Action Alert: Palestinian Declaration

PLEASE SIGN THIS DECLARATION IF YOU AGREE WITH ITS CONTENTS:  (send Hahida Izzat  your name and country if you approve)

Palestinian Declaration

An invitation to ALL Palestinians and their supporters to unite under the banner of LIBERATION, affirming our alienable rights and clarifying our aims and aspirations to ourselves and to the world
For the sake of historical truth, and for defending, preserving and protecting the rights of future Palestinian children, we present this document:
  • Whereas, no foreign government, international institution or individual, has any form of legitimacy or jurisdiction to dispossess any other Nation by distributing their land and property,
  • Whereas, all colonial dealings regarding Palestine, whether by the “League of Nations” or the subsequent land confiscations by British colonial forces, as well as coerced transactions by early Zionists, did not invalidate the irrefutable fact that Palestine is the sole indigenous representative of all people of Palestine, settled and anchored culturally to the land since time immemorial,
  • Whereas, the religious component of Palestine’s cultural heritage is the central heritage for 31% of people who are Christians, 23 % who are Muslims, and  0.2 % who are Jews. Therefore, Jewish Zionists arguably attempted to usurp and destroy the heritage of almost 55% of humankind, namely Christians and Muslims, contrary to historical Palestinian society, known for its social cohesion, irrespective of religion, and for protecting all monuments and all worshipers of all faiths, prior to the Jewish-zionist invasion,
  • Whereas, we the Palestinian Nation, the sole indigenous people of historic Palestine, had neither been consulted with, nor did we agree to or undersign any partition of our homeland, Palestine, when the UN put partition to the vote in the General Assembly in 1948. The UN has never done so again,
  • Whereas, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution (181) recommending the adoption and implementation of the Partition Plan, allocating to “Israel” a defined area significantly smaller than the areas was overridden by Zionist Terror groups such as Irgun and Haganah, using ethnic cleansing, genocidal massacres, and massive destruction of over 530 Biblical villages and cities in the spring of 1948,
  • Whereas, the admission of “Israel” to the UN was conditional on its implementation of Resolutions 194, i.e., ceasing aggression and allowing the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties, as well as implementing Resolution 181 of the partition plan, (which Israel did not commit itself to any specific action or timeframe, and later rejected the resolutions all together),
  • Whereas, the decision to partition Palestine was never passed through the UN Security Council, which renders it non-binding, (serving only as advisory),
  • Whereas, Zionism, as materialised and manifested by the Jewish state of “Israel”, is a colonial settler ideology, advocating the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and confiscating their properties, abrogating their basic rights, and establishing an exclusive Jewish state in Historic Palestine,
  • Whereas, seven decades on, Jewish-Zionist terrorism, massacres, torture, imprisonment of civilian populations, torture of children, collective punishment, theft, land robbery, destruction of cultural heritage, ethnic cleansing, and slow-motion genocide, have only intensified,
  • Whereas, their offspring have had a full century (since the beginning of the first Jewish-Zionist invasion) to learn to coexist peacefully; yet they, along with the new-comers, choose to continue on the same path of aggression, oppression, exclusivity, and racism,
  • Whereas, the vast majority of Palestinians have been living in forced exile, forbidden to exercise their basic Human Right of Returning to their homes in their own homeland, and denied their basic human right of holding their National Identity,
  • Whereas, the entire humanity has the moral maturity which makes it unacceptable to acquire land and property by wars of conquest and aggression,
  • Whereas, we the Palestinian Nation have been victims of almost one century of insanely sadistic cruelty, assassinations of pregnant mothers, torture of children, psycho-terror, loss of land, loss of peace, security and independence, loss of health, destruction of our architectural and archeological cultural heritage, loss of collective and personal property, loss of economic means (i.e. loss of earning and sustenance), all at the hands and policies of a foreign and psychopathic body of Jewish Zionist terrorists and their international network of accomplices, for more than seven decades,
  • Whereas, myriads of Jewish-Zionist funds and foundations continue to raise and collect sums in the billions from international Jewish communities, to finance (either overtly or covertly) the destruction of our nation and our homeland, by means of a full spectrum destruction, be it genocide, be it destruction of landscape, be it destruction of architectural and cultural heritage, be it imprisonment and torture of children, be it systematic programs of assassination of social and political leader, be it use of toxic weapons,
  • Whereas, calling “Israel” a mere apartheid system which could be “fixed” with some cosmetic arrangements, such as granting Palestinians “Israeli” citizenship to “upgrade” their status from “occupied” to “slaves” in their own homeland, and demanding marginal improvement of the treatment of Palestinians, does not constitute in any form or shape a realistic approach enabling a viable project wherein even the most elementary basis of Justice could be established,
  • Whereas, participating in absolving individuals guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and other ongoing crimes since over seven decades, and whitewashing these crimes, is not only a betrayal to all things human and moral, but also is the fertile ground for justifying future repetition and amplification of such crimes,
For those reasons, we hereby, the undersigned Palestinians and our supporters affirm the following:
Palestine is located from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan and cannot be divided, leased, given away or sold.
Palestinians, whether living in any part of historic Palestine or in forced exile, are one people and shall not be divided.
The Palestinian Nation is the only one owning the land of Palestine, with the human right of full and unrestrained sovereignty over our historic land, Palestine.
That the “Nakba” with its massacres and daily atrocities, continues to this day, beginning with the forceful uprooting of our people by terror organizations such as Irgun and Haganah in 1948. The lapse of time since the beginning or this “Nakba” (the word means “catastrophe”) does not diminish our inalienable rights in Palestine, including the inalienable right to return to our homes and properties, and to participate in the re-building and development of our society and its institutions, and adopt any political, economic and Judicial system we Palestinians would chose.
Our people inside and outside of Palestine form one Nation, and yearn for their reunification in their ancestral homeland, Palestine. Contrary to the defamation we have been subjected to, we have always been an extremely tolerant nation, and we yearn to restore this quality to our land and country, for the benefit of all humankind, irrespective of religion or cultural origin.
We Palestinians, just as any other nation under attack and occupied, have the ultimate and unabridged right to define our aims, choose our strategy and tactics of resistance suitable for achieving our liberation from our oppressor, and the reinstatement of our rights, and establishing diplomatic and commercial relations with neighboring countries and beyond.
Palestinians have the moral and legal right to pursue the legal prosecution of the usurpers and destroyers of our land within the recognized international laws.
It is ominously dangerous for everyone’s security, to refuse to prosecute perpetrators of terrorism, crimes against humanity, atrocities, and the systematic fomenting of wars and racial and religious hatred. It is ominously dangerous to step back from such prosecution under the ludicrous grounds that the perpetrators would merit leniency on grounds of being Jewish.
Only the Palestinian people through our legitimate institutions and elected representatives can speak for our rights and aspirations.
No organization, party, group or individual is empowered to cede our rights to historic Palestine. In fact, we explicitly express here our intention, as soon as we recover our rights, to prosecute anyone who engaged or attempted to cede land and rights without having any mandate to do so.
Only the Palestinian people gathered in Palestine and in exile can determine their future and the future of the country.
We the signatories of this document, call for either the creation of a new Liberation Party, or the rejuvenation of the PLO, as the only recognized and accepted legitimate organization of the Palestinian people. Such an organization must be strengthened to unify the people and their capabilities, in order to be justified to speak on their behalf, and structure our fight for liberation.
This party, (whether the PLO or otherwise), must unambiguously stand for, and implement a program for liberation of all of Palestine. It must be democratic, accountable, transparent and truly representative of the entire spectrum of the Palestinian Nation.
The aims and aspirations of Palestinians are not confined to a symbolic change of “Zionist regime” or a declaration of abandonment of Zionism by the Jewish-Zionist occupiers, but rather to the FULL liberation of Palestine and the restoration of all our inalienable rights
We call for a just and peaceful solution; we acknowledge that the only real road to peace is the full and unconditional liberation of Palestine, (which also means liberation from the supremacist ideology that is imposing its cruel occupation) and liberation from the racist Jewish-Zionist experiment, Liberation from the violence of colonizers and liberation from the perpetrators. That will inevitably mean a return to the original, peaceful society Palestine was before the Zionist invasion, albeit embracing all technological and societal developments. Our true and sincere aspirations are long lasting peace, justice and freedom.
We believe that restoring Palestine for all its people will lay out the true foundations of Palestinian society, and inscribe us harmoniously in the international community, contrary to the present day occupation entity, “Israel,” which is the root cause of so many difficulties and excesses in the world community, whether in the UN or elsewhere, where “Israel” and its multinational lobby groups are fomenting wars and racial-religious friction, making international cooperation extremely difficult.
As Palestinians, we are grateful and appreciative of the hard work of all our supporters; however, we are under no obligation to hold back our march for freedom, to curtail our aims or to abandon our rights for the sake of accommodating and not offending some of the Jewish supporters who still believe that “Israel” has the right to exist as a Jewish state inside the 1948 borders.
Palestinians have the ultimate right to choose their vision for their future, of a free Palestine, including the type of government, writing of our constitution, constructing and implementing legal and systems, all of which stems from and corresponds to our ethics and reflects and protects our culture.
A Palestinian legal team of professionals and advisors must be established to prepare the legal framework and procedures, upon which laws of immigration and citizenship are defined, on the basis of which Palestinian citizenship are granted, including defining who has a Right to Remain in liberated Palestine, depending on the place of birth and providing s/he is able to respect Palestinian law, and adopt a conduct respective of the community around.
All Palestinian refugees and their descendants have the unconditional right to come back home; we, the rightful indigenous owners are also entitled to the reinstatement of ALL confiscated (stolen) land and property, compensation for all our losses over the many years of exile, and we are also entitled to Palestinian citizenship wherever we are.
We Palestinians have not given up before, and have no intention to give up now. We will continue to pursue the course of JUSTICE and LIBERATION by all means deemed necessary and appropriate, by upholding universal humanist ethics, within the frame of International Law.

Thus, our vision for a just and peaceful settlement entails:

The settler/colonial occupation is in breach of all foundational UN Charters, and has violated and defied more UN resolutions and charter principles than any other country. This illegitimate entity has none of the qualifications necessary, neither moral nor legal nor political, required to obtain and maintain UN membership. Its current membership represents a mockery of international law, and is a disgrace to humanity. Israel’s UN membership should have never been granted in the first place. The revocation of Israel’s UN membership is a necessity, as a step towards the rehabilitation of the already-battered framework of International Law. Concurrently, all of Israel’s institutions, laws, policies and practices must be abolished, since they discriminate against people based on religion and ethnicity.
Palestine, known as “The Holy Land”, must be free from racist atrocities. Contrary to all failed attempts, road-maps and fake negotiations which serve as dilatory measure enabling more land grabs and atrocities, the concept of full liberation and full sovereignty for Palestinians carries only advantages; including the ability to prosecute them for crimes against humanity. To bring reason to the Holy Land, it is necessary to first recognize the fact that the Jewish-Zionist occupation is the sole reason there is strife in this land in the first place, and secondly, it is necessary to look back at the status pro ante, to discover that a liberated Palestine whose institutions will inevitably reflect Palestinian culture and social fabric, will be endlessly more apt to be a good standing member of the UN, and a good neighbor and partner to the world.
FULL SOVEREIGNTY of the Palestinian Nation over their ancestral country:
The Palestinian Nation has like any other nation has the aspiration and the right to select a political system, to adopt a constitution and re-construct the country. For the sake of international peace and security, it is time to return Palestine to its peaceful owners.
A Palestinian judiciary and immigration system, will respectively prosecute former Israeli criminals and their associates, and/or grant or decline (on an individual basis), a Right to Remain in Palestine, based on criteria solely to be defined by said Immigration and Integration Services. This system should be put into place immediately.
Palestinian refugees have the unconditional Right of Return. Palestine and the Palestinian Nation at large, are entitled to full and unconditional restitution of the land and property whenever possible, coupled with appropriate compensation for more than seven decades of deprivation and slow genocide, cultural destruction, and a whole array of atrocities and usurpation.
In the future democratic state of Palestine situated from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan, Palestinians are the rightful citizens. Palestinians include those who live in the occupied homeland, and include all refugees living abroad and their descendants, all those have unrestricted right to Palestinian citizenship. For former Jewish Israelis, plans should be set on course to grant or decline on an individual basis a right to remain, based on criteria defined by an Immigration and Integration Service. Such criteria could take into consideration place of birth and the irrefutable proof of non-participation in the former Israeli occupation apparatus and its crimes, and the demonstration during a certain period, of the candidate’s ability and willingness to be law-abiding; respecting land, culture and his/her compatriots irrespective of religion or race. Subsequently the right to remain would be followed by unrestricted Palestinian citizenship, with equal rights. The whole procedure would be within the future framework of Palestinian Laws of Immigration and Naturalization. Undoubtedly, Palestinian immigration policies will adhere to international norms.
We hereby, call upon our friends and supporters -who hold the tragedy of Palestine, the dispossession of Palestinians of their own ancestral land dear at their heart-, to reflect upon the meaning of justice in the context of a history saturated with war crimes and crimes against humanity.
We consider any negotiations that do not lead to implementing the above as null and void. Also, we consider any and all individuals and institutions that do not adhere to our call as illegitimate representatives of our people and rights.
Thus, we call upon our people and institutions to rally behind this APPEAL and to work diligently to implement it.
We, also call upon our friends and supporters to join us in our declaration and our endeavors.
Furthermore, we call upon Jewish organizations and individuals, to take their responsibility seriously, we invite them to actively participate in restoring justice, righting the wrong, and facilitating the peaceful resolve of this chronic injustice by engaging positively, effectively and wholeheartedly to bring real change of “facts on the ground”, thus offering a remedy for healing of the Holy Land and its people, once and for all.
Moreover, we suggest they create a new Jewish fund, with agreement of every donor, to support the full and unconditional liberation in an effort to begin the lengthy process for Restitution, Reparation and Compensation for the Palestinians. A long overdue process, that will inevitably erase the seven decades long and ongoing Jewish crimes against the land of Palestine and its indigenous people.


1) Nahida Izzat (AKA Exiled Palestinian) ………    Al-Quds/ Palestine
2) Mariam George ………………….. Palestine
3) Nadia Gheith ………………….. Palestine
4) Ibsal Assi Assi ………………….. Palestine
5) Ibtisam  Harb (Ibti Smile)………………….. Palestine
6) Abed Nakhleh
7) Peter Alan Foley ……………………………UK
8) Daniel Dewulf
9) Tanya Mango
10) Robert Elias Abu Shanab
11) Steven Wertheim
12) Deema Ash
13) Shawn Ryan
14) Ivan Maffei
15) Marlene Newesri
16) Rahma Yassin
17) Roger Tucker     ……………………….. Mexico
18)  Jacqueline Conway
19) Gennifer Hope
20) Aliyah Rehman ……………………………UK
21) Daniel john Morgan ……………………………UK
22) Sofia Rehman ……………………………UK
23) Mazhar Rehman……………………………UK
24) Ian Ligertwood  ……………………………UK
25) Hassan Al Nimer ………………………….. Palestine
26) Mick Breen
27) Greta Berlin
28) Amaneh Margaret Brown
29) Raya Jaser ………………………Palestine
30) Aman Syr
31) Redaa Ameeroedien
32) Abdool Karrimbaccus Subratty
33) Lothar Jung
34) Brian Edouard Curdy
35) Sri Utami
36) Indo Alam
37)  Dean Sofić
38)  Reem Ghaith
39) Bader Yousef
40) Maria Rita Pirastu
41) Michel Iffrig
42) Maher Azzam  ………………….. Palestine
43) Wim Wimman
44) Sana Amawai……. Yaffa/ Palestine
45) Roohi Aamir Noor Khan
46) Greta Berlin
47) Samira Ahmad

The uprising against Brother Erdogan

For Thierry Meyssan, the Turkish people are not protesting against Recip Tayyeb Erdogan’s autocratic style, but against his policies; in other words, against the Muslim Brotherhood, of which he is the mentor. What started on Taksim Square is not a color revolution over a new building project, but an uprising that has spread across the entire country; in short, it is a revolution that calls the “Arab Spring” into question.
| Beirut (Lebanon) | 10 June 2013

JPEG - 33.5 kbIn ten days, the crackdown on the anti-Erdogan protests has already claimed three lives and injured 5,000 people.

The Turkish uprising is rooted in the inconsistencies of the Erdogan government. The latter—after having billed itself as “Muslim Democrat” (based on the “Christian Democratic” model)— suddenly revealed its true nature with the advent of the Arab Spring “color revolutions.”

In terms of domestic and foreign policy, there is a before and after the volte face. The previous stage involved the infiltration of institutions. The aftermath has been characterized by sectarianism. Before, Ahmed Davutoğlu’s theory of “zero problems” with Turkey’s neighbors took center stage. The former Ottoman Empire seemed to be coming out of its slumber and returning to reality. After that, the opposite happened: Turkey fell out with each of her neighbors and went to war against Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Piloting this shift is the Muslim Brotherhood, a secret organization that Erdogan and his team have always been affiliated to, despite their denials. Even if this shift is subsequent to the one involving Qatar—the financier of the Muslim Brotherhood—it bears the same implication: authoritarian regimes that claimed to be foes of Israel suddenly act like close allies.
It is important to remember that the label “Arab Spring” given by the West is a deception to make people believe that the Tunisian and Egyptian governments were overthrown by a mass movement. While there was a popular revolution in Tunisia, its goal was not to change the regime, but to achieve economic and social changes. It was the United States, not the street, that ordered Zinedine el Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak to step down. Then it was NATO that toppled and lynched Muammar al-Gaddafi. And it is again NATO and the GCC that have fueled the attack against Syria.
Across North Africa—with the exception of Algeria—the Muslim Brotherhood have been placed in power by Hillary Clinton. Everywhere, Turkish communications advisors are on board, courtesy of the Erdogan government. Everywhere, “democracy” was a facade which allowed the Brothers to Islamize firms in exchange for embracing the pseudo-liberal capitalism of the United States.
The term “Islamize” reflects the rhetoric employed by the Brothers, not reality. The Brotherhood intends to control the privacy of individuals based on principles which are outside the scope of the Quran. It calls into question the role of women in society and imposes an austere lifestyle without alcohol or cigarettes, and without sex…at least for others.
Over the past ten years, the Brotherhood has stayed under the radar, leaving the transformation of public education in the hands of the sect run by Fethullah Gülen, of which President Abdullah Gül is a member.
Although the Brotherhood flaunts its hatred for the American way of life, it thrives under the protective wing of the Anglo-Americans (UK, USA, Israel) who have always been able to use its violence against those who resisted them. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had appointed to her cabinet her former “body woman,” Huma Abedin (wife of former Zionist Congressman Anthony Weiner), whose mother Saleha Abedin presides the women’s division of the Brotherhood. It was through this channel that Clinton stirred up the Brotherhood.
The Brothers purveyed the ideology of Al-Qaeda, through one of their members: Ayman al-Zawahiri, the organizer President Sadat’s assassination and currently the leader of the terrorist organization. Al-Zawahiri, like Bin Laden, has always been an agent of U.S. services. Although officially listed as a public enemy, from 1997 to 2001 he met regularly with the CIA at the U.S. Embassy in Baku in the context “Operation Gladio B,” as testified by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds [1].

A progressive dictatorship

During his imprisonment, Erdogan claimed to have broken with the Brothers and to have quit the party. Then, he got himself elected and gradually imposed a dictatorship. He ordered the arrest and incarceration of two thirds of the generals accused of involvement in Gladio, the secret network under U.S. influence. In addition, he put behind bars the highest number of journalists for an individual counry. This fact has been obscured by the Western media, unwilling to criticize a NATO member.
The army is the traditional custodian of Kemalist secularism. However, after the September 11 attacks, senior officers were concerned about the totalitarian drift of the United States, and made ​​contact with their counterparts in Russia and China. To nip these unwelcome initiatives in the bud, certain judges pointedly reminded them about their historical ties with the U.S.
If, like in any other profession, journalists can be rascals, the world’s highest incarceration rate is indicative of a policy: intimidation and repression. With the exception of Ululsal, television turned into an official eulogy, while the press followed the same path.

“Zero problems” with its neighbors

The foreigh policy of Ahmed Davutoğlu was equally laughable. After seeking to tackle the unresolved problems left over from the Ottoman Empire one century earlier, he tried to play Obama against Netanyahu by organizing the Freedom Flotilla to Palestine [2]. However, less than two months after Israel’s act of piracy, he accepted the international commission of inquiry created to cover it up and resumed in secret his collaboration with Tel Aviv.
As a token of the cooperation between the Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda, the Brotherhood had placed on the Marvi Marmara al-Mahdi Hatari, the second in command of Al Qaeda in Libya and a likely British agent [3].

Economic disaster

How did Turkey squander not only a decade of diplomatic efforts to restore its international relations, but also its economic growth? In March 2011, she participated in the NATO operation against Libya, one of its major economic partners. With Libya devastated by the war, Turkey lost its market. At the same time, Ankara embarked on a war against neighboring Syria, with whom a year earlier she had signed a trade liberalization agreement. The impact was swift: the growth in 2010 was 9.2%, in 2012 it fell to 2.2% and continues to fall [4].

Public Relations

The rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa went to the Erdogan government’s head. By brandishing his Ottoman imperial ambition, he disconcerted the Arab public to begin with, and then turned the majority of his people against him.
On one hand, the government is funding Fetih 1453—a film that gobbled up an astronomic budget for the country—which is supposed to celebrate the conquest of Constantinople, albeit historically flawed. On the other hand, it attempts to ban the most popular television series in the Middle East, The Sultan’s Harem, because the truth does not project a peaceful image of the Ottomans.

The real reason for the uprising

In the present context, the Western press has focused on specific details: a housing project in Istanbul, ban on late-night sales of alcholol, or statements encouraging population growth. All this is true, but it doesn’t add up to a revolution.
By showing its true nature, the Erdogan government has cut itself off from the population. Only a minority of Sunnis can identify with the backward and hypocritical programme of the Brothers. As it happens, about 50% of Turks are Sunni, 20% Alevi (that is to say Alawites), 20% are Kurds (mostly Sunni), and 10% belong to other minorities. It is statistically clear that the Erdogan government can not hold out against the uprising that its own policies helped to ignite.
By overthrowing him, the Turks would be solving not only their own problems, but would also be putting an end to the war against Syria. I have often pointed out that the war would stop the day one of its foreign sponsors exits the scene. This will soon be the case. Thus, the Turkish people will also halt the Brotherhood’s expansion. Erdogan’s fall foreshadows that of his friends; Ghannouchi in Tunisia and Morsi in Egypt. It is in fact most unlikely that these artificial governments, imposed via rigged elections, can survive their powerful sponsor.

Thierry Meyssan

Thierry Meyssan French intellectual, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network and the Axis for Peace Conference. Professor of International Relations at the Centre for Strategic Studies in Damascus. His columns specializing in international relations feature in daily newspapers and weekly magazines in Arabic, Spanish and Russian. His last two books published in English : 9/11 the Big Lie and Pentagate.

Gaia Edwards

عرب وغرب وأتراك تهتز عروشهم بانتصارات سورية

عرب وغرب وأتراك تهتز عروشهم بانتصارات سورية

‏الأربعاء‏، 12‏ حزيران‏، 2013

أوقات الشام

أحمد زين الدين

بخجل أو بوقاحة، ها هم المتورطون في العدوان والحرب على سورية يعترفون بهزيمتهم وبفشل مشروعهم، بعد 27 شهراً من خططهم الجهنمية وسفكهم الدم السوري، والتي استعملوا فيها كل وسائل وأساليب الإجرام التي مرّت في تاريخ البشرية؛ من تجارب الجاهلية، إلى التوحش المغولي، إلى الجرائم الاستعمارية بحق الشعوب، ودائماً وأبداً التجربة الصهيونية العنصرية ومجازرها بحق الفلسطينيين والعرب.

هم استعملوا كل وسائل التوحّش والتغوّل لكسر الدولة الوطنية السورية؛ بدأوا بالتفجيرات الإرهابية في مدينة الياسمين دمشق، وامتدوا إلى كل الأمكنة، لإرهاب الناس وتخويفهم.. ثم جرّبوا غزوهم وضربهم من الحدود التركية، فعجزوا عن حسم معركة حلب وتغيير موازين القوى، وبالتالي لم تعد تصلح لهم كخط إمداد للمعركة.

انتقلوا إلى الأردن والجولان، فكان بركان حوران ودرعا، حيث نجح الجيش العربي السوري في إقامة خط نيران ألهب المرتزقة المسلحين من كل فج عميق، ومنعهم من الوصول إلى دمشق.

ثمة شغل دائم كان على خط القصير، عبر عرسال والحدود الشمالية اللبنانية، للامتداد إلى الداخل السوري عبر صحراء تدمر وصولاً إلى الغوطتين، وكل الريف الدمشقي.. انهار كل ذلك، وتحطمت الأحلام، وبدأ الصراخ “الإسرائيلي” والأميركي، فالقصير عند الصهاينة ذات حيوية استراتيجية ضد الدولة الوطنية السورية والمقاومة الإسلامية، وخط الإمداد الحيوي إلى دمشق من خلال جوسيه – عرسال، وبالتالي فحسْم معركة القصير كسر ظهر الحرب على دمشق.

في الحرب على سورية استجلب التحالف الشيطاني المرتزقة من كل الأمكنة، حتى أن الوثائق التي أخذت تنتشر تشير إلى مرتزقة استُحضروا إلى بلاد الأمويين من 82 دولة، وأن عدد القتلى من الجنسيات المتعددة تجاوز 7 آلاف، وأن هناك 15 ألف مفقود.

كما أشارت إلى مسلحين من جنسيات غير متوقَّعة، فمثلاً من ترينيداد وتوباغو هناك 4 قتلى، و5 قتلى من فنلندا، و4 قتلى من بوركينافاسو، وقتيل من ليتوانيا، و26 قتيلاً أرجنتينياً، كما كشفت الإحصائية ارتفاع عدد مقاتلي “مجاهدي خلق” الإيرانية.

وأشارت الإحصائية إلى أن القتلى تم دفن قسم منهم في بلادهم التي جاؤوا منها، بينما دُفن الباقون في سورية، وهناك قسم دُفن بعد سرقة أعضائه عند الحدود التركية.

ولفتت الوثائق إلى أن هناك أكثر من ثلاثة أضعاف عدد القتلى مفقود منذ شهور، وربما يكون تم حرقهم أو دفنهم في مكان ما، وكمثال هناك 5023 سعودياً مفقودو الأثر في سورية.

وأفادت الإحصائية أن عدد القتلى بالأسماء هو 6113 قتيلاً، من 82 دولة، منهم: من السعودية 729، و”مجاهدي خلق” 640، ومصر 489، والشيشان 439، ولبنان 435، وأفغانستان 301، وباكستان 291، وليبيا 263، والعراق 208، وروسيا 188، وتركيا 167، والأردن 129، والصومال 117، والكويت 109، وفرنسا 94، وألمانيا 67، وبريطانيا 66، وتونس 62، وإندونيسيا 55، والجزائر 53، واليمن 52، وبلجيكا 45، وأوزبكستان 40، والولايات المتحدة 35، وكوسوفو 30، وأذربيجان 21، وقطر 19، ومالطا 13، وموريتانيا 7، وسورينام 6، وسيراليون 5.

وأوضحت الإحصائية أن أكثر الجنسيات التي قامت المعارضة المسلحة السورية بحرقها لإخفاء معالمها هم ليبيون وتونسيون، بينما تمّ دفن السعوديين بالدرجة الأولى.

ويقدَّر عدد المفقودين من الأجانب بحوالي 17000، انقطعت الاتصالات بهم منذ أكثر من 6 أشهر، وأن أكثر مناطق وجود المسلحين الأجانب في حلب وريفها، وريف إدلب، ثم ريفيْ درعا ودمشق.

ثمة ملاحظة هامة هنا، وهي أن هذه الإحصائيات لم يرد فيها قتلى معارك القصير.

بأي حال، هناك حقيقة بدأت تتضح أمام ذوي الألباب، وهي أنه كلما امتدت الحرب “العالمية” على سورية يوماً إضافياً، شبّت النار في ساحة متآمرة مجاورة أو بعيدة.. ولنلاحظ شريط التطورات:

- تركيا التي لعبت دوراً محورياً في الحرب على الدولة الوطنية السورية، تشهد مخاضاً عسيراً سينتهي، برأي الخبراء في الشؤون التركية، بعزل أردوغان.

- قطر بدأت تتجرع كأس الهزيمة، حيث المعلومات تقول باتجاه حمد بن خليفة إلى التنازل عن منصبه لولي عهده الأمير تميم، وهو ثاني أولاده، وأولهم من زوجته الثانية الشيخة موزة بنت المسند.

وفي تصريح صحفي، قال دبلوماسي غربي إنه من المتوقَّع أن تنتهي عملية الانتقال بعد عيد الفطر، مؤكداً أن الدوحة أعلمت شركاءها الفرنسيين منذ شهر شباط الماضي، بعد أزمة صحية ألمّت بالأمير، بأنه يفكّر جدياً بالتنازل عن منصبه في أقرب وقت ممكن.

من الواضح أن التغيير في الدوحة لن يقتصر على الأمير وحده، والأرجح أن يخرج رئيس الوزراء وزير الخارجية حمد بن جاسم آل جبر من المشهد السياسي القطري، كأحد شروط تمرير طبيعي للسلطة بين الجيليْن، ولمنع وزير الخارجية – الذي يسيطر على صندوق الاستثمارات الذي يحوي 200 مليار دولار، فضلاً عن شبكة واسعة من العلاقات الدولية والمحلية – عن منافسة الأمير الصاعد، الذي قد يثير شهية أشقائه من زوجة أبيه الأولى، وهنا قد تكون قطر مرشّحة لصراع دموي، خصوصاً أن هناك جناحاً من العائلة المالكة موالياً للجد المخلوع تعرض للسجن والقتل، يتربص الفرصة المؤاتية.

وفي الخليج العربي ثمة حديث واسع عن تحوّلات كبرى قد تشهدها أكثر من دولة، وفي طليعتها السعودية، التي قد تشهد تغييرات عميقة بفعل التطورات حولها وفي داخلها، خصوصاً لجهة التطورات البحرينية واليمنية، وبالتالي، وأمام انقلاب موازين القوى لصالح الدولة الوطنية السورية، سيتم إقصاء حلف أعداء سورية، الذي يمثله تحالف بندر بن سلطان وسعود الفيصل.

أما في الغرب، فإن اهتزازات قوية مرجَّحة للحصول، ناجمة عن هزيمة المشروع المعادي لسورية، وهو ما سينعكس من خلال مؤسسات الرأي العام التي ستكشف تهوّر قادة أوروبا، خصوصاً في فرنسا وبريطانيا، وتعاونهم الوثيق مع “القاعدة” والمتطرفين.

وفي أميركا ثمة تغييرات بدأت بتبديل وزيري الخارجية والدفاع، والآن رئيس مجلس الأمن القومي الذي استُبدل بسوزان رايس.. والحبل على الجرار.

تُرى، ماذا سيفعل هؤلاء “اللبنانيون” الذي استضافوا قبل أقل من عام الصهيوني – الأميركي جون ماكين في وادي خالد، وهؤلاء المسلحون الذي استقبلوه في اعزاز وفي أكثر من مكان من حلب؟

إنه غباء بائع الغاز العربي، ومتسولي المال والفرص من اللبنانيين والسوريين الذين اعتقدوا أن ماكين قادر على تعبئة الكونغرس الأميركي ليضغط على البيت الأبيض من أجل تدخّل عسكري أميركي تموّله دول الكاز العربية..

ليتهم يعلمون أن ماكين ليس إلا حفار قبور.


Why Margaret Thatcher Loved Islamists

Bearer Party from the three military services carry a coffin up the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral during a rehearsal for the ceremonial funeral of former British Prime Margaret Thatcher in Central London on 15 April 2013. (Photo: AFP -Carl Court)
Published Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Upon Margaret Thatcher’s death, her champions naturally eulogized her as a fighter for liberal democracy in Eastern Europe, while her detractors brought attention to the fact that she was highly supportive of dictators in countries of the Global South like Pakistan, Chile, and Indonesia.

Overlooked in both portrayals is her support of political Islamism and, by extension, jihadis. In December 1979, Thatcher advocated political Islam as a counterweight to left-wing or communist ideologies, which she derogatively dubbed “imported Marxism.” As cited in Mark Curtis’ Secret Affairs, Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam, she said:

I do not believe that we should judge Islam by events in Iran…There is a tide of self-confidence and self-awareness in the Muslim world which preceded the Iranian revolution, and will outlast its present excesses. The West should recognize this with respect, not hostility. The Middle East is an area where we all have much at stake. It is in our own interests, as well as in the interests of the people of that region, that they build on their own deep religious traditions…

Thatcher’s statement that “our interests” and “the interests of the people of the region” are one and the same is rooted in a particular type of British imperialist strategy that was articulated by Frederick Lugard.

An imperial officer in northern Nigeria in the 19th century, Lugard managed the local emirs on the grounds that they “were allowed to retain the trappings of power so long they accepted the advice of their new overlords,” according to Dane Kennedy’s Britain and Empire.

There was nothing new about this puppet-overlord relationship in the history of British imperialism, but Lugard added a new dimension to this relationship. He framed the Empire’s relationship with its subjects “in terms of the preservation” of their way of life. Hence, Thatcher’s notion that the “Muslim world” should “build on their own religious traditions.”

Professor John Callaghan further argued in The Labour Party and Foreign Policy that if there were no indigenous structures for the British Empire to partner with, then it would consolidate its exploitation and also “retard the rate of social and political progress.”

When the Empire began to consolidate its lordship over the Arab world after WWI, it partnered with Saudi Wahhabis and the Muslim Brotherhood. The trends that these movements represented were not so much “invented” by the British but favored and promoted.

Before the British allowed the Wahhabis to establish themselves in Riyadh in 1901, they were an isolated, exiled cult in the Basra region known as “Kuwait.” With further support from the Empire, the Wahhabis expanded into the western part of the Arabian peninsula in 1924 and 1925.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928. In Richard P. Mitchell’s seminal book on the Brotherhood, The Society of the Muslim Brothers, the American academic states that a British operative, seemingly from the British embassy, James Heyworth-Dunne, was “a participant in some of the history of the movement and his work must be considered a primary source.” The work in question is Heyworth-Dunne’s Religious and Political Trends In Modern Egypt.

Heyworth-Dunne wrote that the challenges faced by the Empire in Egypt in the 1920s and 30s were twofold. First, US president Woodrow Wilson’s “declaration of self-determination inspired the Egyptians to higher ideals.” Second, there were the “communistic ideas” to be dealt with.

To offset these two challenges, Heyworth-Dunne advocated the Islam as “taught and represented by Hasan al-Banna,” the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, rather than the traditional Islam as practiced by the oldest university in the Islamic world, al-Azhar, for which he had nothing but disdain.

The British Empire had an overprotective attitude toward Islam. It heroically and selflessly defended Islam, even if al-Azhar, the traditional bastion of Islamic learning in the world, didn’t comprehend this urgency.

By the time these two major trends of Islamism strategically coalesced in the 1950s to meet the challenge of third world independence and socialism, the Americans had embraced the British Empire’s imperialist strategy.

This embrace meant bringing British puppets, such as the Saud clan of Saudi Arabia and the Thani clan of Qatar, under its protective umbrella. This American appropriation of the puppets had initially gained doctrinal credibility through the Eisenhower doctrine and extended all the way until the 1980s to support the Islamist mercenaries, or mujahideen, against the Soviets in the 1980s.

It is for this reason that Thatcher declared that these mujahideen were engaged in “one of the most heroic resistance struggles known to history,” as cited in Sandy Gall’s Afghanistan, Agony of a Nation.

For the UK, the policy of employing Islamists to further its interests is rooted in an imperialist existential strategy, whereas for the US, utilizing Islamists commenced in the 1950s during the Cold War. This is the reason why there is currently a mild schism between the US and the UK with regard to supporting the Islamist “rebels” in Syria. With the Cold War over, the obstacle currently facing the UK is convincing the US to remain enlisted in a pro-Islamist strategy in Syria.

Nu’man Abd al-Wahid is a UK based freelance Yemeni-English writer specialising in the political relationship between the British state and the Arab World. My focus is on how the United Kingdom has historically maintained its interests in the Middle East. A full collection of my essays can be accessed at

The views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect Al-Akhbar’s editorial policy.

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Pipelineistan Geopolitics at Work: Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Qatar.


Construction is nearing completion on a natural gas pipeline linking Iran and Pakistan, a project that portends a huge geopolitical shift. As regional powers strengthen ties in this key energy market, they’re looking to China, and away from the West.

Since the early 2000s, analysts and diplomats across Asia have been dreaming of a future Asian Energy Security Grid.

This – among other developments – is what it’s all about, the conclusion of the final stretch of the $7.5 billion, 1,100-mile natural gas Iran-Pakistan (IP) pipeline, starting from Iran’s giant South Pars field in the Persian Gulf, and expected to be online by the end of 2014.

Nobody lost money betting on Washington’s reaction; IP would put Islamabad in “violation of United Nations sanctions over [Iran’s] nuclear program.” Yet this has nothing to do with the UN, but with US sanctions made up by Congress and the Treasury Department.

Sanctions? What sanctions? Islamabad badly needs energy. China badly needs energy. And India will be extremely tempted to follow, especially when IP reaches Lahore, which is only 100 km from the Indian border. India, by the way, already imports Iranian oil and is not sanctioned for it.

Iranians work on a section of a pipeline linking Iran and Pakistan after the project was launched during a ceremony in the Iranian border city of Chah Bahar on March 11, 2013. (AFP Photo / Atta Kenare)

All aboard the win-win train

When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Pakistani President Asif Zardari met at the Iranian port of Chabahar in early March, that was a long way after IP was first considered in 1994 – then as Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI), also known as the ‘peace pipeline.’  Subsequent pressure by both Bush administrations was so overwhelming that India abandoned the idea in 2009.

IP is what the Chinese call a win-win deal. The Iranian stretch is already finished. Aware of Islamabad’s immense cash flow problems, Tehran is loaning it $500 million, and Islamabad will come up with $1 billion to finish the Pakistani section. It’s enlightening to note that Tehran only agreed to the loan after Islamabad certified it won’t back out (unlike India) under Washington pressure.

IP, as a key umbilical (steel) cord, makes a mockery of the artificial – US-encouraged – Sunni-Shia divide. Tehran needs the windfall, and the enhanced influence in South Asia. Ahmadinejad even cracked that “with natural gas, you cannot make atomic bombs.”

Zardari, for his part, boosted his profile ahead of Pakistan’s elections on May 11. With IP pumping 750 million cubic feet of natural gas into the Pakistani economy everyday, power cuts will fade, and factories won’t close. Pakistan has no oil. It may have huge potential for solar and wind energy, but no investment capital and knowhow to develop them.

Politically, snubbing Washington is a certified hit all across Pakistan, especially after the territorial invasion linked to the 2011 targeted assassination of Bin Laden, plus Obama and the CIA’s non-stop drone wars in the tribal areas.

Moreover, Islamabad will need close cooperation with Tehran to assert a measure of control of Afghanistan after 2014. Otherwise an India-Iran alliance will be in the driver’s seat.

Washington’s suggestion of a Plan B amounted to vague promises to help building hydroelectric dams; and yet another push for that ultimate ‘Pipelineistan’ desert mirage – the which has existed only on paper since the Bill Clinton era.

The Foreign Office in Islamabad argued for Washington to at least try to show some understanding. As for the lively Pakistani press, it is having none of it.

This photograph taken on February 12, 2013 shows the construction site at Gwadar port in the Arabian Sea. (AFP Photo / Behram Baloch)
This photograph taken on February 12, 2013 shows the construction site at Gwadar port in the Arabian Sea. (AFP Photo / Behram Baloch)

The big winner is… China

IP is already a star protagonist of the New Silk Road(s) – the real thing, not a figment of Hillary Clinton’s imagination. And then there’s the ultra-juicy, strategic Gwadar question.

Islamabad decided not only to hand over operational control of the Arabian Sea port of Gwadar, in ultra-sensitive southwest Balochistan, to China; crucially, Islamabad and Beijing also signed a deal to build a $4 billion, 400,000 barrels-a-day oil refinery, the largest in Pakistan.
Gwadar, a deepwater port, was built by China, but until recently, the port’s administration was Singaporean.

The long-term Chinese master plan is a beauty. The next step after the oil refinery would be to lay out an oil pipeline from Gwadar to Xinjiang, parallel to the Karakoram highway, thus configuring Gwadar as a key Pipelineistan node distributing Persian Gulf oil and gas to Western China – and finally escaping Beijing’s Hormuz dilemma.

Gwadar, strategically located at the confluence of Southwest and South Asia, with Central Asia not that far, is bound to finally emerge as an oil and gas hub and petrochemical center – with Pakistan as a crucial energy corridor linking Iran with China. All that, of course, assuming that the CIA does not set Balochistan on fire.

The inevitable short-term result anyway is that Washington’s sanctions obsession is about to be put to rest at the bottom of the Arabian Sea, not far from Osama bin Laden’s corpse. And with IP probably becoming IPC – with the addition of China – India may even wake up, smell the gas, and try to revive the initial IPI idea.

The Syrian Pipelineistan angle

This graphic Iranian success in South Asia contrasts with its predicament in Southwest Asia.
The South Pars gas fields –  the largest in the world – are shared by Iran and Qatar. Tehran and Doha have developed an extremely tricky relationship, mixing cooperation and hardcore competition.

The key (unstated) reason for Qatar to be so obsessed by regime change in Syria is to kill the $10 billion Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, which was agreed upon in July 2011. The same applies to Turkey, because this pipeline would bypass Ankara, which always bills itself as the key energy crossroads between East and West.

 (AFP Photo / Atta Kenare)
(AFP Photo / Atta Kenare)

It’s crucial to remember that the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline is as anathema to Washington as IP. The difference is that Washington in this case can count on its allies Qatar and Turkey to sabotage the whole deal.

This means sabotaging not only Iran but also the ‘Four Seas’ strategy announced by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2009, according to which Damascus should become a Pipelineistan hub connected to the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The strategy spells out a Syria intimately connected with Iranian – and not Qatari – energy flows. Iran-Iraq-Syria is known in the region as the ‘friendship pipeline.’ Typically, Western corporate media derides it as an ‘Islamic’ pipeline. (So Saudi pipelines are what, Catholic?) What makes it even more ridiculous is that gas in this pipeline would flow to Syria and then Lebanon –  and from there to energy-starved European markets close by.

The Pipelineistan games get even more complicated when we add the messy Iraqi Kurdistan/Turkey energy love affair – detailed here by Erimtan Can – and the recent gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean involving territorial waters of Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria; some, or perhaps all of these actors could turn from energy importers to energy exporters.

Israel will have a clear option to send its gas via a pipeline to Turkey, and then export it to Europe; that goes a long way to explain the recent phone call schmoozing between Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan and Israel’s Netanyahu, brokered by Obama.

Terrestrial and maritime borders between Israel and Lebanon remain dependent on a hazy UN Blue Line, set up way back in 2000. Damascus – as well as Tehran –  supports Beirut, once again against Washington’s will. And Damascus also supports Baghdad’s strategy of diversifying its means of distribution, once again trying to escape the Strait of Hormuz. Thus, the importance of the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline.

No wonder Syria is a red line for Tehran. Now the whole of Pipelineistan will be watching how far Qatar is willing to go following Washington’s obsession.

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The real situation on the ground over the entire Syrian territory

كيف هو واقع الوضع الميداني على كامل الاراضي السورية ؟

الخميس‏، 18‏ نيسان‏، 2013

أوقات الشام

ماذا يسابق ماذا في سورية؛ الحسم الميداني أم التسوية السياسية؟، وهل أن النتائج الميدانية التي حققها الجيش باتت تتحكم بمسار أي تسوية مرتقبة لإنهاء الأزمة الراهنة أم أن اقتراب موعد التسوية أسهم بالإسراع في عمليات الحسم؟ سؤالان يطرحان بإلحاح بعد التقدم الاستراتيجي الملحوظ للجيش في المناطق السورية، والذي اعترفت به حتى بعض وسائل الإعلام التابعة “للمعارضة السورية”.

ميدانياً، لا يزال الجيش السوري ماضيا في عمليات تطهير بلاده من الإرهابيين حيث وجدوا، ويمكن القول إنه تمكن من درء خطر أي هجومٍ يستهدف العاصمة دمشق بعد تقطيع أوصال المجموعات المسلحة وطرق إمدادها وتطويقها، خصوصاً في منطقتي ريف دمشق ودرعا المحاذيتين للبنان والأردن اللذين كانت تشكل بعض مناطقهما المحاذية لسورية أخطر ممرات لتسلل المسلحين وتهريب الاسلحة إليها، ولكنها على ما يبدو إلى تراجعٍ تحت ضربات الجيش السوري.

وفي هذا السياق، يشير مصدر سوري واسع الاطلاع على حيثيات الوضع الميداني إلى أن عمليات تسلل المسلحين وتهريب السلاح انطلاقاً من عرسال في البقاع اللبناني تراجعت في شكلٍ كبيرٍ، مرجحاً أن يتم تطويقها بالكامل في وقتٍ قريب.

ويلفت إلى أن أهم ما حققه الجيش في الأونة الأخيرة على المستوى الاستراتيجي، هو إعادة وصل طرق المحافظات ببعضها بعدما قطعها المسلحون، وأهمها طريق دمشق- حمص – معرة النعمان واللاذقية- أدلب – حلب، الأمر الذي يسهم في تطويق الإرهابيين في الأخيرة بعد قطع طرق الإمداد عنهم فيها. وقد باتت اليوم كل الطرق المؤدية الى الشهباء سالكةً، بعد سقوط منطقة وادي الضيف في أدلب والمطلة على “أوتوستراد حلب” في يد القوات المسلحة، إثر نشوب خلافاتٍ حادةٍ بين “جبهة النصرة” وما يسمى “بالجيش الحر” الذي آثر بعض عناصره تسليم سلاحهم للجيش السوري قبيل هجومه على “الوادي”، لمعرفتهم المسبقة بالنتيجة، ما أدى إلى اشتباكهم مع مسلحي “النصرة”.

وبالانتقال الى الجزيرة، يلفت المصدر إلى أن الجيش يجري إعادة تموضع فيها، تمهيداً لاستئصال البؤر الإرهابية من دير الزور والرقة والقامشلي، حيث تدور اشتباكات باستمرار بين مسلحي “النصرة” و”الحر” وآخرين أكراد، على خلفية التنافس على الهيمنة على هذه المناطق.

أما في المنطقة الوسطى، فتقوم الأجهزة المختصة بملاحقة فلول المسلحين في حمص وحماه، بعد سيطرة الجيش على المناطق الرئيسية فيها.

إن هذه المعطيات المذكورة آنفاً، دفعت بعض المسلحين إلى التفاوض غير المباشر مع السلطات المختصة، لمحاولة مغادرة الأراضي السوري، بعد سلسلة الهزائم التي منيوا بها، لكن محاولتهم باءت بالفشل، على ما أكدت مصادر عليمة.

ويأتي استهداف الهرمل في البقاع الشمالي بصواريخ المجموعات السورية المسلحة في سياق تخفيف الضغط عنهم في الداخل السوري، علَ ذلك يدفع حزب الله الى شن عملية عسكرية على أوكار المسلحين في ريف القصير، فيستجدون عندها تدخلاً دولياً لحمايتهم، بحسب ما يرى مرجع عسكري واستراتجي، مؤكداً في الوقت عينه حتمية فشل هذه المحاولة.

لا ريب أن التقدم الاستراتيجي الذي يحققه الجيش السوري بفضل الاحتضان الشعبي له، أسهم بتغيير قواعد اللعبة السياسية، ودفع بالدول المشتركة في الحرب على سورية الى التراجع عن مخططها الرامي الى إسقاطها ثم تفتيتها، بعد فشلها في ذلك، والى الدخول في تسوية تحفظ لهذه الدول بعض “ماء الوجه”، بعدما بشر مسؤولوها مراراً وتكراراً بقرب سقوط الحكم خلال أيام معدودة، ولم يأت هذا “اليوم الموعود” منذ عامين ونيّف.

وفي هذا الصدد، يعتبر مرجع استراتيجي أن وضع الولايات المتحدة اليوم يشبه الى حدٍ كبيرٍ وضع بريطانيا في خمسينيات القرن الفائت، فالجميع يعلم بأن نفوذها يتراجع في العالم، وهي تدرك ذلك.

ويقول المرجع :”لقد حاولت واشنطن إسقاط الحكم السوري، لمنع وصول روسية والصين الى البحر المتوسط، وبالتالي لإقفال طريقهما التجارية مع أوروبا وافريقيا، لأن سيطرة الثنائي المذكور على المتوسط، سيؤدي حتماً الى انكفاء الولايات المتحدة الى أميركا الشمالية”.

ويختم المرجع بالقول “بعدما فشلت الإدارة الأميركية في إسقاط الحكم السوري، ستلجأ حتماً الى التفاوض مع روسية، للحفاط على بعض أوراقها في المنطقة”.


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UAE Says It Broke Up “Qaeda Cell" of 7 Arabs

Local Editor
Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have broken up an Al-Qaeda cell comprising seven Arabs who were plotting attacks in the Gulf state, an official statement said on Thursday.

UAE FlagThe UAE is one of the most stable countries in the Middle East and has so far not seen any attacks by Al-Qaeda. It has also been spared in the wave of “Arab Spring” uprisings.
The cell was “plotting acts that would have harmed the security of the country, its citizens and foreign residents,” said the statement carried by state news agency WAM.

The group was also involved in “recruiting people” for Al-Qaeda and providing the jihadist organization with “money and logistic support”.

It was also “trying to extend its activities to reach some other countries in the region,” the statement said, without elaborating.

The seven are of “Arab nationalities,” and will be questioned and put on trial, it said.

Source: AFP
18-04-2013 – 11:25 Last updated 18-04-2013 – 11:25

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