the yard, and increase the fire insurance on the house. Do you know what it’s like trying to fall asleep in a house that might burn down any night? I was afraid to take sleeping pills because I might not hear the smoke alarm. I was a wreck, and nobody gave a damn. Not even you, Hannah. You said it was just a prank.

Hannah:I said it was a vicious prank. But no, I didn’t think they’d actually burn down the house. They’d already achieved what they were after —they’d made your life miserable.

Stan:Well, Jews are tired of having their lives made miserable. Far worse anti-Semitic attacks than this are happening all over the world. The neo-Nazis are on the rise in Germany. Jews get beaten up in Russia. Synagogues in Paris and Rome have to be guarded by the police. All this proves that the Jews need a secure homeland, a place they can go where they’ll be safe.

And seeing how most of the world doesn’t give a damn if Israel lives or dies, that changed me. I stopped being a left-winger when I saw how they fawn over the Palestinians. They make excuses for al-Qaeda. They defend Iran. And they oppose the only progressive, democratic country in the Mideast. Left-wingers have lost whatever meaning they ever had, so I’m not one of them anymore. Their policies will destroy our freedoms.

Hannah:Our freedoms are being destroyed now under capitalism. They don’t apply to everyone anymore, only to those who don’t rock the boat. You remember what happened to that client of mine?

Stan:Right. The Arab again.

William:What happened?

Hannah:He was an agricultural science student from Morocco and spoke at an anti-war demonstration here on campus, everything legal and peaceful. The police photographed him and got the university to let them examine their file photos of foreign students. The cops identified him and searched his dormitory room, where they found a Koran, prayer rug, some ammonium fertilizer, and several Arabic language magazines, one of which had a picture of Osama bin Laden. They confiscated his computer and found he had the al-Jazeera website bookmarked and had written e-mails to people in Morocco with insulting comments about the American president. They searched his car and found a timer from a clothes dryer. And with that they arrested him for violating the Patriot Act. Front page story in the paper: “Terror Suspect Arrested, Bomb Materials Found.”

It turned out the fertilizer was for a research project he was doing, measuring plant growth rates with different types of ammonium. He had just a small amount, not enough to make a real bomb even if he’d wanted to. He took me to the greenhouse and showed me the project — twenty little pots of plants and charts for how much they’re growing.

He was working in a coin laundry near the campus, doing everything from cleaning up to simple repairs. The timer on one of the dryers was broken, so he’d taken it out. He couldn’t fix it, so he called the main office, and they told him to bring it in and they’d give him a new one. He put it in his car, where the cops found it.

They had no case at all, and it wasn’t hard to convince the district attorney of that. The university confirmed his research project, an explosives expert confirmed that the amount of fertilizer was too small, and the laundry company confirmed they’d told him to bring in the broken timer.

The DA told the cops he was going to drop the charges, but they said they had an additional lead and needed another search warrant. They got it, and when they searched his room this time, they “found” cocaine.

This student was a devout Muslim, not the cocaine type at all, very traditional and old fashioned, like yeshiva school boys used to be. I’m one hundred percent certain the cops planted the drugs. They were determined to get him on something. He was an Arab speaking out against the war and saying unflattering things about the president. That meant he was an enemy and had to be got rid of.

The DA didn’t want to believe the city’s finest would set someone up, but he did offer that if the student turned in his visa and left the country in two weeks, he’d drop the charges.

I hated to go along with this deal, but I knew the kid didn’t have a chance of getting a fair trial. He agreed and told me terrible stories about how other students had treated him. He left the USA bitter at having his education snatched away from him because of ignorant prejudice.

Stan:Like I said at the time, I’m glad you helped the guy. You saved him from jail. And all pro bono.

I think it’s terrible when innocent people get swept up in all this. But what about all the innocent Israelis who are dying and the three thousand innocent Americans in 9-11? You don’t seem to care about them.

Hannah:This idea that Israelis and Americans are innocent victims of terrorists is a myth. It’s created to justify our aggression. Just like the belief that Islamic fundamentalists are the main terrorists in the world. It’s Orwell’s Big Lie. The USA and Israel started this battle. We’ve been abusing the Arabs in all sorts of ways for decades. We’re the main terrorists. For every American killed in 9-11, we’ve already killed a hundred Muslims, and more every day. It’s the same in Israel.

The targets of 9-11 were soldiers in the Pentagon and financial managers in the World Trade Center. Both those groups are terrorists, just a subtler kind of terror. We don’t see it that way here, we just reap the benefits. We’re conditioned to think of that as normal. But what the global poor suffer under our corporations and the International Monetary Fund and World Bank is economic terror. And what they suffer under military dictatorships supported by the Pentagon is physical terror.

Even things that seem harmless to us like missionaries, pop music and movies become a form of cultural terrorism in a traditional society. The garbage that Hollywood is pouring into those countries is debasing their culture, just like it has ours. We’re used to it, but they don’t want to get used to it.

When Muslims fight back against us, we label them terrorists. But terrorism means intentionally killing innocent civilians, and the financial manipulators and Pentagon officers aren’t innocent.

But no one deserves to be killed, innocent or not. Bombing anybody is barbaric and abhorrent. The USA and Israel are dropping bombs all the time, though, and the civilians they kill are just collateral damage to them. If we do it, we have to expect that people will do it to us. Violence creates counter-violence.

From the Arab point of view, the Israelis are invaders, millions of Europeans who are pushing them off their land. It’s like what happened in America. Millions of Europeans poured in and pushed out the people who were living here. The natives defended themselves by attacking white wagon trains and settlements, killing everyone they could — men, women and children. The whites called them terrorists, savages.

Now the Arabs are fighting back. But like the Indians, their weapons aren’t nearly as powerful as the Europeans’. What was it Mike Davis said? “The car bomb is the poor man’s air force.” The rich have Stealth bombers, the poor have Toyota Corollas, both filled with explosives. The bombers are a lot bigger and kill many more people.
One of the reasons the Western powers supported the formation of Israel was that they thought the Arabs were passive, they wouldn’t defend themselves. But they’ve surprised us. They may win.

Stan:William, as a Gentile, you can’t imagine how offensive it is to me to hear drivel like this, especially from a fellow Jew … and one I’m married to.

William:You’re right, I probably can’t.

Hannah:I’m not singling out the Jews with this. They’re no worse than any other European group. Western civilization has produced more violence than any other. Our history is a chronicle of atrocities. From the Romans on, it’s been ghastly. We make Genghis Khan look like a pacifist. That’s why I think our day is passing — we’ve harmed too many other peoples, and now we deserve to go under.

But what breaks my heart is that before this the Jews hadn’t been cruel and militaristic. We were peaceful. But we’ve became just as vicious as the goyim. What a loss! Now it’s obvious that the diaspora was a blessing. We were freed of the disease of nationalism. Now we’re dying of it.

I admit that after what they’d been through, it was understandable that the Zionists would feel they needed their own country and it should be around Jerusalem. They grew up reading in the Torah that God personally gave them that land. They’re convinced it’s theirs forever. And every Passover they vow, ‘Next year in Jerusalem.’ They’re fixated on this area, even though it hasn’t been theirs for two thousand years.

But the fact that it’s understandable doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t justify what they’ve done to the Arabs to get the land. Their own suffering has blinded them to the suffering they’re causing others. That’s what makes it so tragic.

There are hundreds of ethnic groups in the world that don’t have their own country. But if we needed our own, the land should have been taken from the Germans. That would’ve been fair. The Arabs didn’t have anything to do with the Holocaust or with the expulsion by the Romans.

For the Zionists, Israel was a wonderful dream — a place where Jews could be safe and our culture could flourish. But it’s a terrible reality — war and the oppression of another people.

William:Do you see any way out?

Hannah:Well, I do. But this could be just wishful thinking, trying to see a glimmer of good in all this grief. It seems to me that this horrible insoluble dilemma is generating a crux of pressure, a desperate energy that may be able to spring humanity into its next stage.

Stan:And what might that be? Pray tell.

Hannah:I know this sounds grandiose and impossible, but so have a lot of major shifts in human development right before they happened. I’m hoping this is the start of our species finally outgrowing its need for group identities. Having all these groups — familial, tribal, ethnic, national — leads to battles. But now we may be getting ready to view humanity as one unified group. We could be going through the birth pains of a new era in which we realize the whole world is our family.

This terrible knot of problems in Israel/Palestine comes from group identities — religion, ethnicity, nationalism. It seems to be a knot that can’t be untangled, so we’ll have to cut through it. We’ll have to start cutting loose from these identities, leaving them behind, dismantling the structures, stop thinking of ourselves as Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians, get beyond the whole deadly game of separation. This might be a long, slow process, but now is the time to start. Every step we can make in that direction will help. There’s no other way out.

The problems around Jerusalem are really a microcosm of the problems of the world. Since they’re most intense there, that’s where the breakthrough can happen. Whatever we can do to reduce the separating identities — tear down national boundaries, dissolve ethnicity, eliminate the gap between rich and poor — will bring us closer to being a human family. I’m not saying do away with differences, just divisions.

The separations have developed out of fear, because primitive life was such a struggle and humans felt so weak and vulnerable. They needed groups to survive. But now we’re at another level, and the groups have become a threat to our survival. We need to leave them behind before we can have world peace. The horrors of the Mideast could be forcing us all to this new evolutionary step.

Stan:Hosanna, Hannah! Praise the Lord! Very convincing. You’re good at arguments. That’s why you’re a good attorney. Too bad you’re not a divorce lawyer — we could save a bundle.

But the end result of all this idealism is that Israel goes down the tubes.

Hannah:Maybe so, as the first of many obsolete nations to fall apart and evolve into something more humane — a world family.

“The Split” is a chapter from RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War, whichpresents the experiences of war resisters, deserters, and peace activists in the USA, Europe, Iraq, and Afghanistan.Other chapters are posted on a page of the publisher’s website at

William T. Hathawayis an adjunct professor of American studies at the University of Oldenburg in Germany.His previous book, SUMMER SNOW, tells of an American warrior in Central Asia who falls in love with a Sufi Muslim and learns from her an alternative to the military mentality. His other books include A WORLD OF HURT (Rinehart Foundation Award) and CD-RING. A selection of his writing is available at

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